www.remita.net – How to Pay Federal Government Bills Using Remita Online Payment

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Welcome Today we’ll talk about www.remita.net -How to Pay Federal Government Bills Using Remita Online Payment in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Federal Government has adopted Remita as a centralized platform for paying various government bills and fees digitally. Remita provides a convenient way for citizens, organizations and businesses to settle federal government fees online.

In this guide, we provide step-by-step instructions on how to pay federal government bills and charges using the Remita online payment gateway in Nigeria.

Overview of Paying Federal Government Bills on Remita

Here is a quick overview of the process to pay federal government bills on Remita:

  • Visit Remita website or mobile app and select ‘Pay Federal Government’.
  • Choose the appropriate MDA (Ministry, Department, Agency) to pay.
  • Select the specific bill, fee or charge to be paid.
  • Enter required details like RRR, amount etc and proceed to payment.
  • Make payment using preferred method – cards, bank transfer, agents etc.
  • Get payment receipt confirming successful bill settlement.

Remita integrates various payment options like cards, banks, USSD, agents etc. for seamless billing.

Step 1 – Visit Remita Website or Mobile App

First visit the Remita website at www.remita.net or use the mobile app. Creating an account is optional. You can pay as a guest user.

Step 2 – Click on ‘Pay Federal Government’

On the homepage/dashboard, click on ‘Pay Federal Government’ option. This will open the section for paying federal government bills.

Step 3 – Select Appropriate MDA

You will see a list of MDAs (Ministries, Departments, Agencies). Choose the specific MDA you want to pay to.

For example, Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) etc.

Step 4 – Choose Bill/Fee to Pay

After selecting the MDA, you will see available bills, fees and charges payable. Pick the appropriate option.

For instance, JAMB registration fee, FIRS stamp duty, NIS passport fee etc. Enter any accompanying details like RRR number.

Step 5 – Verify Bill Details

The next page will show the bill details with amount breakdown. Cross check that the information entered is correct.

Carefully verify details like payer name, billing organisation (if any), RRR number and amount to be paid.

Step 6 – Pick Preferred Payment Method

You will then need to choose your payment method from multiple options like:

  • Cards – Credit/debit card
  • Internet Banking – Direct bank transfer
  • Mobile Money – USSD, banking agents
  • Others – Bank branch, cash etc.

Consider factors like convenience, charges, limits to select suitable option.

Step 7 – Make Payment

Based on selected mode you will need to proceed accordingly:

  • Card – Enter card details and complete OTP/CVV verification.
  • Internet Banking – Select your bank and complete transfer.
  • Agents – Visit nearest agent with cash or mobile money.
  • Etc. – Follow respective procedures.

Input all required information accurately and complete payment.

Step 8 – Get Payment Receipt

Once payment succeeds, you will get an online receipt on Remita confirming settlement of the bill.

Save/print the receipt containing payment date, payer name, MDA, bill type, amount paid and transaction reference.

The billing agency will also get update of your settlement.

Benefits of Paying Federal Government Bills on Remita

Useful benefits of paying federal government bills digitally via Remita include:

  • Convenience – Pay anytime, anywhere.
  • Faster Processing – No queues or delays.
  • Secure Platform – Ensures data security.
  • Multiple Payment Options – Cards, transfers, agent networks supported.
  • Alerts and Notifications – Payment confirmation and reminders.
  • Transparency – Reduces fraud and leakage.

Types of Federal Government Bills Payable on Remita

Some common federal government bills and fees payable on Remita:

  • Taxes – Company income tax, VAT, stamp duty etc.
  • Licenses and Registrations – CAC, NAFDAC etc.
  • Passport Fees – New application, renewal etc.
  • Admission Forms – JAMB, universities etc.
  • Visa Fees – Tourist, business visas etc.
  • Fines – FRSC, traffic fines etc.

Supported Payment Methods on Remita

You can pay federal government bills on Remita using:

  • Debit/Credit Cards – Mastercard, Visa, Verve etc.
  • Internet Banking – Transfer from bank accounts.
  • Mobile Money – USSD, agent networks.
  • Bank Branch – Over the counter deposit/transfer.
  • Others – Cash, cheques etc.

FAQS About How to Pay Federal Government Bills Using Remita Online Payment

How to Pay Federal Government Bills Using Remita Online Payment in Nigeria.

1. Does Remita charge any fees for bill payments?

Yes, Remita charges a small service fee for processing payments which is added to the bill amount.

2. Can I get bill alerts and reminders on Remita?

Yes, you can enable alerts and reminders for your bills by adding them to your Remita profile dashboard after account creation.

3. How long does it take to reflect my payment on Remita?

Online payments via cards, bank transfer etc. reflect instantly. Cash deposits via agents may take 24-48 hours.

4. Is there a limit on bill payment amount via Remita?

Remita allows a maximum of N10 million per transaction according to CBN guidelines. No limits on number of transactions.

5. What details do I need to make Remita bill payments?

You need payer name, RRR number (if available), billing organisation (if any), amount to be paid along with payment instrument details.

6. How do I track status of my bill payment on Remita?

You can track status by retrieving your payment receipt or checking your transactions history on your Remita account dashboard.

7. Does Remita have customer service support?

Yes, Remita offers 24×7 customer assistance via email, live chat and phone support. You can also visit their FAQ section.

8. What are the charges for paying via cards on Remita?

Card payments incur charges like 1.5% for Mastercard/Visa and 3.5% for Verve along with small fixed fee per transaction.

9. Is it mandatory to create an account on Remita for bill payment?

No, you can pay federal government bills on Remita as a guest user without creating an account. But having an account makes future payments easier.

10. How can I view my past bill payments on Remita?

If you have a Remita account, you can view your entire payments history and stored receipts on your dashboard profile.

11. Does Remita offer recurring bill payments?

Yes, with a Remita account you can schedule recurring payments for periodic bills so they are automatically deducted on due date.

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Paying federal government bills and fees digitally through Remita provides Nigerians with a convenient, fast and transparent payment solution. By following the simple step-by-step process outlined in this guide, citizens can easily settle their federal government bills from anywhere using their preferred payment method.

Key benefits of using Remita for bill payments include improved convenience, quicker processing times, multiple payment options like cards and bank transfers, payment alerts and notifications, and enhanced transparency. Remita’s integration with banks, cards, mobile money and agent networks makes it a unified platform for Nigerians to pay taxes, passport fees, admission forms, licenses and more to various federal MDAs.

Adoption of digital payment channels like Remita by the Nigerian government enables easier revenue collection, reduces leakage and fraud, and brings efficiency in public financial management. With Remita’s reliable customer support, transparent processing, and advanced security features, Nigerians can have peace of mind when fulfilling their federal billing duties online. The centralized system improves compliance, accountability and promotes a cashless economy.

After reading this blog you know about How to Pay Federal Government Bills Using Remita Online Payment.

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