15 Best Apps to Send Money to Nigeria from UK

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Hello Today we’ll talk about 15 Best Apps to Send Money to Nigeria from UK in 2023.

Sending money back home to Nigeria is a regular need for many within the Nigerian diaspora community in the UK. Thankfully, technology has evolved and there are now several money transfer apps that facilitate fast, easy and low-cost remittances from UK to Nigeria.

In this comprehensive guide, we explore the top 15 money transfer apps for sending funds from UK to Nigeria legally and securely in 2023.

Top 15 Apps for Sending Money from UK to Nigeria

Here are the best options for transferring money to Nigeria from UK using apps:

  1. WorldRemit – Low-fee transfers within minutes.
  2. Wise (TransferWise) – Minimal fees and real exchange rates.
  3. Azimo – Instant bank deposits and cash pickup options.
  4. Small World – Secure platform for frequent remitters.
  5. Remitly – Top rated app for speed and reliability.
  6. PingExpress – Cash delivered within minutes across Nigeria.
  7. Revolut – Seamless app-based money transfers.
  8. Xoom – Owned by PayPal. Deposits to leading Nigerian banks.
  9. Skrill – Low-cost transfers for individuals and businesses.
  10. Mukuru – Zero fees on money transfers to Nigeria.
  11. AirP2P – P2P platform for euro and cryptocurrency transfers.
  12. PoundsToNaira – Competitive rates from GBP to NGN.
  13. Flutterwave – Transfers to Nigerian bank accounts and mobile wallets.
  14. Payoneer – Global B2B payments solutions.
  15. Venmo – Peer-to-peer payments app by Paypal.

Key Considerations When Choosing Money Transfer App From UK to Nigeria

Here are some key parameters to evaluate when picking a money transfer app from UK to Nigeria:

  • Transfer Speed – How fast money reaches recipient.
  • Exchange Rates – GBP to NGN forex rates offered.
  • Fees – Sending and withdrawal charges.
  • Transfer Methods – Bank account, cash pickup, mobile wallet payouts.
  • Limits – Daily transfer thresholds and caps.
  • Security – Provider reputation and safety of platform.
  • Reviews – User reviews and overall ratings.
  • Support – Availability and responsiveness of customer assistance.

Steps to Send Money from UK to Nigeria Using Money Transfer Apps

The typical process for remitting funds from UK to Nigeria via money transfer apps is outlined below:

Step 1: Download App and Create Account

  • Download the chosen money transfer app on your smartphone.
  • Provide your personal information to create an account.
  • You may need to get identity verification done.

Step 2: Enter Recipient and Transfer Details

  • Input the recipient’s name, bank account details or phone number.
  • Enter your details as the sender and the amount to send.
  • Select desired transfer method – bank, cash pickup, airtime top up etc.

Step 3: Preview and Confirm Transfer

  • Review all details entered to ensure there are no mistakes.
  • Read terms and conditions and confirm transfer.
  • Make associated payments if required.

The app will initiate transfer instantly and notify you after completing the money transfer to Nigeria.

FAQs About15 Best Apps to Send Money to Nigeria from UK

15 Best Apps to Send Money to Nigeria from UK

1. What are the main advantages of using money transfer apps from UK to Nigeria?

The main advantages are lower fees, better exchange rates, faster transfers, convenient tracking, and ease of use from your phone.

2. Which app has the fastest transfers to Nigeria from UK?

Azimo and WorldRemit enable near instant transfers to Nigeria in minutes in some cases. PingExpress offers 1 hour home cash delivery.

3. Which app provides the lowest transfer fees from UK to Nigeria?

Some apps with the lowest fees include Wise, WorldRemit, Mukuru and Revolut. TransferWise has a special discounted African account.

4. Can I transfer money from UK to Nigeria without bank account details?

Yes, some remittance apps allow cash pickup at agent locations across Nigeria. Recipient needs only a valid ID.

5. Are money transfer apps regulated for security in UK?

Yes, regulated apps comply with UK money transfer regulations, data protection and KYC norms for secure transactions.

6. How much money can I transfer daily from UK to Nigeria via apps?

Most apps have limits like £10,000 daily. Some may allow higher transfers upon request and additional verification.

7. Which app has the best exchange rate from GBP to Naira?

Wise (TransferWise) offers real mid-market exchange rates with minimal margins. WorldRemit also gives competitive rates.

8. Can I easily compare transfer rates and fees across money transfer apps?

Yes, you can easily compare quotes across multiple apps by inputting same transfer details to get rate and fee estimates.

9. How do these apps make money from money transfers?

Mainly through exchange rate margins and fixed transaction fees. Some also earn via account balances, withdrawals and other services.

10. Is it safe to send large amounts via money transfer apps?

Yes, accredited apps use bank-level security including encryption and data privacy measures to enable safe transfers.

11. Which app has the best reviews and ratings for UK to Nigeria transfers?

Azimo, WorldRemit and Wise score highest user reviews among money transfer apps for UK to Nigeria corridor.

12. Can I use money transfer apps without a smartphone?

While apps are designed for smartphones, some companies like WorldRemit also offer transfers via their website for desktop users.

13. How can I get alerts on best exchange rates for transfers to Nigeria?

Leading apps offer price alerts that notify you whenever rates become favorable for GBP to NGN transfers.

14. How long does it take for transfers from UK to reach recipient account in Nigeria?

Most transfers via top apps take 24-48 hours. Some facilitate instant transfers reaching within minutes.

15. What support do these apps provide if my transfer fails or is delayed?

You get 24×7 customer assistance via chat, email or phone call in case of any issues faced during the money transfer process.

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Money transfer apps make sending money to Nigeria from the UK convenient, fast and low-cost. Choosing the right app based on parameters like speed, fees, limits and payout methods is key. Follow all compliance steps and transfer safely to your beneficiaries in Nigeria using these digital remittance platforms.

After reading this blog you know about 15 Best Apps to Send Money to Nigeria from UK.

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