Best Apps To Convert Airtime To Cash in Nigeria – How To Convert Airtime To Cash in Nigeria

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Welcome, Today we’ll talk about the Best Apps To Convert Airtime To Cash in Nigeria -How To Convert Airtime To Cash in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, many people frequently receive bonus airtime from their mobile providers or as gifts which mostly ends up expiring unused. However, there is a way to productively utilize excess airtime – by converting it into instant cash using an airtime to cash service.

This comprehensive guide explores the top apps allowing you to convert your airtime credit to Naira easily. We compare their conversion rates, cashout methods, limits and other features side-by-side to show you the best options currently to exchange airtime for money instantly in Nigeria.

Overview of Airtime to Cash Services in Nigeria

Selling unused airtime for cash is a relatively new but fast-growing service in Nigeria driven by the increased use of promo bonus airtime and need for quick funds. Many third-party apps and networks now allow you to exchange your airtime for Naira sent directly to your bank.

The airtime resale process is very simple using these services – you just transfer your airtime to them virtually and get paid equivalent cash instantly or within few hours. Some airtime to cash apps also allow selling data, SMS and call credit.

Top players in enabling airtime liquidation include SellPlus, TopIntown, Quickteller Airtime to Cash amongst newer options as well entering this niche space recognizing the underlying consumer demand and pain points.

How Airtime To Cash Conversion Works

The airtime to Naira conversion process typically involves straightforward steps:

  1. Install app and register account
  2. Enter details like BVN, bank etc for verification
  3. Transfer your excess airtime to designated virtual mobile number
  4. Airtime gets credited in app/website instantly
  5. Input amount you wish to cashout
  6. Get paid equivalent Naira amount directly to bank account

Once airtime is received, it get monetized quickly into bank transfers reliably.

Top 5 Best Airtime to Cash Apps in Nigeria

Here are the top 5 services allowing selling airtime for Naira instantly:

1. SellPlus

  • 90% airtime conversion rate
  • Low 100 Naira minimum cashout
  • Instant bank transfer
  • Refer & earn bonus
  • Supports operator, SMS, data resale

2. TopIntown

  • 80%+ conversion rate guaranteed
  • 150 Naira minimum cashout
  • Pays within 5 minutes
  • Refer friends, earn 10% of their sales
  • Sell SMS units also

3. Quickteller Airtime to Cash

  • 85%+ conversion rate
  • 100 Naira minimum payout
  • Instant bank credit
  • Reputable Interswitch platform
  • Receive payment alerts

4. Jumia One Airtime to Cash

  • 80% airtime to cash rate
  • Low fees, no hidden charges
  • Pay within 60 minutes
  • Spin wheel, win 100% bonus
  • Built into Jumia One app

5. 9mobile Airtime Cashout

  • Direct operator conversion
  • 500 Naira minimum applies
  • 85% approximately airtime value
  • Instant disbursement
  • Seamless experience for 9mobile users

This covers the top players enabling liquidation of airtime, with strong reliability, payout track record and satisfactory conversion value.

Best Apps To Convert Airtime To Cash in Nigeria -How To Convert Airtime To Cash in Nigeria

Detailed Comparison of Top Airtime to Cash Apps

Let’s evaluate a detailed side-by-side comparison across some key parameters:

Parameter SellPlus TopIntown Quickteller Jumia One 9mobile
Signup Time 2 mins Under 5 mins 5 mins 1 min 10 mins
Verification BVN BVN BVN BVN SIM & PIN
Conversion Rate 90% 80%+ 85%+ 80% ~85%
Min Cashout 100 Naira 150 Naira 100 Naira 100 Naira 500 Naira
Cashout Time Instant 5 mins Instant Upto 1 hour Instant
Networks Supported All All All All 9mobile

As visible from the table, SellPlus clearly comes out the strongest across parameters like best conversion value, instant payouts, and flexibility accorded around amount limits and cashing out – making it the top platform enabling liquidation of airtime or data into Naira withdrawals conveniently.

Step By Step Guide To Convert Airtime To Cash Using Best App – SellPlus

Here is an easy walkthrough to exchange airtime for Naira cash using SellPlus app, currently the best in industry:

Install and Register on SellPlus App

  • Download SellPlus app on your Android/iOS phone via PlayStore/Appstore
  • Open the app & tap Sign Up
  • Provide basic personal details like name, DOB, password etc to create account
  • Verify email OTP and mobile number OTP for activation

Complete Profile Set-Up

  • Under My Account, enter details like BVN number, bank name etc
  • This is required for identity confirmation before cashing out
  • Complete profile set-up by also adding your photo etc

Transfer Airtime to SellPlus Mobile Number

  • Under My Account, note down the designated SellPlus airtime buyer number
  • Now use your phone to transfer some airtime from your own number to this number
  • The app syncs and equivalent Naira amount shows under My Wallet instantly

Request Cashout

  • Under My Wallet, click Cashout to proceed
  • Review cashout terms and input amount desired
  • Enter transfer PIN received via SMS for confirmation
  • Get alert of Naira amount credited to your bank account

Using the simple steps above, you can easily exchange airtime for cash instantly and reliably using SellPlus in Nigeria currently as the top platform enabling airtime to Naira conversions with best rates and experience.

Pros and Cons of Selling Airtime For Cash

Let’s examine some notable pros and cons of liquidating airtime into cash:


  • Convert unused airtime into spending money
  • Withdraw airtime cash instantly when funds needed urgently
  • Avoid airtime expiry loss
  • Supplement income streams via resale
  • Super convenient process fully digital


  • Sub-100% conversion rate – tradeoff
  • Requires KYC submission
  • Cashout limits imposed by apps
  • Need app download and registration
  • Bank charges on withdrawals deducted

The pros seem to outweigh cons as converting airtime into quick cash using these apps offer good value.

Tips For Using Airtime Resale Services Smoothly

Follow these tips to maximize experience when liquifying airtime for cash:

  • Compare apps to find best airtime rates
  • Transfer only excess bonus/unused airtime
  • Withdraw as soon as threshold reached to avoid expiries
  • Subscribe for email alerts when cashout completes
  • Refer friends also to earn referral commissions
  • Take note of daily/weekly limits applicable per app

Exercising prudence helps you gain additionally from airtime resale services without opportunity cost.

FAQS About Best Apps To Convert Airtime To Cash in Nigeria -How To Convert Airtime To Cash in Nigeria

Is converting airtime to cash legal in Nigeria?

Yes, airtime reselling services are legal and licensed entities with data privacy protections.

Can I transfer borrowed airtime also?

Apps prohibit selling borrowed airtime. Only owned airtime can be exchanged.

What verification is needed for cashing out?

BVN, Bank Details verification is mandatory by regulated apps before withdrawals permitted.

How much tax applies on airtime conversion earnings?

No taxes currently imposed on incidental airtime to cash conversion proceeds.

Can I resell friends/family airtime transferred to me?

Policies prohibit reselling any airtime gifted by others without their consent.

What if my phone number changes after registering on app?

Immediately update your new phone number with app customer support to retain account access and withdrawal ability seamlessly.

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Liquidating excess airtime into instant withdrawals using services like SellPlus offers a productive way to generate funds conveniently in Nigeria today. Follow the step-by-step guide provided on how to convert airtime to cash reliably using the SellPlus app for best rates, a smooth user experience and instant disbursement when you need urgent Naira funds through airtime monetization.

After reading this blog you know about Best Apps To Convert Airtime To Cash in Nigeria -How To Convert Airtime To Cash in Nigeria.

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