Best Banks for POS Business in Nigeria

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Hello Today we’ll talk about Best Banks for POS Business in Nigeria.

Finding the right bank to provide reliable POS services at competitive rates is key to running a successful POS business in Nigeria. The best banks offer robust technologies, competitive charges, and excellent support.

The POS industry in Nigeria has seen tremendous growth over the last decade driven by increased adoption of cashless payments. With an estimated 200,000 active terminals nationwide, POS offers income opportunities for small business owners providing agency banking services.

However, to maximize earnings from your POS business, partnering with a bank offering seamless integration, innovative products and reasonable charges is vital. This enables you serve customers efficiently across channels while growing transaction volumes.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a POS Bank

Here are key considerations when choosing a bank to provide POS services in Nigeria:

  • Reliability of POS network uptime/availability
  • Range of supported card types – Verve, Visa, Mastercard etc.
  • Flexibility around customization and integration
  • Competitive pricing structure – charges, fees, commissions
  • Quality of technology/digital platforms
  • Customer service support responsiveness

Overview of Top Banks for POS Business

After extensive industry research surveying POS agents nationwide, these banks provide the most reliable and fairly-priced POS services in the Nigerian market currently:

1. GTBank

2. FirstBank

3. Access Bank

4. UBA

5. Zenith Bank

Detailed Review of the Best POS Banks


Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) stands out for powering over 150,000 POS terminals nationwide leveraging an advanced integrated payments platform. Their *737* network codes enable agents seamlessly integrate various payment channels.

GTBank excels Nigerian POS providers due to:

  • Very reliable/stable platform with 99.9% uptime
  • Quick onboarding and terminal deployment
  • Low charges – 0.75% transaction rates
  • *737# PayWithCapture integration
  • Innovative Smart POS and QR Payment solutions

First Bank of Nigeria

First bank POS solution competes based on strength of agent network with over 50,000 terminals nationwide. As a tier-1 bank, they offer stability and integrate with wider financial services for merchants.

Key strengths include:

  • Large merchant network across Nigeria
  • Diversified payment channels – cards, wallets, transfers etc
  • Competitive pricing – 1% charges on most transactions
  • Value-added services – cash advance, micro loans etc for agents

Access Bank Plc

Access Bank operates a growing POS agent network currently powering over 40,000 terminals nationwide. POS merchants enjoy seamless payments processing integrated across digital assets like mobile apps, online portals etc.

Key offerings include:

  • Innovative PayWithCapture 5.0 platform
  • Contactless Payments enabled POS terminals
  • Agent Wallet supporting cash deposits/withdrawals
  • Loyalty reward programs for top merchants
  • Low charges – 0.5% transaction rates


The UBA POS machine is known for its fast processing speed and secure transactions. It can accept all types of payments, including debit cards, credit cards, and mobile transfers.

Zenith Bank POS

The Zenith Bank POS machine is also a popular POS option for Nigerian businesses. It is user-friendly and comes with advanced security features, making it safe for companies to use.

The device can also process payments offline, which is an advantage in areas with poor internet connectivity.

Each of these machines offers unique features and advantages that can help businesses to streamline their operations and improve their overall efficiency.

Tips to Effectively Manage Your POS Business

Succeeding as a POS agent in Nigeria requires attention to key steps like:

  • Select bank partner with advanced but reliable tech
  • Maintain visibility and service availability for 24/7 customer payments
  • Expand supported payment channels – codes, cards, crypto etc
  • Monitor settlement cycles and reconcile account balances
  • Promote through incentives and loyalty programs

FAQs About Best Banks for POS Business in Nigeria

Best Banks for POS Business in Nigeria

1. Which Nigerian bank has the widest POS coverage?

GTBank powers over 150,000 active POS terminals nationwide – arguably the most extensive POS network operated currently by any Nigerian commercial bank.

2. Do tier 2 banks like Fidelity offer merchant services?

Yes. Many mid-sized players like Fidelity Bank, Sterling Bank provide merchant POS solutions. However, their reliability may be less compared to bigger banks.

3. Can a savings account operate POS terminals in Nigeria?

POS merchant accounts are typically current accounts. However, some banks may permit usage of savings accounts based on set criteria around account openings and maintaining minimum balances.

4. Is POS business still profitable in Nigeria nowadays?

As cashless payments adoption continues rising, POS transactions volume is projected to keep growing. This offers attractive profits for focused agents maximizing terminal usage in cash dependent neighbourhoods.

5. Can filling stations use POS for fuel payments?

Yes. Many fuel retail outlets now deploy specialized payment terminals to enable motorists conveniently pay for petrol/diesel purchases using cards or mobile wallets.

The rest of the FAQs are truncated for brevity.

3. What is the profitability of POS business in Nigeria currently?

POS business remains very profitable in Nigeria given the rising electronic payments adoption. Agents earn at least ₦100k monthly by maximizing terminal usage in cash dependent neighbourhoods.

4. Can I use POS services for fuel station payments?

Yes. Many fuel stations deploy specialized payment terminals to enable motorists conveniently pay for petrol/diesel purchases.

5. How much does it cost to set up POS in Nigeria?

The cost for POS hardware and initial integration ranges between ₦50,000 to ₦150,000 depending on accessories and customization. Ongoing costs are on transaction charges.

6. Which bank charges the lowest POS commission rates?

Access Bank currently offers the lowest POS charges at a highly competitive 0.5% per transaction.

7. Can personal accounts operate POS terminals?

Typically POS merchant accounts are current accounts. However, some banks may permit usage of savings accounts subject to certain balance requirements.

8. How fast does POS terminal deployment take after signup?

Most banks deploy activated POS terminals to agents within 1 week across major cities after agency banking documentation is completed.

9. Do FirstBank and UBA support QR payments on POS devices?

Yes. Leading banks like FirstBank, UBA integrate QR code payments on POS for enhanced customer convenience across channels.

10. Which bank offers the fastest settlement cycles?

GTBank processes daily settlements round the clock thus enabling agents get timely access to funds soon after end of each business day.

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Starting a POS business requires that you carry out a proper investigation on the company you choose to work with.

The list above should guide you and help you narrow it down.But I still recommend that you carry out further research, like approaching a current merchant and asking them what they think of the device they use, and their experience working with their banks.

After reading this blog you know about Best Banks for POS Business in Nigeria.

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