How to get Palmpay Atm Card, Debit Card and Account Number

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Welcome, Today we’ll talk about How to get Palmpay Atm Card, Debit Card and Account Number

PalmPay is a fast-growing fintech innovator improving payments and financial access across Africa. With an easy-to-use app, affordable charges and strong security, PalmPay aims to accelerate the adoption of digital banking and payments.

This guide covers everything you need to know about getting a PalmPay account, ATM card, debit card and account number. We also provide tips and answer the top frequently asked questions on PalmPay cards and accounts.

Benefits of PalmPay Services

Key advantages of using PalmPay include:

  • Seamless payments and banking app
  • Zero charges on transfers and airtime/bills
  • Free debit card and discounted cash withdrawals
  • High yields on PalmPay Save and Flex accounts
  • World-class security protocols

How to Get PalmPay Account Number

Follow the simple steps below to get your PalmPay account number:

  1. Download and register on the PalmPay app
  2. Complete profile setup with personal details
  3. Upload KYC documents like BVN for account approval
  4. Navigate to Account page to view new account number

Getting Started Tips

  • Use referral code if available for signup bonus
  • Fund wallet via bank transfer or card to activate
  • Explore PalmPay Pay, Save, Lend offerings

How to Get PalmPay ATM Card

Follow below steps to order your free virtual or physical PalmPay ATM card:

  1. Tap Card Services on PalmPay app
  2. Provide required card details
  3. For physical – input delivery address
  4. Accept card terms and conditions
  5. Virtual card reflects immediately, physical in 7 days

How to Get PalmPay Debit Card

To get a PalmPay debit card:

  1. Check eligibility for debit card in Card Services
  2. Place request and provide required documents
  3. Await PalmPay review and debit card approval
  4. If approved, order delivery and activate upon arrival

How to get Palmpay Atm Card, Debit Card and Account Number

FAQS About How to get Palmpay Atm Card, Debit Card and Account Number

Is PalmPay licensed by CBN?

Yes, PalmPay operates with approval from the Central Bank of Nigeria as an enhanced fintech company.

How do I fund my PalmPay wallet?

You can fund your PalmPay wallet via bank transfer, card payment, bank ATM, agent outlets or P2P transfers.

Can I use PalmPay without a bank account?

No, you need an existing bank account to activate wallet and access full PalmPay offerings. But basic airtime/bills payment is allowed before activation.

Is there any cost for ATM cards?

The standard PalmPay virtual and physical ATM cards are completely free. Custom cards with enhanced limits do have applicable fees.

How long for new debit card delivery?

New PalmPay debit cards take approximately 7 business days for production and delivery across Nigeria.

How do I report lost PalmPay card?

Instantly block your misplaced or lost PalmPay card in the Card Services section of the PalmPay app. Raise request for replacement card.

Can I use PalmPay overseas?

PalmPay services currently cater mainly to the Nigerian and African markets. But their debit cards work internationally for forex withdrawals and payments.

How do I get card PIN?

PalmPay virtual card PIN generates automatically in app. For physical card, the PIN mail reaches 2 days after card delivery.

What is the cash withdrawal limit?

Base PalmPay card daily ATM withdrawal limit is ₦20,000. Higher limits can be set based on card type, KYC level and risk algorithms.

Does PalmPay have good security?

Yes, PalmPay uses top-grade security tools like encryption, tokenization, fraud monitoring and AI to fully protect client funds and data.

How do I reach PalmPay customer care?

You can reach PalmPay customer care by email to or call our hotline 018886888 or 09045593242.

Can I pay bills with PalmPay?

Yes, PalmPay has extensive biller coverage so you can recharge cable TV, electricity tokens and lot more all within the payments tab.

What happens if card gets blocked?

Reach out to PalmPay Care immediately in case your card gets blocked. Provide relevant details for swift investigation and resolution.

How to track PalmPay account balance?

Login to PalmPay app anytime to check up to date balances and mini statements across wallet, save account, flex orders etc.

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Getting started with PalmPay’s innovative digital banking is straightforward – simply download the app, register, upload KYC and your account number is issued instantly.

Ordering free virtual or physical ATM cards takes just a few taps in the Card Services menu. Make sure to activate physical cards upon delivery before use. PalmPay also provides globally-valid debit cards to eligible customers.

As a leading fintech advancing financial access in Nigeria, PalmPay offers integrated services like high-yield savings, instant loans and bill payments.

This enables meaningful participation for the underbanked segments.

Download the top-rated app today to benefit from simplified digital banking at your fingertips. Reach out to PalmPay’s helpful customer care for any queries as you explore payments, credit and wealth features tailored for modern lifestyles!

After reading this article know you know How to get Palmpay Atm Card, Debit Card and Account Number.

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