List of All Kuda Bank Offices in Nigeria

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Welcome, Today we’ll be discussing about List of All Kuda Bank Offices in Nigeria.

Kuda Bank is a fast-growing digital bank in Nigeria that provides mobile banking services. Founded in 2019, Kuda Bank aims to provide accessible banking to Nigerians across the country.

While Kuda Bank operates as an online and app-based bank, they have also opened a few physical offices in major Nigerian cities. These offices allow customers to get in-person support and assistance with their accounts.

This article provides a complete list of Kuda Bank’s offices in Nigeria and their contact details for you to visit for any help you may need.

Kuda Bank Head Office in Lagos

Kuda Bank’s head office is located in Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city. Here are the details:

  • Address: 54 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos
  • Phone: +234 700 200 3000
  • Email:

As the head office, it oversees Kuda Bank’s operations nationwide. You can visit for any major account issues.

Kuda Bank Office in Abuja

In Nigeria’s capital Abuja, the Kuda Bank office details are:

  • Address: Plot 681 Cadastral Zone, A00 Central Business District, Abuja
  • Phone: +234 700 200 3000

Abuja residents can visit this office for account assistance and support services.

Kuda Bank Port Harcourt Office

List of All Kuda Bank Offices in Nigeria

Here is the contact information for Kuda Bank’s office in Port Harcourt:

  • Address: 4 Uyo Close, Off Tombia Extension, GRA Phase 3, Port Harcourt
  • Phone: +234 700 200 3000

Customers located in Port Harcourt and nearby areas can use this office for their account needs.

Other Kuda Bank Offices in Nigeria

Some other cities where Kuda Bank has office locations include:

  • Kaduna: 3 Kanta Road, Ali Turaki House, Kaduna
  • Owerri: 77 Okigwe Road, Owerri, Imo State
  • Benin City: 95 Akpakpava Road, Benin City, Edo State

Kuda only has office in few place in Nigeria. Lagos state, Abuja and some states. If you are not in these places, The only way to complain issues is online.

Customers can reach out to Kuda Bank’s customer support team by:

  • Sending an email to
  • Calling their phone numbers +234 700 200 3000 or +234 1 700 200 3000,
  • or using the in-app chat feature within the Kuda Bank mobile app.

They offers customer support through various channels such as email, phone, and in-app chat.

Services Offered at Kuda Bank Offices

Here are some of the key services offered at physical Kuda Bank offices:

  • New account opening assistance
  • Updating personal information/details
  • Resetting online banking password or app PIN
  • Blocked account support
  • Dispute investigation and resolution
  • Card activation and replacement

The staff can guide you through any account-related matters at the offices.

Kuda Bank Office Hours

Standard office hours at Kuda Bank locations are:

  • Monday to Friday: 9am to 4pm
  • Saturdays: 10am to 2pm

The offices are closed on Sundays and public holidays. It’s best to call ahead before visiting.

Kuda Bank’s Digital Banking Approach

Kuda Bank is one of the leading digital banks in Nigeria with a focus on providing seamless online and mobile banking services. Unlike traditional banks, Kuda does not operate physical branch locations that customers can visit. All banking services are accessed digitally via their website or mobile apps.

However, Kuda does have a few Experience Centers where customers can go for support and to complete certain transactions like picking up debit cards. The locations include:

  • Kuda Experience Center, Saka Tinubu Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
  • Kuda Experience Center, 1 Montreal Road, Palms Shopping Mall, Ibadan
  • Kuda Experience Center, 77 Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja

The Experience Centers provide dedicated staff to assist customers with:

  • Account opening support – documents submission, BVN linking etc.
  • Card services – new card pickup, damaged card replacement etc.
  • Technical support – app troubleshooting, resetting passwords/PINS etc.
  • Customer complaints resolution
  • Remittance services

FAQs On List of All Kuda Bank Offices in Nigeria

List of All Kuda Bank Offices in Nigeria

Does Kuda have ATMs?

No, Kuda does not operate own ATMs. But customers can use other bank ATMs and pay no fees as Kuda has an ATM interoperability agreement.

How do I deposit/withdraw cash?

You can transfer from other bank accounts, deposit at Kuda agents nationwide or withdraw at supported ATMs.

Does Kuda provide personal loans?

Yes, Kuda offers personal loans up to ₦5 million for salaried individuals. Everything can be done digitally through the app.

Can I pay bills on Kuda?

Kuda has bill payment partnerships so you can pay for electricity, cable TV, internet data, taxes and other bills.

Does Kuda have physical branches?

No, Kuda doesn’t have traditional bank branches. They are a fully digital bank focused on mobile banking services.

Can I use Kuda overseas?

Yes, the Kuda debit card can be used for international payments and withdrawals at any Visa ATM or merchant.

Does Kuda Bank have an office in my city in Nigeria?

Kuda Bank currently has physical offices in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kaduna, Owerri, and Benin City. Check their website for your closest one.

Can I deposit cash at Kuda Bank offices?

No, cash or cheque deposits are not handled at Kuda Bank offices. You need to rather do that through a partner bank branch.

Do I need an appointment before visiting a Kuda Bank office?

No, appointments are not necessary. You can walk in during office hours for assistance. There may be waiting times during busy periods.

What documents should I take when visiting a Kuda Bank office?

Bring valid ID like national ID, driver’s license or passport. Also have any account details, transaction records, or other relevant documents.

How can Kuda Bank offices help with failed online transfers?

Their staff can investigate failed transfers made via the Kuda app or website and try to recover or resend the funds to the intended recipient.

Do all Kuda Bank offices provide the same services?

Yes, all offices offer similar services for new account opening, management, troubleshooting, disputes, and other account-related matters.

Can I visit any Kuda Bank office even if it’s far from me?

Yes, you can visit any branch but we recommend going to the nearest one for quicker assistance and support.

Do Kuda Bank offices provide account statement printouts?

Yes, you can request an account statement printout for any time period when you visit a Kuda Bank office.

How do I close my Kuda Bank account at their office?

Visit a Kuda office with valid ID to submit an account closure request. Any account balance will be transferred to your linked bank.

Can Kuda Bank offices help with reversing wrong transfers?

Yes, their customer service team can help investigate incorrect transfers you made and process reversals or recoveries.

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We hope this article has provided details on locating a Kuda Bank office near you in Nigeria. Visit during office hours for any account assistance required.

Feel free to contact their responsive customer service if you have any other questions.

After reading this article now you know List of All Kuda Bank Offices in Nigeria.

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