Best Currency Pairs to Make More Profit in Forex without Losing so Much

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Hello, Today we’ll talk about Best Currency Pairs to Make More Profit in Forex without Losing so Much.

The foreign exchange (forex) market presents lucrative opportunities for traders to profit from exchange rate fluctuations between currency pairs. However, the volatility and leverage involved also pose risks of significant losses if improper trading strategies and currency pairs are chosen.

This comprehensive guide discusses the best forex pairs that offer potential for higher profits with manageable risks for traders. We provide tips on assessing currency pairs, key benefits of trading suitable pairs, and answers to the top forex questions about profitable pairs.

How to Assess the Best Currency Pairs

Here are some criteria to evaluate and shortlist potentially profitable currency pairs for forex trading:

  • Trading Volume – Choose pairs with higher daily trading volumes for sufficient liquidity.
  • Volatility – Moderate volatility between 50-100 pips per day indicates potential opportunities.
  • Spreads – Look for tight spreads below 3 pips for lower transaction costs.
  • Trading Sessions – Opt for pairs active in your convenient trading session.
  • Technical Factors – Assess key support, resistance and trend levels on charts.
  • Fundamental Drivers – Choose pairs with sound economic or geopolitical factors.

Using parameters like volatility, spreads and liquidity helps identify promising currency pairs.

Top Currency Pairs for Potential Forex Profits

Based on the above criteria, here are some of the best currency pairs traders should consider:


Best Currency Pairs to Make More Profit in Forex without Losing so Much

The Euro/US dollar is the most traded currency pair. It offers excellent liquidity and narrow spreads. The volatility is also suitable for short-term trades during the London/New York overlap.


Best Currency Pairs to Make More Profit in Forex without Losing so Much

The British Pound Sterling against the US dollar provides good volatility and minor spreads. The GBP/USD peaks during the London session and offers trade opportunities on UK economic news.


This major currency pair has high liquidity makes it ideal for forex scalping strategies. The spreads are low and tech analysis is easier with rangebound price movements.


The Aussie dollar versus greenback is active during the Asia session. It has decent volatility suitable for day trades and handles well with technical analysis.


The US dollar – Canadian dollar pair has low spreads and its daily range makes swing trades feasible. Energy prices impact it and offers breaks pre-central bank announcements.

These major and cross pairs strike the optimal balance between volatility, liquidity and spreads based on assessment parameters.

Benefits of Sticking to Select Currency Pairs

Focusing on a few top pairs provides these advantages:

  • Better understanding of pair dynamics
  • Follow focused news and events
  • Master trend patterns and technical levels
  • Refine ideal entry and exit strategies
  • Lesser risk from market ambiguity
  • Improved risk and money management

In-depth knowledge of chosen pairs promotes informed trading and hedges against impulsive high-risk decisions.

Tips to Trade Top Currency Pairs Profitably

Here are some tips to trade the best forex pairs successfully:

  • Keep up-to-date on news/events impacting pairs
  • Develop a trading plan with entry, exit rules
  • Use technical/fundamental analysis suited for pairs
  • Employ suitable trading strategies for volatility
  • Control position sizes and risks diligently
  • Book profits at technical resistance levels
  • Adjust stops to account for positive swap rates
  • Watch for reversals at support and key moving averages

The right knowledge, strategies and discipline are key to generate consistent profits.

FAQs on Best Currency Pairs to Make More Profit in Forex without Losing so Much

Best Currency Pairs to Make More Profit in Forex without Losing so Much

Here are answers to some common questions about trading currency pairs profitably in forex:

1. Which currency pairs are most profitable in forex?

Based on liquidity, volatility and timing – EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD and USD/CAD are among the best forex pairs.

2. What are the 3 best currency pairs to trade?

The top 3 currency pairs recommended for active trading are EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY because of optimal liquidity and movements.

3. Which forex pair is easiest to trade?

EUR/USD is often the easiest pair for beginners given its high liquidity, lower spreads and extensive resources available for analysis.

4. Which currency pairs move the most?

Pairs like GBP/JPY, AUD/JPY, EUR/JPY, NZD/JPY involving the Yen tend to be most volatile with wider daily ranges.

5. Which currency pair has the least swap?

EUR/USD typically has the lowest swap rates among the major pairs, reducing costs of holding overnight positions.

6. Is forex profitable without indicators?

Yes, with practice it is possible to be profitable in forex by using raw price action analysis without indicators.

7. How do I choose forex pairs to trade daily?

Analyze factors like volatility, liquidity, spreads, active sessions and technical levels to choose promising pairs to trade daily.

8. Can you trade forex without technical analysis?

It is challenging to trade forex profitably without using technical analysis and chart patterns to identify good entry and exit levels.

9. What is the best time frame for forex trading?

The best timeframe depends on trading style. For swing trades, daily and 4-hour charts are recommended. For scalping, 1 minute and 5 minute work best.

10. How much do you need to start trading forex profitably?

You can start forex profitably with $500 account balance using proper risk management. Recommended is $1000 minimum to implement effective strategies.

Best Currency Pairs to Make More Profit in Forex without Losing so Much

11. What percentage of forex traders are profitable?

According to research, consistently profitable traders make up about 10-15% of the total retail forex trading population.

12. Do forex traders make money each day?

It is unrealistic for traders to make money every single day. Sustainable profits can be achieved on a weekly or monthly basis averaging profits across winning and losing days.

13. How long does it take to become profitable in forex?

On average it may take 6 months to 1 year of dedicated practice and improving strategies to become a consistently profitable forex trader.

14. What is the best trading strategy for forex?

No one best strategy for all market conditions. Good traders have a portfolio of strategies like trend trading, swing, scalping and employ them adaptively.

15. Is swing trading more profitable than day trading?

Swing trading has the advantage of possible larger gains over day trading with overall lower time commitment and less daily stress.

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Choosing suitable currency pairs based on key metrics is crucial for profitable forex trading. The major and cross pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, USD/CAD provide a good balance of volatility, reasonable spreads and adequate liquidity. Combining ongoing practice, money management and tailored trading strategies for these pairs based on market conditions can lead to consistent profits in forex.

After reading this blog you know about Best Currency Pairs to Make More Profit in Forex without Losing so Much.

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