How to Generate Pin + Token for Zenith Bank without Hardware

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Hello and welcome, Today we’ll be talking about How to Generate Pin + Token for Zenith Bank without Hardware

Zenith Bank offers secure digital banking services to customers in Nigeria. You can generate soft tokens on your mobile phone to access online banking platforms without needing dedicated hardware tokens.

With over 500 branches across Nigeria, Zenith Bank aims to provide financial access and electronic channels for transactions. By enabling software tokens linked to your account, you can conveniently verify transfers and payments without visiting branches.

Generating Zenith e-Token on Your Phone

Follow these steps to create a Zenith Bank soft token directly from your mobile device:

Visit Zenith EazyToken

Go to the Zenith EazyToken portal at using your phone browser.

Enter Details

Provide your Zenith Bank account number, associated email address and date of birth.

Specify Device

Choose your phone make/model to receive the token generation link via email/SMS.

Click Token Link

Open the verification link sent and follow additional prompts to activate security token.

Generating Zenith Bank PIN/Password

To obtain your Zenith Bank 4-digit U-AUTOPIN for online banking access:

Call Contact Centre

Call Zenith Direct line on +234-1-2787000 from your registered number.

Provide Details

Specify your account number, associated phone number and answer security questions.

Receive SMS

You will get an SMS containing your new U-AUTOPIN number immediately.

Login and Change

Use U-AUTOPIN for first login then change to permanent confidential passcode.

Using Zenith e-Token without Hardware

With Zenith Soft Token on your mobile, you can securely validate transactions including:

Online Transfers

Authorize account transfers to 3rd parties and withdrawals securely using token prompt.

Pay Bills

Token verifies electricity, cable TV and other bills payments from mobile or web.

Airtime Purchase

Authenticate buying airtime top-up for self and third parties.

Transaction Alerts

Get SMS or push notification alerts to token for additional financial activity safety.

How to Generate Pin + Token for Zenith Bank without Hardware

Benefits of Zenith e-Banking Products

Key advantages offered to Zenith Bank customers include:

No Hardware Needed

Convenient software tokens work directly on customer phones without proprietary hardware.

Enhanced Security

Protects account with 2-factor authentication for every sensitive online transaction.

Instant Notifications

Get SMS or mobile app notification for login attempts and payments done.

Time Savings

Avoids visiting branches physically for routine services like transfers or statements.

Stress-Free Banking

Secure PIN lets you easily login without remembering complex password.

24/7 Support

Contact centre teams always available to help customers by calls and emails.

FAQ On How to Generate Pin + Token for Zenith Bank without Hardware

1. Does Zenith e-Token work on iPhone and Android?

Yes, the Zenith e-Token and U-AUTOPIN systems work seamlessly across all smartphone platforms including Android and iOS devices.

2. What if my token gets deleted or expires?

Simply repeat token generation process. You can create multiple active soft tokens linked to your Zenith Bank profile over time.

3. Can someone else generate token with my details?

No, authentic details like Zenith account information, email address and date of birth is required during token creation to protect privacy.

4. Is there a time limit for transaction authentication?

Yes, you usually have up to 100 seconds to validate any prompted action with your e-Token after initiating transfers or payments.

5. Can I retrieve my U-AUTOPIN if forgotten?

Yes, contact Zenith Bank Contact Centre to disable old PIN then answer security questions to setup a replacement 4-digit U-AUTOPIN.

6. How much does it cost to get an e-Token?

Zenith e-Token software is totally free to generate without any associated maintenance or activation costs to users.

7. Can the e-Token work without internet?

An active internet connection is required on your phone to successfully create and subsequently verify transaction requests using the e-Token.

8. Must I keep renewing the e-Token every year?

No, once created the same Zenith Bank e-Token can remain valid without any need for periodic renewal as long as it remains active in use.

9. What should I do if my phone is stolen with Zenith token?

Immediately call Zenith Direct to temporarily suspend online account access until your smartphone can be recovered or replaced safely.

10. Will token need PIN to work like ATM?

No, once passcode enabled the soft token automatically processes pop up requests without needing additional login requirements for convenience.

11. Does the token expire after initial setup?

Yes each e-Token has a default 90 days expiry period for enhanced security. Renewal is required periodically by simply repeating creation steps.

12. Can I get token if I don’t have a smart phone?

No, at minimum you require an internet enabled phone with email/SMS capabilities to successfully generate and receive Zenith verification token securely.

13. How long does token setup process take?

Entire activation process completes within a few minutes in most cases almost instantly depending on your network speed and connectivity strength.

14. Do I pay annual fee for maintaining token?

No, once setup there are no associated token subscription or renewal costs payable for accessing Zenith Bank e-banking services.

15. What should I do if my number changes?

Visit nearest Zenith branch with valid ID and account details to help safely update your phone number registered on the bank account profile.

16. Does token require dedicated app?

No, the token verification automatically pops up as necessary when you initiate a prompted action via web browser or within the Zenith mobile app.

17. Can I set token PIN to always authenticate?

For ease of use, no login PIN is currently needed on the e-Token itself as the access passcode secures bank account dashboard as first layer.

18. Where can I find Zenith token T&Cs?

Full terms and conditions governing Zenith Bank’s e-Token product usage are made available at https://www.zenithbank.comn/online-services/ for review by prospective users.

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Zenith Bank’s e-Token and U-AUTOPIN seek to offer enhanced financial access and superior online banking security measures to protect Nigerian customer transactions.

After reading this blog you know about How to Generate Pin + Token for Zenith Bank without Hardware.

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