Ussd Code to Check your Bank Account Number in Nigeria

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Welcome, Today we’ll talk about Ussd Code to Check your Bank Account Number in Nigeria.

Have you ever forgotten or misplaced your Nigerian bank account number? There is no need to panic. You can easily retrieve it by dialing your bank’s USSD code on your mobile phone.

Overview of Bank USSD Codes

USSD stands for “Unstructured Supplementary Service Data”. USSD codes allow communication between a bank’s computers and customers’ phones for providing services. Dialing a bank’s USSD retrieves account details.

Benefits of Checking Account Number via USSD

Using a bank’s USSD code to check account number has benefits like:

  • Easy self-service without visiting bank or calling staff
  • Works directly on all types of mobile phones
  • No internet data required as runs on all phone networks
  • Instantly retrieves 10-digit Nigerian account number

All Bank’s USSD Shortcodes

  • Access Bank *901#
  • ALAT Bank *945#
  • Ecobank *326#
  • Fidelity Bank *770#
  • FCMB *329#
  • First Bank *894#
  • GTBank *737#
  • Heritage Bank *745#
  • Keystone Bank *7111#
  • Polaris Bank *833#
  • Stanbic IBTC Bank *909#
  • Sterling Bank *822#
  • UBA *919#
  • Union Bank *826#
  • Unity Bank *7799#
  • Wema Bank *945#
  • Zenith Bank *966#

Bank USSD Codes to Check Account Number

Here are updated 2023 USSD codes for top Nigerian banks:

  • Access Bank – *901#
  • UBA – *919#
  • First Bank – *894#
  • GTBank – *737*6#
  • Fidelity Bank – *770*0#
  • Wema Bank –  *945*000#
  • Unity Bank –  *7799#
  • Union Bank – *826*4#
  • Zenith Bank – *966*00#
  • Sterling Bank – *822*6#
  • Stanbic IBTC Bank – *909#
  • Polaris Bank – *833*1#
  • Keystone Bank – 7111*1#
  • Ecobank –  *326*0#
  • Heritage Bank – *322*030#

Simply dial code for your bank on your mobile phone, navigate menu options to retrieve your account number instantly.

Ussd Code to Check your Bank Account Number in Nigeria

Step-By-Step Guide

Using Access bank as an example, here is the process to check account number:

  1. On your phone dial *901#to access Access Bank USSD portal
  2. Select option to check account number
  3. Enter account number selection credentials like BVN or account name
  4. Your 10-digit account number will be displayed
  5. Note down number and end session

It works very similar for other banks too.

Other Account Details Available

Aside from account number, bank USSD lets you confirm:

  • Account balance
  • 5 latest transactions
  • Registered phone number
  • Linked BVN number

So it provides a quick way to validate all your account information.

Usage Tips

Some tips when checking account number via USSD:

  • Have credentials like BVN ready to input when prompted
  • Double check no errors while entering selections
  • For joint accounts, pick correct holder name option
  • Retry USSD if call drops to avoid incomplete info

Properly following the menu options ensures you retrieve the right account number belonging to you.

Common USSD Session Errors

While accessing bank USSD, you may encounter some errors. Here is what they mean and solutions:

  • Invalid credentials – Account name, BVN or input details are incorrect. Re-enter accurately.
  • Session timeout – Took too long between menu options. Redial USSD to restart.
  • USSD capability barred – Contact bank to enable it if previously disabled.
  • Maximum sessions reached – Retry after some time as concurrent limit exceeded.
  • Unable to retrieve details – Can happen if network congested. Try again later.

Carefully noting down and entering inputs avoids most errors for smooth sessions.

How Banks Display Account Numbers

While most banks display full 10-digit account numbers via USSD, few use partial display formats like:

  • Only last 4 digits shown
  • Masking middle digits with asterisks ***
  • Split display with first 4 and last 6 digits

This is mainly done for enhanced security reasons by certain banks. The number remains fully valid and usable despite such display formatting.

Best Safety Practices

To securely use bank USSD access, always:

  • Shield your phone screen when entering credentials
  • Never save displayed details on phone gallery
  • Clear session/dialled history after ending USSD
  • Avoid accessing via public WiFi networks
  • Update bank if you lose access to linked phone number

Following safety guidelines ensures your banking details stay fully secure.

Seeking Further Assistance

If issues persist despite correct USSD usage, contact bank by:

  • Dialling dedicated customer care numbers
  • Emailing support team addresses
  • Tweeting issues to bank handles
  • Visiting nearest bank branches

Banks have dedicated teams to help customers with accounting servicing and USSD troubleshooting.

FAQ About Ussd Code to Check your Bank Account Number in Nigeria

Is there any charge for using bank USSD?

No, all bank USSD services are free to use for account holders per CBN guidelines.

Will it work if I don’t have airtime/data balance?

Yes, USSD can be accessed even with zero account balance to check details.

Can illiterate people use USSD codes?

Yes, USSD options have numeric choices making it convenient for literacy challenged people.

Do I need to register my number first?

No registration required. As long as your number is registered with bank, USSD will work.

What if wrong account number shows?

Cross-verify entered details or contact bank support. Otherwise account has changed recently.

Is there an option for disabling USSD access?

Yes, you can request your bank to restrict USSD access if privacy or security concerns.

How fast does the account number show?

Instantly after selecting the retrieval option and submitting credentials.

Can I check via USSD if inactive for long?

Yes, even long inactive accounts can still be checked by USSD code for details.

Will USSD work on international numbers abroad?

No, you need a local phone number from Nigerian mobile operator for bank USSD to function.

Can I check for parents/friends if permitted?

Yes, with consent and credentials you can check via USSD for them and share details.

Is there a code for checking all my bank accounts?

Unfortunately, each bank has distinct codes. But you can check multiple by switching SIMs.

Which code shows corporate/SME accounts?

Business accounts use same USSD codes with added menu prompts for company details.

Can I confirm if account is singles or joint account?

Yes, USSD shows account type along with holders’ names indicating nature of account.

Is customer data safe on these USSD systems?

Yes, all banks follow CBN guidelines and encryption for securing customer information.

Which code do I use if account holder name changes?

You can still use old name credentials for upto 6 months until records update automatically.

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Using bank USSD codes provides Nigerians an easy way to instantly check their account numbers right from their mobile phones.

Simply dial and navigate the interactive menu to securely retrieve not just account numbers but also associated details like BVN, balances, transactions etc.

This saves the hassle of contacting banks or visiting branches in person. USSD codes make accessing critical bank account information more convenient for customers across Nigeria.

Just ensure to have credentials like account name or BVN handy to input when prompted by the codes. So next time you misplace any key detail, USSD comes to the rescue!

After reading this blog you know about Ussd Code to Check your Bank Account Number in Nigeria.

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