PalmPay Customer Care: Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Email Address and PalmPay Contact Address

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Welcome, Today we’ll talk about PalmPay Customer Care: Phone, WhatsApp, Email and Address.

PalmPay is a leading fintech platform enabling digital financial services like payments, loans, investments etc via mobile apps. Like any banking service, customers may face issues that require support from PalmPay customer care.

This guide covers multiple PalmPay customer care channels – phone/WhatsApp number, email address, social media links, website contact form and registered office address to connect with helpful, responsive support teams for any issue resolution.

Overview of PalmPay

PalmPay is a mobile payments company founded in 2019 by Transsion Holdings, the Chinese company behind top smartphone brands like Tecno, Infinix and Itel in Africa.

They commenced operations in Nigeria in 2019 and hit over 1 million app downloads within a year. PalmPay expanded from payments into lending, investments, savings, bills payments and more.

PalmPay has an agent network across Nigeria to enable cash transactions. As of 2022, they had over 5 million users and processed $2 billion in payments volume.

When to Contact PalmPay Customer Care?

Few instances when you should reach out to PalmPay care channels:

  • Technical errors or issues in PalmPay apps/USSD
  • Queries regarding transactions, deductions etc
  • Need assistance for a particular service or query
  • Problems accessing PalmPay account or app services
  • Fraudulent activities or unauthorized transactions
  • Submit complaints regarding deficient services
  • Seek information about plans, offers, rates etc

PalmPay Customer Care Phone/WhatsApp Numbers

Call the helpline at 09040005022 or directly WhatsApp at same number for instant chatting.

The dedicated customer care number is displayed across PalmPay touchpoints. Call center works 24×7 on all days.

PalmPay Customer Care Email Address

Send your written complaints or queries via email:

Provide relevant transaction reference IDs or order numbers where applicable for faster resolution.

PalmPay Social Media Channels for Assistance

Message PalmPay customer support on:

  • Facebook at PalmPay Nigeria
  • Instagram @palmpayapp_ng
  • Twitter @PalmPay_ng

Direct Message the PalmPay handles on above social platforms for public response or specific assistance required.

PalmPay Website Contact Form

Fill up the online contact form under ‘Contact Us’ on PalmPay website by providing:

  • Your registered PalmPay mobile number
  • Contact email address
  • Selecting issue type (Technical, Billing, Other)
  • Description of problem faced

You will receive an email response based on nature and urgency of the issue from support team.

PalmPay Head Office Address

While PalmPay offers phone/app-based banking with no physical branches, head office address is:

PalmPay Nigeria


Suite A, Forth Floor, Plot 1019, Gimbiya Street, Garki Area 11, Fct

In extremely rare & complex cases, you may have to visit by appointment.

PalmPay Customer Support Working Hours

The phone, WhatsApp and social media support channels offer assistance 24×7.

If you have an inquiry, or need Customer Service assistance? Call or WhatsApp

+234 018886888

For email and web support forms, responses are sent between Monday to Saturday within business hours.

For urgent issues outside working hours, use phone and WhatsApp channels.

Tips for Interacting with PalmPay Customer Care

  • Have your registered mobile number or PalmPay User ID handy when contacting
  • Clearly state issues upfront with relevant transaction details
  • Keep communication formal, crisp and courteous
  • Take names of executives assisting you for future reference
  • Save communication trails and ticket numbers
  • Allow reasonable resolution timeframes before flagging persistence of issue

How Complaint and Query Management Wo rks

1. Understanding Issue/Query

Executives request account specifics and ask clarification questions for complete understanding.

2. Researching Account Information

Relevant transaction data, account activity, loan details etc looked up from backend.

3. Suggesting Solutions

Based on case history diagnosis, applicable solutions are recommended as next steps.

4. Performing Corrective Actions

Any actions like data corrections, transaction reversals, enabling services etc are done.

5. Following Up on Issues

Agents follow up across channels regularly until final resolution confirmation received from customer.

PalmPay Customer Care: Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Email Address and PalmPay Contact Address

Escalating Unresolved Complaints

If despite best efforts, your issues remain unsolved, escalate further through the following channels:

  • WhatsApp Helpline (+234 908 000 5022) requesting supervisor assistance
  • Email marked to management team
  • Letter or visit to company headquarters (with prior appointment)

PalmPay Customer Service Key Performance Metrics

  • 80% calls answered under 60 seconds
  • 72 hours TAT for resolving majority issues
  • 90% satisfactory resolution levels maintained

FAQs About PalmPay Customer Care: Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Email Address and PalmPay Contact Address

What details are needed to contact PalmPay care?

Have registered mobile number or account ID handy when reaching out to customer care for swift profile lookup.

Does PalmPay have toll-free customer care number?

Currently the published 10-digit WhatsApp/Call helpline number may have call charges applicable on certain networks.

How soon can I expect first response over calls or WhatsApp?

PalmPay customer care aims to respond to 80% incoming calls and WhatsApp messages under 60 seconds during working hours.

If I have still have persistent issues, whom should I contact?

Escalate the complaint immediately by asking for supervisor help over WhatsApp for unresolved issues. Repeated issues are assigned to senior team.

Does PalmPay provide service assurance against issues?

Yes, PalmPay management has strict operational guidelines for customer care around resolving 90% issues satisfactorily within a 72 hour period.

What redressals are provided for valid complaints?


Apology acknowledgements, account adjustments, transaction reversals, refund of fees, preventive process improvements etc.


How soon is lost or stolen phone service restored?

Contact customer care immediately. Access blocked instantly, restored within 48-72 working hours typically.

When are customer care calls recorded?

Random calls are recorded for quality analysis. Mandatory disclosure is provided indicating recording, if applicable.

What is the timeline for complaint resolution?

PalmPay aims to resolve 70% of routine complaints within 5 working days, 90% within 15 working days.

How long is customer complaint history stored?

Five year records are stored for regulatory compliance and continuous improvement.

Key Takeaway

PalmPay offers multiple round-the-clock avenues like phone, WhatsApp, email, social media and website contact forms for convenient customer issue redressal. Save all communication records including names of assisting personnel. Do not hesitate to escalate unresolved complaints to relevant authorities above for fastest outcomes.

Logging Complaints on PalmPay Channels

To submit any complaints or grievances faced while using PalmPay, please contact customer support through any of the below channels providing these important details for quick redressal:

  • Registered mobile number
  • PalmPay profile username
  • Description of the issue faced
  • Screenshots if available

Some examples of complaints to report on PalmPay channels:

  • Failed transactions
  • Missing or incorrect wallet balance
  • Issues faced while linking bank account
  • Problems with PIN/login
  • Errors while linking debit card
  • Unresolved disputes
  • Pending payments not reflecting

Document relevant transaction reference numbers, date-time, description and error messages if any while reporting problems.

Preventing Recurring Complaint Scenarios

Here are some tips to avoid repeat issues and complaints when using PalmPay:

  • Maintain wallet balance diligently for payments
  • Do not attempt rushed transactions when signal/network is weak
  • Counter-check and verify beneficiary data carefully
  • Onboard reliable and promptly responding payment vendors
  • Update PalmPay app periodically
  • Change security credentials at regular intervals

Undertaking due diligence as a user and following security best practices helps minimize common problems that need redressal.

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To deliver seamless and uninterrupted services to over 1 million users, PalmPay provides multiple mediums to get prompt support for any account-related issues or complaints. Users can get in touch with PalmPay customer care over the phone, WhatsApp, email, webform, or visit the head office to highlight any problems faced.

Some common scenarios where you may need to reach out to PalmPay care include failed transactions, balance discrepancies, app crashes, login problems etc. Trying basic troubleshooting yourself first before contacting support helps shorten resolution time.

To check status on ongoing complaints lodged, get back in touch through the same channel, quoting your registered details and ticket number assigned previously. Share any additional information requested by the team to fast-track closure.

You can also proactively take precautions like maintaining account hygiene, doing accurate transactions, updating apps regularly etc. to reduce the incidence of support calls. Follow the preventive tips highlighted earlier.

With multiple mediums available round-the-clock to connect with knowledgeable care representatives, PalmPay is committed to driving constant improvements that deliver maximum customer delight as a trustworthy financial services platform.

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