How to Make Money on OPay in Various Ways

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Opay Loan: How to How to Make Money on OPay in Various Ways

OPayWelcome, in this blog we’ll talk on How to Make Money on OPay in Various Ways. OPay is a leading fintech platform that offers a wide range of services in Nigeria including mobile payments, transportation, food delivery and more.

With millions of active users, OPay presents various opportunities to earn money through its services.

This article provides a comprehensive guide on the different ways you can make money on OPay.

Drive for ORide

How to Make Money on OPay in Various Ways

What is ORide?

ORide is OPay’s ride hailing service, similar to companies like Uber and Bolt in Nigeria. It allows drivers to sign up on the platform and get paid for giving rides to customers who book through the ORide app.

How to Make Money as an ORide Driver

To start earning on ORide, you need to first sign up as a driver on their platform. The requirements are simple – you should have a valid driver’s license, a registered car not older than 6 years and all valid documents for your car.

Once signed up, you can log into the ORide driver app and start receiving ride requests. Customers booking rides through the ORide app will be automatically assigned to you. The app uses GPS to navigate you to the customer’s pickup location.

After completing a ride, the fare is calculated automatically and credited to your OPay wallet within 24 hours. ORide takes a commission, usually around 20%, and the rest goes to your wallet. You can cash out your earnings at any time.

With ORide’s large customer base, drivers can get regular ride requests, allowing you to earn a stable income. You can choose to work any time that suits you.

Deliver for OFood

How to Make Money on OPay in Various Ways

What is OFood?

OFood is OPay’s food delivery service – similar to companies like Glovo and Jumia Food in Nigeria. It allows restaurants to get more sales by reaching OPay’s huge customer base for delivery orders.

How to Earn as an OFood Delivery Agent

As an OFood delivery agent, you earn by delivering orders from restaurants to customers. To start working, sign up on the OFood merchant app.

Once signed up, you will start receiving delivery order notifications. Each order will show the pickup location at a restaurant and the delivery address. You go to the restaurant, pick up the packaged order and deliver it to the customer to complete the job.

OFood pays you per order delivered. The payout per order varies based on distance travelled, traffic conditions, etc. You can also earn tips from satisfied customers.

You can choose your own work hours based on your availability. Doing OFood deliveries along with other OPay services can help maximize your earnings.

Become an OPay Agent

How to Make Money on OPay in Various Ways

What is an OPay Agent?

An OPay agent is an entrepreneur who runs an OPay business center, assisting customers with OPay’s various services and earning commissions on transactions. Agents essentially become the local face of OPay in their community.

How to Operate as an OPay Agent

To become an agent, you need to apply on the OPay website and set up an agent account. OPay provides training on how to operate the agent business.

An agent performs services like:

  • Cash in/out – Customers can deposit and withdraw cash from their OPay wallets through you. You earn a commission on these transactions.
  • Airtime/Data sales – Customers can buy airtime, data packs and cable TV subscriptions from you and you earn a commission.
  • Bill payments – You help customers pay bills like electricity, DSTV, etc and collect a fee.
  • Account opening – You can open OPay wallets for new customers and get paid per account opened.
  • Loan disbursement – Facilitate repayment of OPay loans taken by customers in your area.
  • Financial services – Assist customers with services like funds transfer, insurance, savings, etc.

With extensive customer engagement, strategic location and marketing, you can earn substantial commissions and fees as an OPay agent.

Earn through OPay Referral Program

OPay offers a referral program that allows you to earn every time someone signs up on OPay through your referral link.

When you refer a new user to OPay and they complete their first transaction, you will get paid a referral bonus. The bonus amount can range from 100 to 500 naira depending on the type of transaction the user completes.

You can share your unique referral link via channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc. The more number of people who sign up via your link and transact on OPay, the more referral income you can generate. Over time, this can add up to a substantial amount.

The referral program incentivizes you to promote OPay’s products and services among your family and friends. It provides a passive income stream in addition to the other earning options on OPay.

FAQs on How to Make Money on OPay in Various Ways

Here are some answered FAQs about How to Make Money on OPay in Various Ways.

How long does it take to cash out from OPay?

You can instantly cash out your OPay wallet balance at any time for free through an OPay agent near you. Once you initiate cash out through the app, go to the agent location to collect your funds in physical cash.

What are the requirements to withdraw money from OPay?

To withdraw money, you need to have sufficient balance in your OPay wallet. There is no minimum balance required. Your OPay account and KYC details should be fully verified for seamless cash out.

Does OPay charge fees for transfers from wallet to bank?

OPay allows one free transfer daily from your OPay wallet to bank account. Additional transfers are charged at 50 naira per transaction. This is to cover costs incurred in facilitating bank transfers.

How do I move money from OPay to a bank?

In the OPay app, go to My Wallet > Bank Transfer. Enter amount to transfer and select your linked bank account. Confirm transfer details and submit. The money will reflect in your bank within 24 hours.

Can I withdraw from OPay without a bank account?

Yes, you can cash out your full OPay wallet balance via an OPay agent in your area even without a linked bank account. OPay’s agent network allows you to easily withdraw and transact in cash.


OPay offers a number of flexible ways to earn – as a driver on ORide, delivery agent on OFood or operating as an OPay agent. You can choose roles that match your skills and interests.

With OPay’s large userbase, you have access to a vast market to earn steady income. You can work part-time or full-time hours based on your availability and financial goals.

So leverage the power of OPay’s platform to make money in various ways that work for you.

Now, o hope you know the various ways on How to Make Money on OPay in Various Ways. And here’s an article on how to delete your OPay.

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