How to Set SMS Alert on Kuda Bank.

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Welcome Today we’ll be discussing On How to Set SMS Alert on Kuda Bank.

Kuda Bank is a leading digital bank in Nigeria that offers mobile banking services. One useful feature provided by Kuda Bank is SMS alerts that notify you of account activity like transactions, balance changes, and other events.

Activating SMS alerts can help you monitor your Kuda Bank account closely for withdrawals, transfers, airtime purchases, or any other transactions. This way you stay up-to-date on your account usage in real-time and can quickly identify unauthorized or suspicious activity.

This guide will explain how to set up SMS alerts on the Kuda Bank mobile app step-by-step. We look at the types of alerts available, setting frequency and thresholds, deactivating alerts, and answer common questions about Kuda Bank SMS notifications.

Benefits of Kuda Bank SMS Alerts

Here are some major benefits of enabling SMS alerts for your Kuda Bank account:

  • Get instant SMS notifications when transactions occur
  • Quickly spot any suspicious, incorrect or fraudulent transactions
  • Track your account balance and usage without logging in frequently
  • Added security beyond app PINs and passwords
  • Helps you identify and respond faster to unauthorized transactions

Types of SMS Alerts on Kuda Bank

How to Set SMS Alert on Kuda Bank

There are 5 main categories of SMS alerts offered by Kuda Bank currently:

  1. Transaction Alerts: Get SMS for all transactions including transfers, withdrawals, deposits, payments etc.
  2. Balance Alerts: Receive SMS when account balance goes below or above your set limits.
  3. Airtime Alerts: Get SMS for any airtime purchased from your Kuda Bank account.
  4. Beneficiary Alerts: Get notified when receiving money from another Kuda user.
  5. Personalization Alerts: Get SMS when any changes are made to your Kuda Bank profile or personal details.

Step 1: Launch the Kuda Bank App

Firstly, open the Kuda Bank app on your mobile phone. Make sure you already have a registered account.

Login to your Kuda Bank account with your registered email and password if not logged in automatically.

Step 2: Go to Profile Settings

From the Kuda Bank app home screen, tap on your profile icon at the top left. This opens your Kuda Bank profile.

Next tap on “Settings” on your profile which leads you to your account settings page.

Step 3: Tap on “Manage Alerts”

Under “Preferences” in your Kuda Bank account settings, tap on the “Manage Alerts” option.

This opens the alerts management page to configure SMS notifications.

Step 4: Toggle Alerts On

On the alerts management page, tap on the toggle switch next to each alert to enable it. The toggle will turn green when activated.

Make sure all the alerts you want are toggled on and green colored.

Step 5: Choose Alert Frequency

Next to each enabled alert, tap the frequency dropdown menu. Select how often you want to receive that alert.

You can choose “Per Transaction”, “Daily”, “Weekly” or “Monthly” frequency for most alert types.

Step 6: Set Thresholds for Balance Alerts

For balance alerts, tap “Set Threshold” and enter the minimum and maximum account balance that will trigger SMS when crossed.

Set appropriate threshold amounts based on your usage.

Step 7: Save Alert Settings

Once you have configured your desired alerts and frequencies, tap “Save” to apply changes.

You will now start getting SMS alerts from Kuda Bank based on your settings.

How to Turn Off Kuda Bank SMS Alerts

To deactivate alerts, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the alerts management page in your Kuda Bank app.
  2. Tap the toggle switches to turn any alerts you want to disable from green to gray.
  3. Tap “Save” to apply and deactivate those alerts.

You will stop getting SMS notifications for any disabled alerts.

Receiving Kuda Bank SMS Alerts When Abroad

When you travel overseas, you can continue receiving uninterrupted SMS alerts for your Kuda Bank account if you have international roaming activated on your mobile network. However, standard roaming charges will apply from your mobile operator for any SMS received while abroad.

To avoid excessive roaming fees, consider the following options:

  • Enable email notifications in Kuda Bank app for your transaction alerts instead of SMS while traveling.
  • Contact your local mobile carrier and purchase an international roaming package for the duration of your trip.
  • Disable non-critical SMS alerts like marketing messages to minimize roaming costs.
  • Connect to free WiFi at airports, hotels etc and disable roaming – you’ll still get SMS alerts over WiFi.
  • Consider purchasing a local prepaid SIM card and using it for data/SMS when traveling internationally.

Securing Your Kuda Bank SMS Alerts

It’s important to keep your SMS alerts secure so that only you are accessing notifications for your Kuda Bank transactions and account activity when they come in. Here are some tips:

  • Use a password, PIN or fingerprint lock on your mobile device.
  • Don’t share or forward any SMS alerts received from Kuda Bank to others.
  • Clear all Kuda Bank SMS alerts from your messaging app after reading them.
  • Contact Kuda Bank support if your registered mobile number for SMS alerts gets compromised.
  • Set the alerts to only display the last 4 digits of any account numbers referenced.
  • Avoid displaying previews of new SMS alerts on your phone’s lock screen.

Troubleshooting Kuda Bank SMS Alerts

If you are having issues receiving Kuda Bank SMS alerts, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Confirm that SMS alerts are enabled properly in your Kuda Bank app settings.
  • Check if you have sufficient SMS balance/credit on your mobile plan.
  • Restart your mobile device and recheck for any pending SMS alerts.
  • Clear cache/data for your default SMS messaging app.
  • Try toggling airplane mode on and off to refresh network connectivity.
  • Contact your local mobile carrier and check if there are any SMS delivery issues to your number.
  • Check if you have any third party SMS blocking apps that may be inadvertently blocking Kuda Bank alerts.

If issues persist, contact Kuda Bank support for further assistance in troubleshooting and fixing lost alerts.

FAQs On How to Set SMS Alert on Kuda Bank

How to Set SMS Alert on Kuda Bank

How do I update my mobile number for Kuda Bank SMS alerts?

Log into your Kuda Bank mobile app, go to your profile, click edit, enter your new mobile number and save changes. SMS alerts will automatically start going to the new number.

Can I set SMS alerts for regular schedule transactions?

Currently, SMS alerts cannot be customized for specific transactions. You get notifications based on transaction type and thresholds only.

Is there a character limit for Kuda Bank SMS alert messages?

Yes, given standard SMS text limits, alert messages may be truncated after a certain character length like 160 characters.

Can I disable SMS alerts temporarily if I’m abroad?

Yes, you can toggle off certain SMS alert types before traveling internationally and re-enable them once you are back home to avoid roaming costs.

How do I clear old SMS alerts from Kuda Bank on my phone?

Open your messaging app, go to the conversation thread with Kuda Bank, long press on old alerts and delete them permanently. This frees up space.

Can I set SMS alerts on minor accounts owned by my child?

As the primary account holder, you can activate SMS alerts for any minor accounts you open and manage on behalf of your child below 18 years old.

Will I stop getting SMS alerts if I change my phone?

No, you can seamlessly continue getting alerts on your new phone by simply installing the Kuda app and logging into your account after changing devices.

Can I get SMS alerts for failed transactions too?

Currently SMS alerts are only sent for successful transactions based on your settings. Failed/declined transactions do not trigger an alert.

Is there any charge for Kuda Bank SMS alerts?

Kuda Bank SMS alerts are free. But regular SMS fees from your mobile provider may apply.

How soon will I get transaction SMS alerts?

You will receive instant SMS alert within seconds whenever transactions occur on your Kuda Bank account.

Can I customize the SMS alert messages from Kuda?

No, the alert text content cannot be customized currently. You will get standardized SMS messages from Kuda Bank.

Do Kuda Bank SMS alerts work when travelling abroad?

Yes, if you have international roaming activated you can continue receiving Kuda Bank SMS alerts without interruption when overseas.

Is there any limit to the number of SMS alerts sent?

No, Kuda Bank does not impose limits on SMS alerts. You will get notifications for all account activity based on your settings.

What happens if I change my phone number on Kuda Bank?

If you update your mobile number in your Kuda Bank profile, the SMS alerts will automatically begin going to the new number.

Can I set alerts for specific transactions only?

No, the SMS alerts are generalized by transaction type and not customizable for specific transactions currently.

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We hope this guide has helped explain how to easily set up SMS alerts on your Kuda Bank account. Enabling notifications can provide an extra layer of security and control to monitor your account in real-time. Be sure to customize alerts to best suit your usage needs. Contact Kuda Bank support if you have any other queries about managing SMS notifications.

After reading this blog you know How to Set SMS Alert on Kuda Bank.

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