How to Get a Loan without BVN in Nigeria – Loan Apps Without BVN in Nigeria

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Loan apps without BVNLoan Apps Without BVN in Nigeria: You need to get a loan right now but you do not have a BVN. Don’t worry I will unveil legit loan apps where you can have access to one.

Now that the inflation rate in Nigeria is very high. That is the cost of goods and services has now increased above what most people can afford. Many individuals in Nigeria now depend on loans to support their financial status in order to meet their needs.

However, most of these banks will require you to submit your BVN, collateral alongside other documents before you can be granted a loan. In fact, to secure the loan may take days. To reduce this burden there are now loan apps without BVN in Nigeria today. That is, you can get a loan without BVN in Nigeria under 24 hours.

Do you need a loan now but you do not have a BVN or probably you do not want to share your BVN with people? Do you desire to access loan apps without BVN in Nigeria?

If yes, read this blog post to the end because I will uncover the best legit loan apps without BVN in Nigeria that you can access now.

What is a Loan?

A loan in simple terms is the money transferred by one party to another with an agreement to pay it back. The recipient, or borrower, incurs a debt and is usually required to pay interest for the use of the money.

Best Legit Loan Apps without BVN in Nigeria

There are a ton of Loan apps without BVN in Nigeria you can get instant money from. All you need is just a phone number and a valid means of identification.

The list below is the top 6 loan apps trusted by many you can get instant loans from without BVN.

Many of these loan apps have millions of app downloads on both the App Store and Google Play store. So choosing either of these apps will definitely help solve your instant financial issues. They are

  • Carbon (Paylater) Loan app

The Carbon loan app formerly known as Paylater is one of the renowned loan apps without BVN in Nigeria that you can access at any time.

It is also one of the popular Nigerian fintech apps that deals with lots of online banking services such as;

  • Free transfers
  • Carbon zero
  • Savings
  • Transfers
  • Bill payments
  • Airtime and Data top up and so on

Carbon fintech allows you to access loans easily. You do not need a guarantor(s), collaterals, or long forms. However, for Carbon to verify your identities, you will need to provide your Employment details and/or bank statements. This will help them to review and offer you loans.

The good thing is that you can apply any time of the day and any day of the week and receive funds in your Carbon account in minutes. However, if you intend to unlock higher loan amounts and lower interest rates then you must be repaying your loans on time.

Furthermore, the Carbon loan repayment method is so flexible that you can borrow from #1,500 to #500,000  for a period of up to six months. This flexibility makes Carbon very popular among Nigerians.

In fact, you can apply for a loan extension for convenient loan repayment.

Ultimately, with Carbon, you will enjoy loan top-ups even as you service an ongoing loan. This gives you access to more funds to reach your goals.

  • CarrotPay Loan app

CarrotPay app is a lending app designed with the intention of simplifying the lending process. It is one of the most used loan apps without BVN in Nigeria. With the Carrotpay loan app, you can apply for a loan and get credited into your account with little to no stress.

To get started you will need to download the app on Google Store and App Store for free.

Also, this loan app does not require your BVN or guarantor. Just log into the app, navigate to the Loan section, and then input your;

  • Personal details
  • Employment details
  • And a functional debit card.

You do not have to worry about your card details because CarrotPay warehouse your card details with a PCI-DSS compliant payment processor, Paystack for your security.

However, it is worth noting that as a first-timer, you can only request a loan of #50,000. But your loan eligibility increases as they get to know you better.

  • Aella Credit Loan app

Aella credit loan app is one of the loan apps without BVN in Nigeria where you can get an instant loan. Besides, it also operates as a fintech company where you can transact your funds with just your smartphone. Some of the services offered by Aella are;

  • Savings
  • Funds transfer and receive
  • Airtime and data top-up
  • Wealth Management
  • Buy now and pay later
  • Event management
  • Credit loans and lots more. 

The fintech industry is built to simplify instant credit payments to its customers. You can easily apply for a loan on Aella credit by downloading the Aella App.

After that, you will be requested to create your account and fill in all required fields with valid and appropriate information.

Then click the “Check Eligibility” button to see how much you are eligible to borrow. After that, apply for a loan that works for you.

Ultimately, you will receive funds in your Aella Wallet. Note that once your application has been completed and you accept the loan offer you will be credited within 5 minutes.

  • Alat By Wema app

ALAT is Nigeria’s first fully digital bank where you can open an account and manage your money without ever going to a branch. It is an award-winning app that gives you access to exclusive group and personal savings, and a free debit card among others.

Besides, with the ALAT app, you can apply for a loan without paperwork or visitation to any physical location. The good thing is that the response time between acceptance of the offer and loan disbursement is in minutes.

There are different types of loans you can access on the ALAT app they are;

  • Salary-based loan: The salary-based loan is a loan you collect against your salary.

Note that your salary does not necessarily have to be domiciled in Wema Bank. However, this type of loan is for employees of companies that have been pre-enlisted by Wema Bank.

You can access up to a loan of #4 million and the maximum repayment period is 2 years.

  • Goal-based loan: This type of loan is always applied against your target savings be it Stash, Fixed, or Flexi Goals.

However, you must have at least N100,000 saved to qualify for the loan.

With this type of loan, you can access up to 80% of your savings as loans.

Here there is no monthly repayment amount. That is, you can pay whenever you want. Nevertheless, the payment time should not be more than 1 year

  • Device loan: The device loan is available for both salaried individuals and self-employed individuals. You can apply for this type of loan to finance phones, tablets, laptops, or home appliances. The interest rate of the deceive loan is 24% per annum (2% per month)
  • Payday loan: The Payday loan is a short-term credit facility that is collected against salary. It is available to both domiciled and non-domiciled salaries. Here the minimum amount of loan you can apply for is #5,000 while the maximum loan amount you can apply for is #500,000. However, the tenor is 30 days.
  • NYSC loan: This is a credit facility for serving corps members only. It is available to both the WEMA and non-WEMA customers. As a corp member, you can access a minimum loan amount of #20,000, and a maximum loan amount of #100,000. However, the tenor is 10 months.

Ultimately, with the ALAT app, you can borrow as much as #4,000,000 (Four million naira) without any collateral. It is one of the loan apps without BVN in Nigeria.

  • Quickteller app

The Quickteller app is one of the loan apps without BVN in Nigeria. In fact you do not need either collateral or a guarantor to borrow money from Quickteller.

The fintech industry enables you to make online transactions like sending and receiving money, airtime, and paying bills among others.

With the Quickteller app, you can access a quick, safe, and reliable short-term loan.

In order to access their credit, you will have to visit their platform and then navigate to Quickteller loans. You will be credited in minutes if you meet the loan requirements.

You can access a loan of up to #50,000 on the Quickteller. And the interest rate is between 3%-15%. However, you are expected to pay back between 10 days to 3 months. It is worth noting that the interest rate of the loan depends on the lender’s evaluation of the applicant’s financial record.

Ultimately, it is important to pay back the loan when due. Or else, Quickteller will blacklist you and also report you to several institutions. Which will make it hard for you to get future investments.

  • JumiaPay app

JumiaPay is a prominent e-commerce company widely used in Nigeria. It provides a great shopping experience for its customers.

However, the company has also expanded its operations to other aspects aside from online shopping.

With the JumiaPay loan app, you can borrow money up to N500,000 from your phone. The good news is that you do not require collateral or paperwork and it is one of the loan apps without BVN.

To apply for a loan on JumiaPay you must have downloaded the JumiaPay Android app and then Scroll down to the ‘Financial Services’ section and click loans.

After that, you will be requested to provide your personal information. If your information is correct you will receive an email requesting your details for disbursement.

Ultimately, the loan will be paid into your account immediately after you provide your account details.

It is worth noting that the more you borrow on JumiaPay the lower the interest rates.


In order to get a loan without BVN in Nigeria you will need to download the loan app on Google Play Store or Apple Store depending on your device. After that, you will sign up and provide all the required information. Then proceed to the loan section and apply. However, it is essential to read and understand the terms and conditions of the loan you are applying for before you apply.

So with this blog post, you can decide on which app to borrow money from as the best loan apps without BVN in Nigeria have been revealed. 

Ultimately, it is essential to know that taking loans with interest generally may make you become a permanent debtor. Because you will always want to go back to get more. Besides, the issues of compound interest may also make you pay 4 or 5 times what you borrow.

Hence, you should consider reaching out to family and friends if you are in need of funds. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to cut your coat according to the cloth.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Get a Loan without BVN in Nigeria – Loan Apps Without BVN in Nigeria

Below are answers to some questions you may have in mind.

Are there Loan apps without BVN in Nigeria

Yes, there are numerous loan apps without BVN in Nigeria. Some are ALAT by Wema Bank, CarrotPay, JumiaPay, Quickteller, Aella Credit, and Carbon(Paylater).

All these are widely used loan apps trusted by many in Nigeria.

What is the tenure of repayment?

The tenure of repayment of these loan apps differs. Thus, it is advisable to always read and understand the terms and conditions of the one you are going for before taking a loan from them. However, whatever the repayment period may be it is essential to pay as at when due to avoid being publicly disgraced.

Are my information safe with these loan apps without BVN

Yes, all your information is safe with these loan apps. However, if you fail to pay back their money your information will be published publicly.

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