How To Do BVN Change Of Name, Date of Birth In Nigeria

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Welcome, Today we’ll be discussing On How To Do BVN Change Of Name, Date of Birth In Nigeria.

The Bank Verification Number (BVN) system helps identify and authenticate bank customers in Nigeria. However, mistakes or changes in personal details like name or date of birth occasionally require correcting the BVN information.

This guide will explain the process of completing BVN change of name or date of birth in Nigeria. We’ll cover the documentation required, costs involved, how to submit request forms, timeframes, and tips for smooth processing. Plus a FAQ section answering common questions about updating BVN records.

When Would You Need BVN Update?

How To Do BVN Change Of Name, Date of Birth In Nigeria

Here are some situations that may require you to update your BVN information with banks:

  • You changed your legal name after marriage, divorce, etc.
  • You notice an error in the spelling or order of your name on your BVN.
  • Your actual date of birth is different than what’s in the BVN system.
  • You completed further studies and added qualifications after your name.

It’s important to keep your official identifying details current in the central BVN database. Outdated information can cause issues with bank transactions, loan applications, ._

Requirements for BVN Change of Name

To complete a BVN name change, here are the typical documents needed:

  • Letter requesting BVN name update addressed to your bank.
  • Marriage certificate, sworn affidavit, or legal document supporting the name change.
  • National ID card bearing the new name.
  • Updated international passport showing the new name.
  • 2 passport photographs.

You may also need to provide a copy of your current driver’s license, voters card, or other ID along with the primary supporting documents listed above.

Requirements for BVN Date of Birth Update

For changing your date of birth in the BVN system, the documents usually required include:

  • Letter to your bank requesting BVN DOB update.
  • Birth certificate showing actual date of birth.
  • Sworn affidavit for date of birth correction.
  • National ID card showing correct DOB.
  • 2 passport photographs.

Additional ID, voter’s card, driver’s license, or passport may also be requested by your bank for DOB change verification.

How To Fill and Submit BVN Update Forms

How To Do BVN Change Of Name, Date of Birth In Nigeria

Once you’ve gathered the required documents, here are the steps to complete the update request:

  1. Obtain the appropriate BVN correction form from your bank branch.
  2. Fill in your personal and biometric information accurately.
  3. Provide contact details like mobile number and email.
  4. Attach clear photocopies of supporting documents.
  5. Sign and date the fully completed form.
  6. Submit to your bank branch along with passport photos.

Some banks may allow you to email scanned documents and forms. Otherwise, submit directly at your nearest branch.

Processing Time for BVN Changes

After submitting your documents and request forms to your bank, here are the general timeframes:

  • 1 week – Bank verification and submission to NIBSS for update.
  • 2 weeks – NIBSS review and actual update of the central BVN database.
  • 1 week – Updated BVN information reflects across banking systems.

So the total process can take 3 to 4 weeks. However, delays can happen if documents have errors or information is insufficient. Follow up with your bank to confirm status.

Tips for Smooth BVN Update Process

To ensure your BVN information gets changed quickly and correctly, follow these tips:

  • Double check all personal details entered on forms match supporting documents.
  • Use primary ID documents like national ID, passport, driver’s license.
  • Include both old and new information where relevant.
  • Provide multiple supporting documents from the approved list.
  • Follow up with your bank for confirmation after submission.

Carefully completing forms, attaching proper documentation, and monitoring progress can help avoid issues or delays.

FAQS On How To Do BVN Change Of Name, Date of Birth In NigeriaHow To Do BVN Change Of Name, Date of Birth In Nigeria

For additional details, here are answers to common questions on updating BVN records:

Does changing BVN affect account operations?

Bank account usage is not affected while your BVN update request is being processed. But confirm with your bank.

Can I update my BVN at any bank branch?

No, you must submit your request and documents at the branch where your primary bank account is held.

Is there any penalty for wrong information in BVN?

Yes, providing false information while registering for BVN can lead to penalties from the Nigerian government.

How long does it take to update date of birth on BVN?

BVN date of birth changes typically take 3 to 4 weeks to complete after submission of documents to your bank.

Can I do BVN update by myself online?

Unfortunately no, only the bank can submit approved change requests to NIBSS after verifying documents.

Does BVN update affect pending loans or applications?

It shouldn’t affect pending processes. But confirm with respective banks/lenders once the update is complete.

Is there a deadline to submit BVN change requests?

No deadline, but changes should be done promptly whenever you notice incorrect personal details in the BVN system.

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Maintaining accurate identifying information in your BVN is crucial for seamless banking and transactions in Nigeria. Thankfully, the process of updating details like name or date of birth is now straightforward by submitting the required documents to your bank.

While it may take 3-4 weeks to reflect across all systems, proactively correcting any errors or changes in your BVN record will prevent potential issues with loan applications, transfers, withdraws and more down the line. So take action promptly whenever you notice discrepancies.

After reading this article now you know How To Do BVN Change Of Name, Date of Birth In Nigeria.

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