Profitable Internet Businesses to Do as a NYSC Youth Corper to Earn Extra Income During NYSC

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Welcome, Today we’ll talk about Profitable Internet Businesses to Do as a NYSC Youth Corper to Earn Extra Income During NYSC.

The one-year mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program in Nigeria presents a great opportunity for young graduates to earn additional income through online businesses alongside their primary assignments.

The internet offers many lucrative business models that NYSC youth corpers can leverage to generate profits with minimal startup costs and time commitment. These businesses can be run flexibly during the one year of national service.

In this comprehensive guide, we explore the most profitable online business ideas for NYSC corps members along with their key benefits and essential tips to succeed. We also provide answers to frequently asked questions about earning online as a youth corper in Nigeria.

Benefits of Online Businesses for NYSC Corps Members

Profitable Internet Businesses to Do as a NYSC Youth Corper to Earn Extra Income During NYSC

Here are some of the major benefits of running an internet business as an NYSC corper:

  • Earn extra income alongside allowance
  • Gain valuable business experience
  • Build skills and expand network
  • Flexibility to work anytime, anywhere
  • Low startup costs and quick results
  • Minimal risks involved in testing ideas
  • Option to continue after service year
  • Financial independence and confidence

The additional earnings, skills development and flexibility make online entrepreneurship worthwhile for corps members.

Top Online Business Ideas for NYSC Corps Members

Here are some of the best internet-based businesses NYSC members can succeed with:

1. Affiliate Marketing

Promote products of other brands/companies online and earn commissions per sale or action.

2. Freelancing

Offer professional skills and services like writing, design, programming, data entry etc. to global clients.

3. Dropshipping

Sell products shipped directly to customers from suppliers without handling inventory.

4. Blogging

Share your knowledge and experiences through a blog and earn through ads, affiliates, sponsored posts etc.

5. Selling Informational Products

Create and sell digital learning products like ebooks, online courses, guides etc.

6. T-Shirt Designing

Design custom t-shirts and sell online via platforms like Printful.

7. Resume Writing

Offer professional resume writing services to graduates and working professionals.

8. Online Tutoring

Provide online tutoring to students in academic subjects you are passionate about.

9. Tech Support

Offer remote tech help and troubleshooting services.

10. Writing Services

Provide content writing, proofreading, editing services for blogs, websites, books etc.

With focus and consistency, NYSC corps members can succeed with any of these online business options.

Tips to Start Online Business as an NYSC Member

Follow these valuable tips for NYSC corps members looking to start profitable internet businesses:

  • Leverage skills and education background
  • Start small while learning the ropes
  • Be disciplined and manage time well
  • Pick business models requiring minimal startup capital
  • Don’t compromise on your primary NYSC work
  • Find a good mentor for guidance
  • Learn digital marketing skills for promotion
  • Have patience and keep improving
  • Reinvest earnings to grow the business
  • Continue after NYSC if gaining momentum

With careful planning and execution, online businesses can flourish alongside NYSC primary assignments.

FAQs on Profitable Internet Businesses to Do as a NYSC Youth Corper to Earn Extra Income During NYSC

Profitable Internet Businesses to Do as a NYSC Youth Corper to Earn Extra Income During NYSC

Here are answers to common questions about running profitable internet ventures as an NYSC corps member:

1. Is it possible to do business as an NYSC corper?

Yes, online businesses are flexible and can be done part-time while undertaking NYSC responsibilities.

2. How can NYSC corpers make money online?

Through avenues like freelancing, blogging, affiliate marketing, online tutoring, resume writing, dropshipping etc.

3. How much can NYSC members earn from online business?

Earnings depend on effort invested but ₦50k to ₦200k per month is achievable with consistent hard work.

4. What business can I start as an NYSC corper?

Freelancing, tutoring, writing, affiliate marketing, dropshipping are great online businesses to start for NYSC members.

5. What are limitations for NYSC corpers in business?

Time constraints due to primary duties and relocation every few months are key limitations.

6. Is dropshipping possible for NYSC corpers?

Yes, dropshipping is highly suitable, requiring minimal time investment after initial setup.

7. Can NYSC members teach online?

Yes, tutoring students online in academic subjects, skills or hobbies is a great option.

8. How can I get freelance jobs as an NYSC corper?

Leveraging sites like Fiverr, Upwork and networking in related groups helps get freelance projects.

9. What business skills help during NYSC?

Digital marketing, writing, resume building, teaching, coding, design, customer service and interpersonal skills are very useful.

10. Can I register a business name during NYSC?


Profitable Internet Businesses to Do as a NYSC Youth Corper to Earn Extra Income During NYSC

Yes, you can legally register a business while undertaking the NYSC program.

11. Is affiliate marketing possible as an NYSC corper?

Yes, affiliate programs offer a great way to earn commissions promoting brands online with minimal time investment.

12. What challenges may NYSC corpers face with business?

Identifying paying customers, marketing constraints, distracting primary duties, relocation disruptions, skill gaps etc.

13. How can NYSC corpers balance responsibilities?

With good time management, discipline, planning weekly schedules and being organized.

14. Is it safe to register an online business as a corper?

Yes, it is generally safe if proper due diligence is done on any partners/associates.

15. Can NYSC members get business loans or grants?

Yes, there are some government loans and grants available for qualified corps members interested in entrepreneurship.

16. Are dropshipping products cheap for NYSC corpers?

Many affordable products are available for dropshipping across niches suitable even for limited budgets.

17. Can NYSC corpers make money on social media?

Yes, through monetization options like affiliate marketing, selling products, paid partnerships etc.

18. Is freelancing better or dropshipping for NYSC?

Freelancing offers faster cash flow while dropshipping has more passive income potential.

19. What skills should corps members learn before business?

Digital marketing, web development, writing, sales, customer service, financial management etc.

20. Can corps members continue business after NYSC?

Yes, members can continue and grow full time businesses after NYSC based on performance.

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NYSC offers a golden chance for youth corpers in Nigeria to establish promising online businesses alongside their primary assignments. By identifying a suitable model, leveraging skills and staying committed, lucrative outcomes are achievable. One can also continue growing the business after completing the one-year NYSC program.

After reading this article now you know about Profitable Internet Businesses to Do as a NYSC Youth Corper to Earn Extra Income During NYSC.

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