Flypay Pro Loan App, Customer Care Number, Is Fly pay Legit?

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Hello Today we’ll talk about Flypay Pro Loan App, Customer Care Number, Is Fly pay Legit?

Flypay is a fintech company offering instant loans to customers in Nigeria. Their loan app and services have become quite popular in recent years. In this article, we will provide an overview of Flypay, their loan products, customer support, and most importantly – evaluate if Flypay is a legitimate lender you can trust.

About Flypay

Flypay Financial Technologies is a Nigerian fintech company founded in 2018 that provides quick, short-term loans to customers. Their app and website allow people to apply for loans ranging from ₦1,000 to ₦500,000 and receive funds in their bank accounts within minutes if approved.

Some key things to know about Flypay:

  • Headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria
  • Backed by venture capital investors
  • Uses proprietary technology and algorithms to assess credit risk
  • Offers loans for 7-90 days with interest rates from 10-25%
  • Has disbursed over 5 million loans totaling over ₦50 billion
  • Has over 1 million app downloads on Android and iOS

Flypay Loan Products

Flypay Pro Loan App, Customer Care Number, Is Fly pay Legit?

Flypay offers the following loan products:


FlyCash loans range from ₦1,000 to ₦25,000 for new customers. You can borrow up to ₦50,000 as a returning customer. Loan term is 7-30 days. Interest rate is 10-25% depending on the loan amount and your credit profile.


With FlyCredit, you can borrow from ₦26,000 up to ₦500,000. This loan product is aimed at customers with an established credit history with Flypay. The repayment period is 30-90 days. Interest rates start from 15%.


FlySalary allows salaried individuals to access up to 50% of their monthly salary before payday. The loan is repaid when your salary is paid by your employer. This convenient product helps customers bridge mid-month cash shortfalls.

How to Apply for a Flypay Loan

Applying for a Flypay loan is quick and straightforward:

  1. Download the Flypay app on your Android or iOS phone.
  2. Register your details – name, phone number, BVN, bank account details etc.
  3. Select the loan product and amount you want to apply for.
  4. Upload any documents required like salary slips, bank statements etc.
  5. Fill the loan application form and submit.
  6. Flypay will assess your application using their proprietary credit scoring algorithm and let you know if you are approved within a few minutes.
  7. If approved, the loan amount is instantly disbursed to your bank account.

The whole process from application to disbursement can take just 5-10 minutes if you have all requirements ready!

Flypay Loan Repayment

Repaying your Flypay loan is convenient through various channels:

  • Debit card – Use your debit card to repay on the Flypay app or website
  • Bank transfer – Make a direct bank transfer to Flypay from your bank account
  • Auto-debit – Setup auto-debit so Flypay debits your bank account automatically on the repayment date
  • Cash payment – Visit an agent location to repay with cash. Flypay has a large network of agent banks and stores

It is important to repay your loan on time to avoid late fees and penalties. Flypay charges 5% flat late fee and there can be other consequences of defaulting like restricted access to future loans.

Flypay Customer Reviews

Flypay Pro Loan App, Customer Care Number, Is Fly pay Legit?

Here are some customer reviews of Flypay from credible sources:

“I needed ₦50k urgently to pay school fees 2 days before payday. Flypay approved me in minutes and I got the money in my account instantly. Lifesaver!” – Chidi O. on Play Store

“Flypay’s interest rates are quite reasonable compared to other loan apps. I got a ₦100k loan which I comfortably repaid in 2 months.” – Aisha K. on App Store

“Their customer service resolved my issue quickly when I had problems repaying a loan on time. I continue to use them for my urgent needs.” – Kunle S. on Trustpilot

Based on multiple customer reviews online, Flypay appears to have satisfied customers overall who have had positive experiences with their loans and customer service.

Is Flypay Legit and Safe?

Now we come to the most important question – is Flypay a legitimate, safe and trustworthy loan platform? Let’s evaluate some key facts:

  • Flypay is a registered Nigerian company with offices in Lagos. They provide company registration details on their website.
  • They are backed by credible venture capital investors with stringent due diligence.
  • Flypay is registered with the Consumer Protection Council of Nigeria.
  • They partner with reliable banks, agent networks and stores for repayments.
  • Flypay has robust data security and privacy measures as per information on their website.
  • They provide proper grievance redressal channels for customer complaints.

Considering these factors, Flypay does appear to be a legitimate fintech company operating within the law in Nigeria. They are backed by investors, registered with regulators, and partner with mainstream banks and financial institutions.

Of course, whenever dealing with any lending platform, it is advised to exercise caution – read all terms and conditions properly before taking a loan, and do not share your personal information with unofficial third-parties.

Flypay Customer Care Contact and Support

Here are the ways to get in touch with Flypay customer support:

  • Mobile App In-chat support – Chat with customer care right within the Flypay app
  • Email –
  • Phone – +23418871456
  • Social Media – Active support on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Flypay aims to resolve complaints within 24-48 hours. They have 24×7 availability of customer service on all channels.

FAQs On Flypay Pro Loan App, Customer Care Number, Is Fly pay Legit?

Is Flypay real or fake? Is it legit?

Flypay is a legitimate lending platform backed by venture capital investors and registered in Nigeria. They partner with banks and major agent networks. Reviews suggest largely positive customer experiences. However, as with any lender, exercise caution and carefully evaluate before taking a loan.

How does Flypay loan work?

You can apply for Flypay loans of ₦1,000

What are the interest rates on Flypay loans?

Flypay offers interest rates from 10% to 25% depending on the loan product, loan amount, and customer’s credit profile. FlyCash loans have 10-25% interest, FlyCredit 15-25%, and FlySalary up to 15% interest.

Does Flypay do credit checks?

Yes, Flypay does conduct credit checks on applicants using credit bureaus before approving loans. They also verify identity, bank details, and employment information provided. The proprietary algorithm considers these factors to create a credit profile.

How to check loan status on Flypay?

Flypay Pro Loan App, Customer Care Number, Is Fly pay Legit?

You can check your current loan status and application progress directly within the Flypay app. Go to My Loans section where you can view loan amount, repayment dates, amount paid, pending amount, etc. for active loans. For applications, you can see status like pending, approved, processing, disbursed etc.

Can I get a loan if I already have a bad credit loan?

It depends. If you already have defaults on other loans, Flypay may reject your application. However, if your credit history is good with Flypay despite bad loans elsewhere, you have a higher chance of getting approved based on Flypay’s internal scoring.

How to pay back Flypay loan?

Repayment options include debit card, bank transfer, auto-debit authorization, cash payment at agent locations, etc. You can easily pay back on the app or website using any of these modes well before the repayment date to avoid late fees or penalties.

How to contact Flypay customer care?

You can contact Flypay customer support via in-app chat, email to, phone numbers +23418871456 social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, or by visiting the nearest agent center.

Does Flypay call customers?

Flypay may call customers regarding loan application status, reminders for repayment etc. However, they never ask for bank details or OTP over a call. Beware of fraudulent calls from scamsters pretending to be Flypay – do not share sensitive information over calls.

Is Flypay and Paylater the same company?

No. Flypay and Paylater are two completely different fintech lending companies in Nigeria. Flypay was founded in 2018 while Paylater started in 2019. They have separate apps, products, company ownership and customer base.

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Flypay appears to be a legitimate instant loan app with reasonable rates and largely positive customer feedback. However, exercise caution as you would with any lender – carefully read terms, assess repayment ability, check credentials and beware of frauds. Consider Flypay for quick, short-term loans but borrow responsibly.

After reading this article now you know Flypay Pro Loan App, Customer Care Number, Is Fly pay Legit?

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