How to Close, Delete or Deactivate your Swiftkash Account Easily

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Welcome Today we’ll be discussing On How to Close, Delete or Deactivate your Swiftkash Account Easily.

Swiftkash accounts provide useful financial services, but you may need to close, deactivate, or delete yours if no longer required. This comprehensive guide outlines the quick process to help easily manage your Swiftkash account.

Why Close Your Swiftkash Account?

There are various reasons why you might want to close your Swiftkash account. Here are some of the most common reasons:

You have found a more suitable loan provider: If you have found a loan provider that offers better terms and conditions, you may want to close your Swiftkash account and switch to the new provider.

You are no longer using Swiftkash: If you have repaid your loan in full and no longer need to use Swiftkash, you may want to close your account to avoid the risk of unauthorized access.

You are concerned about your privacy: Swiftkash collects personal information from its users. If you are concerned about your privacy, you may want to close your account to prevent Swiftkash from collecting and storing your data.

You are decluttering your digital life: If you are trying to reduce your online presence, you may want to close any unused accounts, including your Swiftkash account.

Benefits of Closing your Swiftkash Account

Potential benefits of closing your Swiftkash account include:

  • Avoid unnecessary fees if not using the account
  • Increased security and protection of information
  • Simplify your overall financial portfolio
  • Eligibility to reopen a Swiftkash account later after a waiting period

When to Close your Swiftkash Account

Consider closing your Swiftkash account if:

  • You have not used the account for an extended time
  • They reduce rates or increase fees less competitively
  • You experience poor or diminished customer service
  • You want to switch financial institutions or accounts
  • You need to reopen the same Swiftkash account type after previous closure

Review your situation to decide if closure is your best option.

Steps to Close a Swiftkash Account

Follow these key steps to close your Swiftkash account:

  1. Contact Swiftkash – Call or email Swiftkash customer service. Ask to close account and identify any unique requirements.
  2. Pay balance – Settle any account balance to prevent fees or issues.
  3. Destroy cards – Cut up associated debit/credit cards to avoid charges.
  4. Cancel payments – Stop recurring automatic payments from the account.
  5. Withdraw funds – Transfer or withdraw remaining funds into another account.
  6. Confirm closure – Follow up to validate Swiftkash formalized account closure.

Difference Between Closing vs Deactivating

Closure permanently terminates the account while deactivation temporarily suspends many features but allows easier reopening. Check Swiftkash implications to decide best option.

Swiftkash Account Closure Process

When you close, Swiftkash will:

  • Verify your identity
  • Settle any account balances
  • Request return of cards or unused checks
  • Wait 30 days for pending transactions to finalize
  • Send letter confirming account closure

Full closure can take 30-60 days. Keep contacting them to ensure proper completion.

Impacts After Closure

Be aware of impacts when your Swiftkash account closes:

  • Credit score changes from closed account history
  • Automatic payments no longer withdraw money
  • Loss of associated account features or privileges
  • Potential bank penalties from attempted automatic payments

Have alternatives in place for payments to avoid issues.

Reopening a Closed Swiftkash Account

To reopen a properly closed Swiftkash account:

  1. Ask Swiftkash to reopen closed account
  2. Update personal details
  3. Provide necessary documentation
  4. Deposit any minimum amount required

Waiting restrictions before reopening may apply after closure. Discuss options with Swiftkash first.

FAQs On How to Close, Delete or Deactivate your Swiftkash Account Easily

How to Close, Delete or Deactivate your Swiftkash Account Easily

1. Does closing my Swiftkash account hurt my credit score?

Closing an older account can minimally impact credit score short-term. But effects are usually minor and temporary from the closed history.

2. How long does fully closing a Swiftkash account take?

Requesting closure is quick, but allow 30-60 days for the complete Swiftkash closure process to finalize transactions.

3. Can I reopen a voluntarily closed Swiftkash account?

Yes, you can request Swiftkash to reopen an account closed in good standing, subject to wait period restrictions before reopening.

4. What happens to unused Swiftkash rewards points if I close an account?

Be sure to redeem any accumulated rewards points before requesting closure. Once closed, you immediately lose access to any unused points.

5. Will Swiftkash charge fees for closing my account?

Typically no direct closure fees, but outstanding account fees or balances owed at closure may still be charged.

6. How can I ensure my automatic payments are cancelled when closing?

When closing, contact every company with auto-payments from the account to cancel immediately and provide alternate updated payment details.

7. What should I do if I get charged fees after closing my Swiftkash account?

Contact Swiftkash detailing the fees. Confirm account shows as closed, with no pending actions potentially causing the fees.

8. Can I write Swiftkash account checks after closure?

No. After an account closure either by request or by Swiftkash directly, all associated cheque or account privileges become invalid.

9. Does Swiftkash require my consent/authorization to close my account?

Yes, your consent and request is required for voluntary customer closure. But Swiftkash can also terminate accounts involuntarily per terms and conditions.

10. How does account closure impact any Swiftkash credit card?

Cancelling credit cards follows a separate process from closing deposit accounts. Contact Swiftkash to understand options around cancelling cards, balances, etc.

11. Can I immediately withdraw my full account balance after closure request?

No. Allow 30 days after the closure request for all transactions to finalize before withdrawing remainder and formally closing.

12. What if my Swiftkash account has a negative balance when I request closure?

Swiftkash may deny closure until you repay the owed negative amount back in full, otherwise send it to collections post closure.

13. Do any open disputes/investigations on my account prevent closing it?

Yes. All outstanding disputes and investigations require full resolution first before Swiftkash can process account closure.

14. Is there a minimum notice period required to close a Swiftkash account?

No set minimum notice required. You can request immediate closure. Just allow 30+ days post-closure for pending transactions still processing.

15. Who do I contact if I have more Swiftkash account closure questions?

Reach out to the Swiftkash customer service team directly by phone or email. They can clarify account closure details and process questions.

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We hope this guide covered key steps around closing your Swiftkash account. Connect with their team for account-specific guidance throughout the closure process.

After reading this blog you know about How to Close, Delete or Deactivate your Swiftkash Account Easily.

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