How to Cancel Pending Transaction on Trust Wallet in Nigeria 2024

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Hello, Today we’ll be discussing on How to Cancel Pending Transaction on Trust Wallet in Nigeria 2024.

Trust Wallet has emerged as one of the top cryptocurrency wallets in Nigeria. It offers an easy way to send, receive and store coins and tokens. However, sometimes transactions can get stuck due to low fees or network congestion. When a transaction on Trust Wallet is pending for too long, you may want to cancel it.

In this comprehensive guide, we provide step-by-step instructions on how to cancel pending transactions on Trust Wallet in Nigeria in 2024.

Understanding Pending Transactions in Nigeria

Here is a quick overview of what pending transactions are:

  • Submitted – Transaction is broadcasted to the blockchain network.
  • Pending – Transaction awaits confirmation and sits in the mempool.
  • Confirmed – Transaction gets mined and included in a block.

A pending status means the transaction is sent but not yet verified on the blockchain due to congestion or low fees. It stays pending until confirmed or cancelled.

In Nigeria, the main reasons for transactions getting stuck on Trust Wallet are:

  • Inadequate gas fees – Miners ignore transactions with low gas.
  • Network congestion – High traffic causes transaction queues.

It is advisable to cancel stuck transactions to avoid failed transfers and frozen funds.

Risks of Pending Transactions in Nigeria

Some risks of leaving transactions in pending state for long are:

  • Failed transfers if stuck for too long.
  • Inaccessible funds remain frozen.
  • Time-sensitive transactions get delayed.
  • Need to resend transactions with higher fees.

Moreover, a pending transaction occupies sequence space. Other transactions after it will also get stuck.

Step 1 – Check Transaction Details

To cancel a stuck transaction on Trust Wallet in Nigeria:

  • Open your Trust Wallet app and go to the transaction history.
  • Tap on the pending transaction.
  • Check the details like fees paid, nonce etc.
  • Note down the transaction hash.

Analyzing these transaction details will help you troubleshoot why it is stuck.

Step 2 – Speed Up or Cancel Transaction

After reviewing the details you can decide to either:

  • Speed Up – By resending transaction with higher gas fees.
  • Cancel – Revoke the transaction if no longer needed.

On Trust Wallet tap on ‘Cancel’ or ‘Speed Up’ on the pending transaction. Cancelling will prevent the transfer from going through.

Step 3 – Unlock Wallet

Before taking any action, you need to first unlock your Trust Wallet by:

  • Going to the app settings.
  • Tapping on ‘Unlock Wallet’.
  • Entering your wallet PIN or passphrase.
  • Tap ‘Unlock’ to decrypt the wallet.

Unlocking gives the wallet permission to sign further transactions like cancellation.

Step 4 – Cancel Transaction

After unlocking wallet, follow these steps:

  • Go back to the pending transaction details.
  • Tap on ‘Cancel’ below the transaction status.
  • Review cancellation details and tap ‘Confirm Cancellation’.
  • The pending transaction will be cancelled.

Your wallet balance will reflect the inclusion of the cancelled transfer amount.

Step 5 – Check Cancellation Status

To confirm the cancellation succeeded:

  • Go back to transaction history on your Trust Wallet.
  • The cancelled transaction should show as ‘Failed’.
  • You may see an additional transaction for the cancellation.

If the old transaction still shows as pending, the cancellation did not go through. Redo the process.

How Long Does Cancellation Take in Nigeria?

After submitting cancellation transaction, it takes approximately 10-30 minutes for it to be confirmed in Nigeria. The original transaction then disappears from the mempool.

In rare instances, cancelling very old pending transactions may take longer. Check back after a few hours if still unconfirmed.

Alternate Option – Replace by Fee (RBF)

Another way to cancel a stuck Trust Wallet transaction in Nigeria is using Replace-by-Fee (RBF) method which involves:

  • Re-sending the same transaction.
  • But with a higher gas fee.
  • And same nonce as original transaction.

When miners see a duplicate transaction with higher fees, they will pick that one and drop the older stuck transaction. This indirectly cancels the initial transfer.

Tips to Avoid Stuck Transactions in Nigeria

You can follow these tips to avoid stuck transactions on Trust Wallet in Nigeria:

  • Always use optimal gas fees based on current network conditions.
  • Set higher gas limit if transferring large token amounts.
  • Avoid making transactions when the network is congested.
  • Turn on transaction speedup feature in Trust Wallet settings.

Taking these measures will reduce chances of transactions getting stuck.

FAqs on How to Cancel Pending Transaction on Trust Wallet in Nigeria 2024

How to Cancel Pending Transaction on Trust Wallet in Nigeria 2024

1. Does cancelling refund gas fees paid in Nigeria?

No, any gas fees paid for the original pending transaction are not refunded back after cancellation.

2. Can I customize gas price for cancellation transaction?

Yes, you can edit the gas fees for cancellation transaction based on current optimal prices.

3. What if the cancellation transaction also gets stuck in Nigeria?

You have to keep re-sending the cancellation transaction with higher gas fees until it succeeds.

4. How long should I wait before cancelling transaction in Nigeria?

It is recommended to wait at least 12-24 hours before attempting to cancel any pending transactions.

5. Will a recipient still receive tokens if I cancel midway in Nigeria?

No, if you cancel a transaction midway then the recipient will not receive any funds or tokens from the transfer.

6. Can I cancel transactions from hardware wallets in Nigeria?

Unfortunately cancellation of pending transactions is not yet supported on hardware wallets like Ledger or Trezor.

7. What happens if I resend a cancelled transaction in Nigeria?

Resending a cancelled transaction will simply process the transfer again with a new nonce or sequence number.

8. Can I cancel transactions that are already confirmed in Nigeria?

No, it is not possible to cancel transactions on Trust Wallet after they are confirmed on the blockchain.

9. Is there any limit on how many pending transactions I can cancel in Nigeria?

There is no limit set by Trust Wallet on how many pending transactions you can cancel from your wallet.

10. Will cancelling a transaction also revoke associated token allowance?

Yes, cancelling a transaction approval will also revoke any token allowance permissioned via that transaction.

11. What is the best way to permanently reject a transaction in Nigeria?

Setting a low 1 Gwei gas price ensures transactions never get mined on Trust Wallet. They eventually expire from the mempool.

12. How do I find the optimal nonce after cancelling transactions in Nigeria?

The most reliable way is to let Trust Wallet auto-populate the nonce field based on your latest account sequence.

13. Will a cancelled transaction still show in my history in Nigeria?

Yes, cancelled transactions will show in your Trust Wallet history with a ‘Failed’ tag.

14. Is cancelling transactions considered bad for the network in Nigeria?

If done occasionally it’s fine but repeatedly cancelling and resending transactions does negatively impact network efficiency.

15. Can I cancel transactions initiated from dapps in Nigeria?

Unfortunately transactions originating from interactions with dapps cannot be cancelled directly on Trust Wallet yet.

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The transactions stuck in pending state can be annoying for Trust Wallet users in Nigeria. Thankfully, options like cancellation provide a way out. Follow the step-by-step guide outlined here to safely cancel stuck transactions on Trust Wallet in Nigeria 2024.

After reading this blog you know about How to Cancel Pending Transaction on Trust Wallet in Nigeria 2024.

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