List of Loan Apps That Call Contacts and Send Messages to Contacts

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Hello Today we’ll talk about List of Loan Apps That Call Contacts and Send Messages to Contacts.

Instant loan apps have become very popular in Nigeria, offering quick access to funds through mobile apps. However, some of these apps engage in unethical practices like calling and messaging contacts of borrowers to recover loans. This has raised many concerns about privacy violations and harassment.

In this comprehensive article, we will discuss loan apps in Nigeria that call and message contacts, why they do it, the risks involved, and how borrowers can protect themselves. We have also answered the top 18 frequently asked questions about loan apps contacting contacts in Nigeria.

Loan Apps Known to Contact Borrower’s Contacts in Nigeria

List of Loan Apps That Call Contacts and Send Messages to Contacts

Here are some loan apps in Nigeria that are known to call and send messages to their borrower’s contacts:

  • Soko Loan
  • 9ja Cash
  • KwikMoney
  • FairMoney
  • PalmCredit
  • Lcredit
  • OKash
  • CreditClan
  • Branch
  • Carbon

These apps usually require access to the borrower’s contacts during installation as part of their loan approval process. However, there have been many complaints of customers receiving calls and messages from these apps to repay loans taken by their contacts.

Why Loan Apps Contact Borrowers’ Contacts

Here are some reasons why instant loan apps engage in contacting borrowers’ contacts:

  • To recover unpaid loans – It’s a tactic to embarrass borrowers and coerce repayment
  • As a loan guarantee – Many apps ask for contacts as a form of social collateral
  • To verify borrower details – Calling contacts helps verify borrower information
  • To expand customer base – Contacting borrowers’ contacts helps acquire new customers

While these may be the reasons, the practice raises many ethical concerns and should be avoided by responsible lenders.

Risks of Loan Apps Contacting Contacts in Nigeria

Borrowers should be aware of the following risks:

  • Privacy violation – Sharing contacts without consent is a breach of privacy
  • Reputational damage – Being chased for debts negatively impacts social standing
  • Harassment of contacts – Constant calls and messages irritate contacts
  • Stalking – Access to contacts can enable tracking borrower’s location
  • Data misuse – Contacts data could be misused for marketing etc

Due to these risks, borrowers should avoid apps that demand access to contacts as a requirement.

How to Protect Yourself from Loan Apps Contacting Contacts

List of Loan Apps That Call Contacts and Send Messages to Contacts

Here are some tips borrowers can follow to avoid loan apps contacting their friends and family:

  • Avoid apps seeking contact access for approval
  • Read app permissions carefully before installing
  • Turn off contacts access if requested unnecessarily
  • Don’t take loans you can’t repay on time
  • Inform contacts about your loan and repayment plan
  • Report digital rights violation to regulators
  • Post reviews about misbehaving apps to warn others

Taking these precautions can help minimize the chances of loan apps misusing contacts access.

FAQs on List of Loan Apps That Call Contacts and Send Messages to Contacts

Here are answers to the top 18 frequently asked questions about loan apps calling and messaging borrower’s contacts in Nigeria:

1. Which loan apps in Nigeria call your contacts?

Soko Loan, 9ja Cash, KwikMoney, FairMoney, PalmCredit, Lcredit, OKash, CreditClan, Branch, Carbon are some apps known to call borrowers’ contacts.

2. Why do loan apps ask for your contacts in Nigeria?

They ask for contact access to recover unpaid loans, as a guarantee, to verify borrower details, and to acquire new customers.

3. Is it legal for loan apps to call your contacts in Nigeria?

No, contacting third parties to recover a loan without their consent is illegal under debt recovery regulations.

4. What can you do if a loan app calls your contact about someone’s loan?

Inform your contacts about the loan if taken by you. If not, report the incident to relevant authorities about digital rights violation.

5. How do loan apps get access to your contacts in Nigeria?

During app installation, many loan apps ask for permission to access your contact list which many users grant unsuspectingly.

6. Can you sue a loan app for calling your contacts in Nigeria?

Yes, you can sue a loan app for violation of privacy if they call your contacts without consent.

7. What are the risks of loan apps accessing your contacts in Nigeria?

The risks include privacy violation, reputational damage, harassment of contacts, stalking, and data misuse.

8. Do loan apps sell your contact information in Nigeria?

While not confirmed, there is a chance of contact information being sold or misused for marketing purposes.

9. Can you still get a loan if you don’t allow contact access in Nigeria?

Yes, there are reputed apps that do not require contact access to give loans in Nigeria.

10. What kind of messages do loan apps send your contacts in Nigeria?

List of Loan Apps That Call Contacts and Send Messages to Contacts

The messages can include details of overdue loans, requests to repay loans, threats of legal action, or calls for assistance in recovery.

11. Can loan apps hack your contacts without permission in Nigeria?

No, directly hacking someone’s contacts without permission is cybercrime punishable by law in Nigeria.

12. Are all loan apps allowed to call contacts legally in Nigeria?

No, only licensed debt recovery agencies are legally permitted to contact third parties under regulation.

13. How can you delete your contacts data from loan apps in Nigeria?

You can request deletion of your data under data protection rights. Also revoke contact access permission from the app.

14. Can you complain to CBN about loan apps calling contacts in Nigeria?

Yes, affected users can complain to the CBN for investigation and action against offending apps.

15. How can loan apps improve without contacting contacts in Nigeria?

Apps can invest in credit risk algorithms, tie up with credit bureaus for alternate data and improve their repayment reminders process.

16. What details of yours do loan apps have in Nigeria?

Loan apps can have your name, contacts, photos, location, social media, emails, banking info based on permissions granted.

17. Can loan apps call anyone in your contacts in Nigeria?

Yes, they can call both your primary and secondary contacts randomly asking to reach you for repayment.

18. Are there truly any loan apps that don’t call contacts in Nigeria?

Yes, apps like Renmoney, Page Financials, Kiakia Credit etc are known not to call contacts for recovery.

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In conclusion, some loan apps in Nigeria do contact borrowers’ friends and family which raises privacy concerns. However, by being aware of the risks, and taking precautions, borrowers can avoid falling prey. There are also genuine apps that don’t require contact access. The ideal solution is stricter regulation of lender practices to safeguard borrower interests.

After reading this article now you know List of Loan Apps That Call Contacts and Send Messages to Contacts.

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