15 Best Apps to Send Money to Nigeria from USA in 2024

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Welcome Today we’ll talk about 15 Best Apps to Send Money to Nigeria from USA in 2023.

Sending money from the USA to loved ones in Nigeria is a common need for the Nigerian diaspora community. Thankfully, there are now several instant money transfer apps that make cross-border remittance swift, affordable and convenient.

In this guide, we explore the top 15 money transfer apps for sending money from USA to Nigeria in 2023.

Best Apps for Sending Money from USA to Nigeria

Here are the top 15 money transfer apps for USA to Nigeria remittance:

  1. Western Union – Global remittance leader with wide agent network.
  2. WorldRemit – Low-fee remittance app popular with Nigerians abroad.
  3. Remitly – Top rated for speed and reliability of transfers.
  4. Wave – No hidden fees and great rates.
  5. Flutterwave – Seamless transfers to Nigerian accounts and mobile wallets.
  6. Skrill – Secure app for individual and merchant payments.
  7. Azimo – Simple money transfers directly to Nigerian banks.
  8. MoneyGram – Large cash pickup locations across Nigeria.
  9. SimbaPay – Low-cost transfers with automatic rate alerts.
  10. Small World – Bulk payment solutions for businesses and organizations.
  11. PingExpress – Fast, affordable home delivery of cash.
  12. Mukuru – Free online transfers to Nigeria.
  13. Xoom – Owned by PayPal, seamless bank deposits.
  14. Wise – Low fee transfers using real exchange rates.
  15. BritanniaGlobalMoney – Secure UK money transfer service to Nigeria.

Key Considerations for Choosing Money Transfer App From USA to Nigeria

Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a money transfer app from USA to Nigeria:

  • Transfer Speed – How fast the money reaches the recipient.
  • Transaction Fees – Sending and withdrawal charges.
  • Exchange Rates – Dollar to Naira forex rates.
  • Transfer Limits – Daily/monthly transfer limits.
  • Transfer Methods – Bank account, cash pickup, mobile wallet.
  • Security – Provider reputation and data/privacy protection.
  • Customer Support – Ease of contacting helpdesk with queries.

Step-by-Step Guide to Sending Money from USA to Nigeria Using Apps

Here is a quick 3-step process for sending money to Nigeria using money transfer apps from USA:

Step 1: Download App and Register

  • Download the money transfer app on your phone.
  • Provide your personal details to create an account.
  • Verify your identity by uploading documents.

Step 2: Enter Transaction Details

  • Enter the recipient name and bank details/phone number.
  • Input sender name, transfer amount and payment method.
  • Select desired transfer speed and purpose of transfer.

Step 3: Confirm and Send Money

  • Carefully review all entered details before confirming transfer.
  • If satisfied, confirm and send money.
  • Notify recipient to monitor account for funds arrival.

The transfer will be initiated in seconds and recipient can get funds in under 24 hours in most apps.

FAQs About 15 Best Apps to Send Money to Nigeria from USA in 2023

15 Best Apps to Send Money to Nigeria from USA in 2023

1. What are the main benefits of using money transfer apps from USA to Nigeria?

The main benefits are lower fees, better exchange rates, faster transfers, convenience, and ease of tracking sent payments.

2. Which app has the fastest transfer speed to Nigeria?

Remitly and Azimo are known for the fastest transfers with money reaching recipients within minutes in some cases.

3. Which is the cheapest app for sending money to Nigeria?

Apps like Wise, WorldRemit and Mukuru offer some of the most affordable transfer rates and fees to Nigeria.

4. Can I send money to Nigeria without the recipient having a bank account?

Yes, some apps like PingExpress and Small World allow money to be sent for cash pickup at agent locations by the recipient.

5. Are money transfer apps regulated for security?

Yes, most apps comply with strict KYC and security regulations like anti-money laundering laws.

6. Can I track my money transfers to Nigeria using the app?

Yes, you can securely track the status of your transfer from processing to completion within the app.

7. Which app has the highest money transfer limits to Nigeria?

Remitly allows up to $10,000 per day limit and WorldRemit up to $7,500 without extra verification.

8. How do money transfer apps make money?

Mainly through currency exchange margin on forex rates and fixed nominal transaction fees charged per transfer.

9. Are money transfer apps safe to use?

Yes, licensed international money transfer apps use end-to-end encryption and comply with data protection regulations for secure transactions.

10. What details do I need to send money with transfer apps?

You need recipient’s name, phone/bank details, your payment method, amount and purpose of transfer along with personal ID.

11. How can I get the best exchange rates for remittances to Nigeria?

Compare rates across apps daily and transfer when rates are favorable. Setting rate alerts can also help get best forex rates.

12. Can I use money transfer apps without a smartphone?

While apps are designed for smartphones, some providers like Western Union also allow transfers from desktop/laptop through their website.

13. How long does it take for money to reach recipient’s account in Nigeria?

Most transfers from USA via leading apps take 24-48 hours. Some providers like Azimo facilitate instant transfers in minutes.

14. What support does the app provide if my transfer is delayed or failed?

You can contact customer service via email, phone or in-app chat for immediate assistance with any transfer issue faced.

15. Can I easily switch between money transfer apps as per best rates?

Yes, you can seamlessly try different apps and switch between them anytime as per which gives the best exchange rate and fees on a given day.

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Transferring money from the USA to friends and family in Nigeria is now simpler than ever through user-friendly money transfer apps.

Comparing your options across parameters like speed, cost, limits and reliability is key to select the ideal app as per your specific cross-border remittance needs.

After reading this blog you know about 15 Best Apps to Send Money to Nigeria from USA in 2023.

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