Lucky Loan Review: How To Apply, Customer Care Number, App Apk Download

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Hello and Welcome Today we’ll talk about Lucky Loan Review: How To Apply, Customer Care Number, App Apk Download.

Lucky Loan is an online lending platform that provides quick short-term loans to individuals in Nigeria. With their user-friendly application process, minimal documentation and quick disbursal, Lucky Loan aims to provide hassle-free access to financing for personal or business needs.

In this detailed review, we will cover everything you need to know about Lucky Loan including loan products, interest rates, eligibility criteria, application process, repayment terms, customer service and more. We will also provide a step-by-step guide on how to download their app and apply for a loan from your mobile phone.

Benefits of Taking Loan from Lucky Loan

Here are some of the top benefits borrowers can avail with Lucky Loan:

  • Quick disbursal – Get loan approval and disbursal within hours of application
  • Digital process – Everything can be done digitally via app/website with minimal documentation
  • Flexible tenors – Repay over periods like 30 days, 3 months, 6 months etc.
  • No collateral – Only basic KYC documents required as eligibility proof
  • Build credit – Timely repayments are reported to credit bureaus to build profile
  • Eligibility – Salaried individuals, entrepreneurs etc. can apply subject to criteria

Lucky Loan Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for a Lucky Loan, you must fulfil the following eligibility requirements:

  • Minimum age of 21 years completed
  • Valid government ID proof like national ID card, voters ID, drivers license etc.
  • Active bank account with debit card in your name
  • Minimum monthly income of ₦50,000 (salaried or self-employed)
  • Valid home and work address proof
  • Working phone number for verification

As long as you meet the above criteria, you can apply for a Lucky Loan for any valid purpose upto maximum limit of ₦500,000.

How to Apply for Lucky Loan

Applying for a Lucky Loan is quite simple. Follow the steps below:

  1. Registration – Download Lucky Loan app and signup with your phone number & OTP verification
  2. KYC – Upload identity KYC documents like national ID, passport etc.
  3. Loan Details – Select loan amount, tenor, purpose & provide income proofs
  4. Submit – Accept terms, esign agreement & submit application online
  5. Verification – Your details will be verified and loan decision made
  6. Disbursal – If approved, loan amount will be credited to your account within hours

The whole process from application to disbursal can be completed digitally within a day. KYC documents and income proofs can be submitted online through the app.

Repayment of Lucky Loan

Repaying your Lucky Loan is also quick and convenient. Here are the key things about repayment:

  • EMIs are automatically deducted from your linked bank account on the repayment due dates
  • You can choose preferred deduction date as per your pay cycle
  • No pre-payment charges if you want to foreclose the loan early
  • You can pay pending EMIs online before due date if needed
  • Notify customer care if you need to reschedule a repayment
  • Timely repayments will build your credit score and chances of getting a bigger loan

Overall, Lucky Loan provides transparent terms, automated deductions and credit bureau reporting for an enjoyable repayment experience.

How to Download Lucky Loan App

The Lucky Loan app makes it super quick and easy to apply for a loan anytime, anywhere from your phone. Follow these steps to download:

  • On Android phone, open Google Play Store and search for ‘Lucky Loan’
  • On iPhone, open Apple App Store and search for ‘Lucky Loan’
  • Tap on Install and open once the app is downloaded
  • The size of the app is less than 20MB for smooth performance
  • Enable necessary permissions for SMS, contacts access when prompted
  • Register with your phone number and start using the app

The Lucky Loan app has intuitive interface, fast loading time and enables easy application process. Update to latest version for best experience.

Lucky Loan Customer Service and Support

Lucky Loan aims to provide best-in-class customer support via below channels:

  • Helpline – Customers can call 0700 000 0000 for loan-related queries
  • Email – Write to us at for any concerns
  • Social Media – Message Lucky Loan on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for help.

With multiple options via phone, email, social media, in-app chat and FAQs, you will get assistance conveniently.

Lucky Loan Review: How To Apply, Customer Care Number, App Apk Download

Pros and Cons of Lucky Loan

Here is a summary of key advantages and limitations of Lucky Loan:


  • Digital and automated loan process
  • Quick approval and disbursal in 1 day
  • Loan amount upto ₦500,000
  • Repay conveniently in EMIs
  • Build your credit score
  • No paperwork or physical visits needed


  • May not suit borrowers looking for longer tenors
  • Salaried individuals preferred over self-employed
  • First-time users get lower loan amount
  • Customer support needs improvement

By and large, Lucky Loan makes accessing short-term loans seamless through 100% digital processing. For urgent financing needs, it can prove to be very convenient.

FAQs Lucky Loan Review: How To Apply, Customer Care Number, App Apk Download

Q1: How quickly does Lucky Loan disburse loan amount?

Lucky Loan aims to disburse approved loans within 24 hours of successful application. The amount is credited to your bank account associated with your profile.

Q2: What is the maximum loan amount on Lucky Loan?

As a first-time borrower, your loan limit will start from ₦50,000 and go upto ₦500,000 based on your profile, income stability and credit behaviour over time.

Q3: Does Lucky Loan have a mobile app?

Yes, the Lucky Loan app is available for free download on Android and iOS mobile devices. You can easily apply for loans via the app.

Q4: How do I repay my loan to Lucky Loan?

Repayments happen automatically on the scheduled due dates via NACH debit from your linked bank account. You get reminders before due date.

Q5: What documents are needed for Lucky Loan application?

You need a valid ID proof, address proof, latest income documents like pay slips or bank statement and a clear passport-size photo.

Q6: Can Lucky Loan reject my loan application?

Yes, Lucky Loan may reject your application if you do not meet the eligibility criteria or if your credit score is too low as per their risk assessment.

Q7: Does Lucky Loan offer loans to self-employed people?

Yes, self-employed professionals like doctors, CAs, architects etc. can apply for a Lucky Loan subject to eligibility and income proof submission.

Q8: How does Lucky Loan verify my documents?

Lucky Loan uses a mix of electronic KYC and manual verification. Your documents may be checked digitally via linked databases or physically by representative.

Q9: Can I apply for multiple loans with Lucky Loan?

Yes, existing customers with good repayment track record are eligible for higher loan amount and multiple loans from Lucky Loan.

Q10: What happens if I miss my EMI repayment date?

You should immediately contact Lucky Loan customer care and request to reschedule the repayment if you miss the due date, to avoid adverse impact on credit score.

Q11: Is there any Lucky Loan branch near me?

Lucky Loan does not have physical branches as they provide only digital lending services. Apply conveniently online via website or mobile app.

Q12: What are the charges if I delay my loan repayment?

If you miss your EMI date, additional interest and late payment charges will be applicable based on terms. This can impact your credit score negatively.

Q13: Can I pay my Lucky Loan before the tenure ends?

Yes, Lucky Loan does not charge any prepayment penalties. You can pay pending principal and close your loan before the set tenure.

Q14: How does Lucky Loan check my creditworthiness?

Lucky Loan checks your credit score and report from credit bureaus to assess your repayment capacity and set suitable terms. Timely repayments can build your score.

Q15: Can I apply for Lucky Loan if I already have loans?

Yes, you can apply if your existing loan obligations combined with the Lucky Loan repayment equates to 40% or lower than your monthly income.

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Lucky Loan is steadily growing as a preferred online lending platform for Nigerians due to easy application, fast disbursal and flexible repayment options. With completely paperless processing, you can get funds in your bank account within a day. Repayment in EMIs ensures affordability.

Going by customer reviews and testimonials, Lucky Loan delivers on its promise of providing timely financing for personal and business needs. As long as you have a regular income stream and meet the eligibility criteria, you can benefit from quick loans from Lucky Loan for urgent financial requirements.

Responsible borrowing and timely repayments are advised. Check your loan details and terms before applying and utilize customer support channels for any queries.

After reading this article know you Lucky Loan Review: How To Apply, Customer Care Number, App Apk Download.

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