Forgot my Alat by Wema Password and PIN – How to Reset, Change and Recover Alat by Wema Password and PIN

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Welcome Today we’ll be discussing On Forgot my Alat by Wema Password and PIN – How to Reset, Change and Recover Alat by Wema Password and PIN.

Alat by Wema is a popular digital bank used by millions of Nigerians. With a large userbase, it’s common to forget your Alat login credentials like password or PIN. But don’t worry – you can easily reset, recover and change your forgotten Alat by Wema password and PIN.

Alat by Wema is a digital bank launched in 2017 by Wema Bank Nigeria. It provides online banking, payments, savings, loans and investment solutions to Nigerians.

Alat offers an innovative digital banking platform as an alternative to traditional banks. It has mobile and web apps for convenient access.

To login to your Alat account, you’ll need to enter your password and 4-digit PIN credentials created during registration. Forgetting either locks you out.

Why You May Forget Alat Login Details

There are some common reasons you may forget your Alat credentials:

  • You changed devices and don’t have credentials saved
  • It’s been a long time since you accessed your account
  • You have multiple bank accounts and mix up passwords
  • You set a complicated password that’s hard to recall
  • You were distracted when first setting your login details

No matter the reason, not remembering your Alat password or PIN prevents accessing your bank account and funds. So recovering forgotten credentials is crucial.

How to Reset Your Alat Password

If you remember your account number but forgot password, follow these steps:

  1. Open Alat app and click ‘Forgot Password?’
  2. Select ‘Reset Password’ and enter your account number
  3. Click the password reset link sent to your email
  4. Create a new password and submit
  5. Login with your account number and new password

This immediately resets your old Alat password. Be sure to save the new one somewhere secure.

How to Reset Your Alat PIN

If you forgot your 4-digit PIN, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Alat account
  2. Go to Settings > Security > Reset PIN
  3. Enter and confirm a new 4-digit PIN
  4. Submit to reset your PIN

This will instantly change your old PIN to the new one. Make sure to memorize or save your new PIN.

Recovering Your Alat Password if You Lost Reset Link

If you lose your Alat password reset link, simply request a new one by:

  1. Going back to Alat login page
  2. Clicking ‘Forgot Password?’ and entering account number
  3. Selecting ‘Reset Password’ to trigger a new reset email

Alat will email a fresh password reset link you can use to create a new password and regain access.

Finding Your Forgotten Alat Account Number

If you forgot your Alat account number, try these methods:

  • Check old account opening emails or statements
  • Call Alat customer support for assistance
  • Visit a Wema Bank branch with valid ID
  • Provide personal details like name, email, phone number

By providing accurate personal information, Alat support can assist you in retrieving your forgotten account number.

Tips to Avoid Forgetting Alat Login Details Again

To prevent forgetting your Alat credentials again, do the following:

  • Save your login details in a password manager
  • Write down credentials and keep them somewhere safe
  • Use simple, easy to remember passwords when resetting
  • Change your password periodically if concerned about security
  • Enable app login authentication like fingerprint ID

Taking these precautions will ensure you retain access to your Alat bank account at all times.

FAQs On Forgot my Alat by Wema Password and PIN – How to Reset, Change and Recover Alat by Wema Password and PIN

Forgot my Alat by Wema Password and PIN - How to Reset, Change and Recover Alat by Wema Password and PIN

1. I forgot both my Alat password and PIN. What now?

Reset your Alat password first via email link. Once logged in, change your PIN under Settings > Security.

2. How long does it take to get an Alat password reset link?

The reset link is emailed instantly after requesting it. You should receive it in your inbox within a few minutes.

3. Can someone else reset my Alat password?

No, only you can reset your Alat password by accessing the reset link sent to your email.

4. What if I don’t have access to my registered Alat email?

Contact Alat support to update the email on your account after providing proof of ID and ownership.

5. What is the best way to create a strong Alat password?

Use 8+ characters mixing upper/lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Avoid personal info or dictionary words.

6. How do I find my Alat account number if I forgot it?

Check old account opening emails or statements for your number. Or contact Alat support after ID verification.

7. Can I change my Alat account number?

No, Alat does not allow users to change their existing bank account numbers. You can only reset your login password.

8. Is there a limit to how many times I can reset my password?

No, there is no limit on how many times you can reset your forgotten Alat password through account recovery.

9. What should I do if my Alat PIN is not working?

Log in with your password, go to Settings > Security and reset your PIN by creating a new 4-digit code.

10. How can I enable app login authentication?

In Alat app go to Settings > Login Protection and enable fingerprint/face ID or app password.

11. Does Alat notify when my password is changed?

Yes, Alat sends an email confirmation whenever your account password is reset as a security measure.

12. How long does the password reset link work for?

The Alat password reset link expires after 24 hours. You must use it within that timeframe to create a new password.

13. Can I reset my PIN without logging in first?

No, you must login with your password first before resetting your PIN under Settings > Security.

14. What details do I need to provide Alat support?

Provide your full name, phone number, email address, physical address, account number, ID details and any other personal info.

15. Is it safe to frequently reset my forgotten Alat password?

Yes, it is generally safe to reset your forgotten password as required. But very frequent resets may prompt additional security checks.

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Forgetting your Alat by Wema banking credentials can be inconvenient but thankfully recovering access is straightforward. As outlined above, you can easily reset your forgotten Alat password by requesting an account recovery link to your email.

Resetting your 4-digit PIN is also simple by generating a new code under the Security tab after logging back in. Just make sure you have access to your registered Alat email or account number.

If you’ve lost access to both credentials and account number, Alat’s responsive customer support can assist in recovering access after ID verification. Do not panic if temporarily locked out.

The key takeaway is to stay calm if you find yourself locked out of Alat. Follow the password or PIN reset steps covered here to swiftly regain access to your bank account and funds.

Going forward, use a password manager and enable app login authentication like fingerprint ID. Periodically update your Alat password and PIN for enhanced security.

With the step-by-step guide provided above, you now have the knowledge to conveniently reset, change or recover forgotten Alat by Wema login credentials. You’ll be logged back in securely in no time.

After reading this blog you know about Forgot my Alat by Wema Password and PIN – How to Reset, Change and Recover Alat by Wema Password and PIN.

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