How to Verify OPay Account or Check Account Number

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Hello and welcome Today we’ll be discussing on How to Verify OPay Account or Check Account Number.

OPay is one of the top payment platforms in Nigeria with over 50 million users. As OPay continues rapid growth across multiple verticals from ridesharing to food delivery, merchant payments, and bank accounts, more users need to verify their OPay account.

This guide will teach you how to easily verify your OPay account using step-by-step instructions for the OPay app and USSD method. We have also answered the top 15 frequently asked questions about verifying OPay accounts and checking OPay account numbers.

Benefits of Verifying Your OPay Account

Here are some excellent reasons to verify your OPay account:

  • Enable full use of OPay features – P2P transfers, bank account
  • Required for OPay loan eligibility and approval
  • Enhanced transaction limits for payments and transfers
  • Needed to cashout wallet balance to bank account
  • Strengthens security through mobile number validation

When to Verify OPay Account

You should verify your OPay account when:

  • Signing up for OPay app first time
  • Launching OBank account or applying for loans
  • If prompted for verification on app during transactions
  • To remove any limits on wallet/transfer amounts

How to Verify OPay Account on App

Follow below simple steps to verify OPay on mobile app:

  1. Login to your OPay app on phone
  2. Go to account page from side menu
  3. Tap on “Verify Account” button
  4. Enter personal details like BVN, address etc
  5. Upload ID card (voters, national e.t.c)
  6. Verification completes within 5-10 minutes

How to Verify OPay Account via USSD

To verify OPay via USSD instead of app:

  1. Dial *955# on phone
  2. Select Verify KYC option
  3. Enter OTP sent to mobile number
  4. Input required personal details
  5. Verification will complete in minutes

How to Check OPay Account Number

Checking your OPay account number is very easy using either the mobile app or USSD:

  • App: Go to Profile > Bank Accounts to view your OPay bank account details
  • USSD: Dial *955#, select OBank, choose View Account Number

Tips for Smooth Verification

Follow these tips for quick, successful OPay account verification:

  • Ensure mobile number is valid and accessible
  • Update profile data if changed since signup
  • Input details accurately as per official IDs
  • Use strong internet connection throughout
  • If issues, chat support on app or call helpline

How to Verify OPay Account or Check Account Number

FAQ About How to Verify OPay Account or Check Account Number

Why do I need to verify OPay account?

Account verification is mandatory by CBN for wallet transactions, bank account opening, and lending apps. It also enhances security, increases limits and unlocks full app features.

Is OPay safe and secure?

Yes, OPay uses state-of-the-art encryption, data privacy measures, and fraud monitoring tools. Customer funds held with banks are also NDIC insured for security.

How long does OPay verification take?

The OPay verification process typically completes within 5-10 minutes. The app shows real-time verification status. Contact support if issues.

What documents do I need to provide?

You need to provide PII like BVN, name, mobile number, address etc. For ID document any passport, national ID, driver’s license or voters card suffices.

Can I do OPay verification offline?

No, OPay verification happens in real-time on the app or USSD menu. Poor connectivity may cause issues so use stable 3G/4G data.

Are selfies required during verification?

A standard ID card photo suffices. No selfies required currently. Additional details may be requested case-by-case basis.

My verification failed, what next?

Some common reasons for failed verification are incorrect details entered, poor documents, network issues etc. You can try again or reach out to the OPay support team for assistance.

How do I contact OPay customer care?

You can contact OPay customer care via the in-app chat, by email to or call +2 341 888 8329. Agents are available 24/7.

Can I update my phone number?

Yes, you can update your phone number from within the OPay app settings. Your account will be verified again automatically with the new phone number.

Is my data safe with OPay?

Yes, OPay uses high grade data security including encryption, access controls, vulnerability testing etc. to protect user privacy.

Can I revert from my OPay OBank account?

Yes, you can seamlessly switch back from OBank to your original bank. Initiate transfer from OBank app to original bank and account gets closed.

What is the maximum account balance?

Verified OPay wallet balance limit is ₦200,000 for most users. OBank savings account limit is higher at ₦1 million. Higher limits can be approved based on activity.

Does OPay work internationally?

As of now OPay services are focused only within Nigeria. They may expand to more African markets in future.

How do I delete my OPay account?

You can delete your OPay account within account settings. Unused wallet balances are refunded to source if verified identity. Else bank details needed.

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Verifying your OPay account is quick and easy using either the mobile app or USSD menus. Simply provide your personal details like BVN and upload an ID document to complete verification within 5-10 minutes. Remember to use the latest app version and stable internet connection.

Checking your OPay account number can also be done instantly on the app or via USSD. Head to account settings or OBank profile to view the details.

With over 50 million users across Nigeria, OPay aims to build trust and safety within its growing ecosystem. Account verification plays a key role by reinforcing security, enhancing identity assurance, and preventing fraud.

So take a few minutes to verify your account today and unlock the full suite of innovative financial services from OPay! Reach out to the responsive customer care team for any issues during the process.

After reading this article know you know How to Verify OPay Account or Check Account Number.

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