How to Sell or Convert Airtime to Cash on Palmpay Recharge 2Cash

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Hello and welcome, Today we’ll be discussing on How to Sell or Convert Airtime to Cash on Palmpay Recharge 2Cash.

PalmPay recently introduced Recharge 2Cash, an innovative feature allowing users to convert unused airtime to instant cash. Here is a guide on how to sell and convert airtime to cash using PalmPay.

PalmPay is a fintech company providing payment and financial services to millions of Nigerians through their user-friendly app.

Overview of Recharge 2Cash

With Recharge 2Cash, PalmPay users can convert unused airtime on their mobile phones to instant cash which gets credited to PalmPay wallet.

Benefits of Recharge 2Cash

  • Convert airtime to cash instead of it expiring
  • Instant conversion and credits within minutes
  • Seamlessly cash out without visiting agents
  • Available to all PalmPay customers across networks

Eligibility Criteria

To sell airtime with Recharge 2Cash you need:

  • Registered PalmPay account
  • Funded wallet for cashing out money
  • Unused airtime balance on your mobile number

Step-By-Step Guide

Follow this simple process:

  1. Launch the PalmPay app on your phone
  2. Go to “Recharge 2Cash” feature
  3. Enter amount of airtime to convert to cash
  4. Equivalent Naira value gets calculated automatically
  5. Confirm details and complete the conversion
  6. Get instant credit of converted Naira amount in PalmPay wallet
  7. Withdraw cash at your convenience!

Conversion Rates and Percentages

  • 95% of airtime value gets converted to cash
  • Minimum 200 Naira airtime can be converted at once
  • Airtime converted at real-time conversion value

Cash Out Options

Cashed out money from airtime conversion can be:

  • Used to pay bills, data, services within PalmPay
  • Transferred to other PalmPay users
  • Cashed out at PalmPay agent locations

Usage Tips

Some helpful tips:

  • Always double check amount before converting airtime
  • Monitor PalmPay wallet for credit alerts afterwards
  • Book withdrawals via app to avoid queues
  • Recharge 2Cash has no fees involved

How to Sell or Convert Airtime to Cash on Palmpay Recharge 2Cash

How Does the Recharge 2Cash Process Work?

Wondering how does the airtime to cash conversion happen? Here’s a quick explanation of the steps behind the scenes:

  1.  When you confirm conversion in PalmPay app or USSD, a shadow deduction instantly happens on your airtime balance. So you will see the airtime value drop first.
  2. The equivalent Naira amount of your airtime gets remitted from PalmPay to your mobile operator.
  3.  So in effect, PalmPay buys off your airtime balance from your network provider.
  4. The Naira amount then gets credited from PalmPay wallet to your PalmPay account as the final step.
  5. This whole process happens very rapidly, usually within a minute or two. Allowing you instant access to the transferred money.

The above steps are fully automated in the backend by PalmPay to enable smooth, instant recharge to cash conversions.

Uses for Converted Airtime Cash

What are some smart ways you can utilize the money received from selling your airtime?

  • – Pay your DSTV, electricity, cable TV or other utility bills
  • – Pay for your internet data plan to continue browsing
  • – Send money to family and friends across Nigeria
  • – Withdraw physical cash at any PalmPay agent location
  • – Save money into PalmPay PiggyWallet to earn interest
  • – Invest spare money to grow your income

The cash from conversions provides you flexibility to take care of financial needs without having cash readily available.

Future Improvements

Some potential improvements PalmPay could introduce in future are:

  • – Allow converting lower minimum amount of airtime – for example N100
  • – Increase the daily conversion limit from current N5,000 cap
  • – Reduce processing time to less than one minute
  • – Provide option to schedule future dated conversions
  • – IntroducePartial conversion of main account airtime rather than only full amount
  • – Instantly push SMS alerts to customers after each conversion

As more users adopt Recharge 2Cash, PalmPay may enhance features based on user feedback to maximize value.

Partner Experience Reviews

Here are some genuine user review quotes on PalmPay Recharge 2Cash from Nigerians across social media channels like Twitter and Facebook:

  • “Was stuck with 500 Naira MTN recharge card, used PalmPay Recharge2Cash and got money in my PalmPay wallet within minute!” – @dehkunle_bay
  • “This Recharge 2Cash is working well o. Just converted 2k card, they gave me 1.9k in my PalmPay instantly!” – @bint_amina
  • “I’m impressed I could convert entire 2 months unused airtime to cash before it expired, thanks PalmPay!” – @tunde_aj

The overall user sentiment seems very positive, with Recharge 2Cash helping Nigerians get value from unused airtime.

FAQs How to Sell or Convert Airtime to Cash on Palmpay Recharge 2Cash

What networks can use Recharge 2Cash?

All major networks like MTN, Airtel, GLO, 9mobile are supported.

Is there a limit for daily conversions?

Yes, you can only convert up to 5,000 Naira airtime per day.

Will I still receive calls/texts with zero airtime?

Yes, converting entire airtime will still allow receiving calls and SMS.

Can I convert airtime bought through PalmPay?

No, only works for airtime directly recharged from network providers.

What denomination airtime cards are allowed?

Recharge 2Cash works with all ₦200 and higher airtime amounts.

How long does the cashout take?

The money gets instantly credited to PalmPay wallet within minutes.

Is ID card required for cashing out money?

No ID needed as long as you have a registered PalmPay account.

What happens to unsold airtime when it expires?

Any unsold airtime that expires cannot be converted to cash later on PalmPay.

Which devices can use Recharge 2Cash?

It works seamlessly on Android, iOS smartphones, and basic feature phones.

Is this service available across Nigeria?

Yes, Recharge 2Cash is available nationwide wherever PalmPay services operate.

Can I track my conversion history?

Yes, under “Transaction History” in PalmPay app you can view details.

Who do I contact for support?

Reach out to PalmPay Customer Care by calling +2 341 888 6888 or in-app chat.

How soon can I convert again after 1 transaction?

You can conduct another airtime to cash conversion instantly with available balance.

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PalmPay’s revolutionary Recharge 2Cash feature, converting unused airtime to instant cash is now possible for all Nigerians in a few simple taps. This provides an innovative way to cash out unwanted airtime that may expire instead of losing its value.

Along with the rest of PalmPay’s financial services ecosystem, Recharge 2Cash promotes digital payments and financial inclusion across Nigeria.

Just ensure your PalmPay account is funded before transferring the money from airtime conversions to either pay bills or withdraw at agents.

Overall, Recharge 2Cash offers a seamless way to exchange airtime for naira value providing more flexibility to customers.

After reading this article know you know How to Sell or Convert Airtime to Cash on Palmpay Recharge 2Cash.

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