How to Apply for KashCash Loan: KashCash Loan Interest rate, Customer Care Whatsapp Number, Phone Number, Email and Office Address

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Welcome, Today we’ll talk about How to Apply for KashCash Loan: KashCash Loan Interest rate, Customer Care Whatsapp Number, Phone Number, Email and Office Address.

KashCash offers quick, convenient loan disbursements to Nigerian borrowers through their smartphone app. This guide provides everything required regarding KashCash loans from interest rates and application steps to contacting support via channels like WhatsApp, email and more. Read on for complete details about accessing fast funding through KashCash.

Overview of KashCash Loans

As an innovative fintech, KashCash harnesses automation and algorithms to provide real-time lending decisions and near-instant loan disbursements. Their offering centers around short term personal loans from 2 weeks up to 6 months.

Since 2021, the company has processed over 5 billion Naira in loan value for over 200,000 borrowers thanks to flexible eligibility requirements accommodating employed and self-employed individuals alike.

KashCash also prides themselves on responsive customer support across channels. So clients enjoy full transparency and helpful guidance throughout their loan lifecycle – application, management and repayment.

KashCash Loan Interest Rates & Fees

What rates and charges apply for loans issued by KashCash? Here are the key details:

Interest Rates

KashCash charges interest rates between 4% to 16% depending on individual eligibility factors. Final APRs communicated upon loan approval.

Processing Fees

A 1% flat processing charge applies on the approved loan amount to cover administrative costs.

Early Repayment

No prepayment penalties. Customers can pay back loan principal early without extra fees.

Late Repayment Charges

5% penalty on late installment amounts. Further credit constraints imposed after prolonged non-payment.

So in summary – interest averaging 10%, 1% processing fee, zero early repayment charges and 5% late fees.

Step By Step Guide On Applying for a KashCash Loan

Follow these instructions to request a KashCash personal loan:

Step 1: Install the KashCash App

Download and install the KashCash app for Android via Google Play Store or iOS from the App Store.

Step 2: Create Account & Input Details

Register a new account including your BVN, employment and personal details for verification purposes.

Step 3: Submit Loan Application

Inside the loans section, initiate a new application by selecting your desired loan amount and repayment tenors.

Step 4: Upload Documents

Follow prompts to permit KashCash access to read device data like SMS records, contacts etc that validate your details.

Step 5: Get Approved

Receive real-time loan decision within minutes in most cases. Confirm final terms if approved.

Step 6: Get Funded

Review and digitally sign loan agreement to trigger near-instant disbursement into your connected bank account.

And done! Access loan funds and make repayments all managed within KashCash’s intuitive mobile app.

How to Apply for KashCash Loan: KashCash Loan Interest rate, Customer Care Whatsapp Number, Phone Number, Email and Office Address.

Benefits of KashCash Loans

Why apply through KashCash versus banks or other lenders?

  • High 86% instant loan approval rates
  • Receive funds in under 10 minutes after signing agreements
  • Fixed repayment schedules without surprises
  • No early settlement fees or prepayment penalties
  • Small loans from just 10,000 Naira available

KashCash‘s fully digital lending platform enables unprecedented funding access and convenience through automation.

Tips for First Time KashCash Borrowers

Maximize your chances of a smooth loan process by following these top tips:

  • Double check inputs like bank details to avoid transfer delays
  • Use real active phone numbers and emails for easy verification
  • Provide multiple contact references like family/friends
  • Permit access to personal data like SMS records when prompted inside app
  • Review loan terms carefully before accepting final offer

Closely follow in-app guidance and inputs legitimate personal details for the best experience.

KashCash Customer Service Contact Channels

Reach KashCash support for loan inquiries and assistance via:

WhatsApp Support

Message KashCash on WhatsApp at +234 908 761 4170 for the quickest real-time support.


Contact KashCash customer service for loan inquiries and technical troubleshooting at 09087614169 from 9am to 6pm daily.

Email Address

The Email of KashCash customer care team at for non-urgent queries and documentation.

Office Address

No. 1/ 5, Egbe Ikotun Road, Ejigbo, Isolo, Ejigbo Rd, Lagos

So get hands-on personal assistance via call, WhatsApp, email or visiting KashCash’s Lagos headquarters.

FAQS About How to Apply for KashCash Loan: KashCash Loan Interest rate, Customer Care Whatsapp Number, Phone Number, Email and Office Address

1. How fast do loans get approved?

Instant approvals within 5 minutes for most borrowers immediately after submitting details.

2. When do approved loans get disbursed to borrowers?

Loan amount credited to your linked bank account in under 10 minutes after signing terms.

3. What factors determine assigned interest rates?

Key aspects include income stability, employer profile, personal credit behaviors, previous KashCash repayment history etc.

4. What loan amounts are available?

Borrow between 10,000 to 1 million Naira based on your eligibility. Salaried applicants qualify for higher ceilings.

5. How soon must repayment start after getting loan disbursement?

No grace period. The first installment gets deducted on your next paydate according to the chosen tenor.

6. Can I change my loan repayment date after getting the loan?

Yes, installment due dates can be rescheduled without penalties by contacting support.

7. Does KashCash have mobile apps?

Yes. Download via iOS App Store or Android Google Play Store to conveniently apply and manage your loan.

8. What are the charges for late or missed repayments?

A 5% penalty fee applied on overdue amounts. Prolonged non-payment results in credit bureau reporting.

9. Can employers access our loan data or repayment details?

No. KashCash maintains complete confidentiality without informing employers per privacy regulations.

10. How do I provide feedback about KashCash’s services?

Email or message WhatsApp line with any suggestions, complaints or queries requiring redressal.

11. What requirements does KashCash have for first-time borrowers?

Must be Nigerian, aged over 21, actively employed, have BVN. Relaxed rules for returning borrowers.

12. Can loans get approved on weekends or holidays?

Yes, KashCash’s automated systems enable approval 24/7 without restrictions.

13. Does KashCash facilitate loan access for the self-employed or business owners?

Yes, flexible eligibility allows credit extension to registered sole proprietorships and partnerships subject to viability reviews.

14. Can borrowers increase existing loan amounts?

Yes, established loyal customers meeting repayment deadlines can request loan ceiling increases and tenor extensions.

15. Does KashCash have any hidden fees?

No hidden costs whatsoever. Full transparency provided regarding rates, charges and associated terms upfront.


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KashCash streamlines loans for Nigerian applicants needing urgent financing without typical bank frustrations.

Their entirely digital application and disbursement process culminates in record approval speeds and near-instant funding.

Review interest rates starting at just 4% and connect via WhatsApp, calls or email for assistance from KashCash’s helpful customer support professionals.

After reading this article now you know how to contract How to Apply for KashCash Loan: KashCash Loan Interest rate, Customer Care Whatsapp Number, Phone Number, Email and Office Address.

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