How to upgrade Alat by Wema Bank account easily (Online & Offline)

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Hello Today we’ll be discussing On How to upgrade Alat by Wema Bank account easily (Online & Offline).

Wema Bank is one of Nigeria’s innovative digital banks. ALAT by Wema is their flagship retail account targeted at youths and working-class. Upgrading unlocks several benefits.

Benefits of Upgrading Your ALAT Account

How to upgrade Alat by Wema Bank account easily (Online & Offline)

Some reasons to upgrade your basic ALAT account include:

  • Daily interest payment on balances
  • Zero bank charges on all transactions
  • Higher daily limits on transfers and payments
  • Access to quick soft loans and overdrafts
  • Exclusive deals and discounted shopping vouchers
  • Free debit card with loyalty reward schemes

Tips for Upgrading Your ALAT Account

Useful tips to upgrade your ALAT by Wema account smoothly include:

  1. Upgrade conveniently via ALAT app or mobile banking USSD
  2. Have supporting documents like valid ID, passport photo ready
  3. Only updgrade option currently is ALAT Gold
  4. Fund account immediately with minimum opening balance
  5. Use upgraded account to enjoy all benefits

How to Upgrade ALAT Account Offline

To upgrade your account offline at a Wema Bank branch, follow these steps:

  1. Visit any Wema bank branch near you
  2. Ask customer service to upgrade account from ALAT to ALAT Gold
  3. Provide and submit required documents
  4. Pay one-time upgrade fee of N1,000
  5. Your account will be upgraded to enjoy benefits

Documents Required for Offline Upgrade

How to upgrade Alat by Wema Bank account easily (Online & Offline)

  • Valid means of ID (national ID card, driver’s license etc.)
  • 1 Passport photograph
  • Proof of residence (utility bills etc)

How to Upgrade ALAT Account Online

To seamlessly upgrade your ALAT account online :

  1. Login to Wema ALAT mobile app or USSD
  2. Go to Account Upgrade menu
  3. Select option to upgrade to ALAT Gold
  4. Accept upgrade terms and conditions
  5. Pay one-time upgrade fee
  6. Enjoy new benefits instantly

Information Required for Online Upgrade

  • ALAT account number
  • Registered phone number
  • BVN number
  • Upgrade option selected e.g Gold

FAQs on How to upgrade Alat by Wema Bank account easily (Online & Offline)

1. Which upgrade option is currently available?

ALAT by Wema now offers option to simply upgrade to ALAT Gold account tier with added benefits over regular ALAT account.

2. Must I visit Wema bank branch to upgrade?

No, you can conveniently upgrade your ALAT account fully online via ALAT mobile app or USSD code from your phone.

3. Is there a cost for upgrading ALAT account?

Yes, currently it is a one-time upgrade fee of N1,000 to move ALAT account package to ALAT Gold tier.

4. Do I need to change my ALAT debit card after upgrade?

No, your existing ALAT VISA debit card will function normally after upgrade to enjoy Gold benefits.

5. How many days does ALAT account upgrade take?

ALAT account upgrade to Gold tier takes less than 24 hours. Just Instantly start enjoying all benefits.

6. Can I apply for loan after upgrading ALAT account?

Yes, upgrading unlocks access to quick soft loans and overdraft products at discounted interest rates.

7. What documents are needed to upgrade offline?

Offline upgrade at branches requires valid ID card, passport photo, and proof of residence documents before initiation.

8. How much do I need to maintain in ALAT Gold account?

No minimum post-upgrade balance. But funds required to continue enjoying full ALAT Gold account benefits and service.

9. I upgraded mistakenly, can I downgrade again?

How to upgrade Alat by Wema Bank account easily (Online & Offline)

Yes, you can downgrade seamlessly from ALAT Gold to regular ALAT account if upgraded in error via app or USSD.

10. How much interest do I get paid after upgrade?

ALAT Gold enjoys up to 5% interest rate on positive account balances depending on fund levels.

11. Can I make cardless withdrawals after upgrade?

Yes. ALAT Gold allows free cardless withdrawals at Wema Bank branches nationwide.

12. What are criteria to qualify for upgrade?

To qualify, you must run active ALAT account. Also have valid ID card, BVN, mobile phone for OTP together with one-time upgrade fee.

13. Can I still operate my former ALAT account?

Yes your old regular ALAT account remains accessible but unused alongside new Gold account.

14. Does upgrade allow dollar card application?

Yes, upgrading to ALAT Gold makes you eligible to apply for a Dollar debit card for int’l payments.

15. How long does the whole upgrade process take?

The entire ALAT account upgrade takes less than 24 hours from initiation on the ALAT mobile app or USSD to completion.

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Upgrading to ALAT Gold account by Wema provides several lifestyle benefits and convenient banking experience. The fully digital process allows instant upgrade and access to preferential offerings. Reach out to their Customer Service team for any queries or assistance with enjoying your ALAT Gold account.

After reading this blog you know about How to upgrade Alat by Wema Bank account easily (Online & Offline).

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