Fidelity Bank Ussd Code for Transfer, Account Number and Check Account Balance

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Hello and welcome,Today we’ll talk about Fidelity Bank Ussd Code for Transfer, Account Number and Check Account Balance.

Having the Fidelity Bank USSD code handy allows you to conveniently self-serve basics like checking account balance as well as more complex needs such as money transfers on your mobile phone.

Fidelity Bank is a leading Nigerian commercial bank serving over 6 million customers across the country with 247 branches and digital services.

Benefits of Using Fidelity USSD Codes

Key benefits include:

  • Convenient access to account services on-the-go
  • Saves visiting bank branch for basic needs
  • Available 24×7 without human assistance
  • Secure way to check details and self-serve

Fidelity Bank USSD Codes

Here are the updated Fidelity Bank USSD codes to use in 2023:

  • Balance Enquiry – *770#
  • Funds Transfer – *770*1#
  • Get Account Number – *770*5#
  • BVN *565*0# or *770*02#
  • Account Opening *770*01#
  • Purchase Data *7111*5#

Simply dial on your mobile phone as required.

How to Check Account Balance

To check available balance using USSD:

  1. Dial *770# Fidelity balance enquiry code
  2. Select account type – personal or business
  3. Input your 10-digit account number
  4. Your account balance displays instantly!

How to Transfer Money

Follow steps to transfers funds via Fidelity USSD:

  1. Dial *770*1# money transfer code
  2. Input sending account details
  3. Enter amount to transfer
  4. Input beneficiary account number
  5. Enter transfer PIN/OTP for confirmation

Money gets credited to beneficiary!

Retrieve Forgotten Account Number

If you forgot or lost your Fidelity account number, dial *770*5# to bring it up instantly after selecting your registered profile.

Usage Tips

Handy tips when interacting via Fidelity USSD:

  • Have personal details ready for smooth processing
  • Re-confirm inputs before submitting to avoid errors
  • Shield phone keypad when entering confidential digits
  • Restart session if interrupted mid-way

This gives you best user experience.

  • Mobile Banking App – Download from iOS/Android stores
  • ATMs – Over 800 ATMs available nationwide
  • Wealth Management – For privileged banking customers

All channels utilize secure protocols for banking safely.

Fidelity Bank Ussd Code for Transfer, Account Number and Check Account Balance

Top USSD Issues and Solutions

Here are common Fidelity Bank USSD problems and troubleshooting tips:

  • Forgotten PIN/Password – Visit branch with ID to reset
  • Incorrect details error – Re-input accurately and retry
  • Session timeouts – Redial code to start again
  • USSD issues – Confirm correct code; network issues
  • Failed transactions – Raise disputes promptly

Knowing solutions allow quick fixes.

Services Needing Branch Visits

Few services still require visiting Fidelity branches:

  • Account opening – Complete mandated documentation
  • Card collection – First time card handover for activation
  • Loan application – Paperwork signing as needed
  • Dispute affidavit – Submission for certain disputes

All other needs can be managed remotely.

Making Most of Available Channels

Combine channels conveniently by:

  • Checking account activity quickly on USSD
  • Downloading online statements for records
  • Making complex funds transfers via app/web
  • Withdrawing cash easily from widespread ATMs

Multichannel access brings you flexibility!

Tips for Smooth USSD Experience

For best outcomes when transacting using USSD:

  • Update phone number linked to account
  • Save important USSD codes on phone
  • Timely account funding to avoid failed transactions
  • Shield screen and avoid distractions when entering details

Little things that make a performance difference!

Customer Care Contact Points

For any support/assistance, please reach out to us via:

  • 07082202929 Call Center number
  • Email address
  • Live Chat on
  • DM us on Twitter/Instagram at @FidelityBankPlc

Fidelity cares – we listen, take ownership and resolve!

FAQ About Fidelity Bank Ussd Code for Transfer, Account Number and Check Account Balance

Is there any cost for using Fidelity USSD?

No, Fidelity Bank USSD services are completely free for customers as per CBN guideline.

Can I change transfer PIN on USSD itself?

No, you need to visit a branch personally with ID to change your transfer PIN.

What if I enter wrong details during USSD session?

Just start afresh by ending session and dialing USSD code again to avoid errors.

Will USSD work on any phone type?

Yes, Fidelity Bank’s USSD service works seamlessly across smartphone and simple feature phones.

Can I get past account statements via USSD?

No, USSD only shows your current account balance. For mini statements, use online/mobile banking.

How do I activate dormant account via USSD?

You need to visit Fidelity bank branch in-person with documents to reactivate dormant account.

What’s the maximum transfer amount per day?

Up to 300,000 Naira per beneficiary subject to account limits and channel caps.

Can I use this for bulk salary payments?

Yes, Fidelity USSD allows bulk batch transfers to credit salaries efficiently.

Whom do I contact for assistance?

Call center consultants on 07082202929 or bank’s branches.

Is there timeout after idle duration?

Yes, sessions expire after 2 minutes of no activity for security reasons.

Does Fidelity charge for SMS alerts?

No, all transaction alert SMS sent by Fidelity Bank are free for account holders.

How to resolve failed USSD transactions?

Contact contact center or visit nearest branch for assistance with failed USSD issues.

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Fidelity Bank offers customers a fast and secure gateway to self-serve basic account needs directly via mobile phone through *770# USSD codes.

Key options include checking balances, making instant money transfers to other accounts, retrieving forgotten account numbers and more. This offers convenience by reducing trips to physical bank branches.

Customers should ensure to follow accurate procedures when using the USSD menu to avoid errors for smooth operations.

With multiple fail-safes in place for security, transacting via Fidelity USSD facilitates quick banking on-the-move.

After reading this blog you know about Fidelity Bank Ussd Code for Transfer, Account Number and Check Account Balance.

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