MoniePoint Login with Phone Number, Email, Online Portal, Website

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Welcome, Today we’ll talk about MoniePoint Login with Phone Number, Email, Online Portal, Website

MoniePoint is a digital wallet and financial services platform popular in Nigeria. With a MoniePoint account, users can send and receive money, pay bills, top up airtime, make online purchases and more. Logging into your MoniePoint account on their website or mobile app allows you to conveniently manage your account and access their services.

MoniePoint has become widely used across Nigeria since its launch in 2016. The service makes financial transactions more accessible and affordable for the tens of millions of unbanked and underbanked Nigerians through online and agent banking options. For those with a MoniePoint account, being able to securely login online or through the app is essential for managing your money.

Logging into Your MoniePoint Account

You can login to your MoniePoint account using either your phone number or email address along with your account password or PIN. Here are the main ways to access your account login:

MoniePoint Website Login

1. Go to the MoniePoint website login page at:

2. Enter your phone number or email address used for your account

3. Enter your MoniePoint account password or PIN

4. Click the “LOGIN” button to access your account dashboard and services

MoniePoint Mobile App Login

1. Download and open the MoniePoint mobile app on your Android or iOS device

2. Tap “Login” on the main menu

3. Enter your phone number or email address used for your account

4. Enter your account password or PIN

5. Tap “LOGIN” to continue into your account app menu and features

Resetting Your MoniePoint Account Login

If you have forgotten your MoniePoint account login details, you can easily reset them through their online password reset feature or by contacting customer support.

Resetting Your Password Online

1. Go to the MoniePoint login page at

2. Click on “Forgot Password?” below the password field

3. Choose if you want to reset via SMS text code or email verification code

4. Enter your registered phone number or email address

5. Receive and enter the verification code sent

6. Type your new account password and update your login credentials

Resetting Through Customer Support

You can also call, email or chat with MoniePoint customer support to help reset a forgotten password or update account details. Contact them at:

Customer Care Line: +234 803 639 5938


Live Chat: Available on

Managing Your MoniePoint Account

Once logged into your MoniePoint account dashboard, you have full control and access to your financial services. Here are some of the key things you can manage in your account:

Account Settings

– Update personal profile details

– Change account login password or PIN

– Set transaction alerts and notifications

Money Transfer

– Send/receive money to other users

– Withdraw cash at agents and ATMs

– Deposit money into account

Airtime & Bills

– Purchase airtime top up

– Pay utility bills

– Set up auto payments

Online Shopping

– Integrated payment gateway

– Make purchases on supported sites

– Secure online checkout

MoniePoint Account Benefits

Some of the key benefits of having a MoniePoint account include:

Financial Inclusion

Provides access to digital financial services for underbanked Nigerians through online and outlets across Nigeria.

Affordable Transactions

Low fee structure compared to traditional banks – cheaper money transfers, airtime top up, bill payments.

Secure Platform

Uses modern security protocols to keep your money and transactions safe – online portal protected by https, SSL, encryption, etc.

Convenience Features

Account dashboard offers a range of helpful financial services in one place – integrated wallet, shopping, support tools.

Customer Support

Nigerian-based team available to help via phone, email, live chat in case of any account issues.

MoniePoint Login with Phone Number, Email, Online Portal, Website

FAQS MoniePoint Login with Phone Number, Email, Online Portal, Website

1. How do I create a MoniePoint account?

You can sign up for a new MoniePoint account directly on their website at Click “Register Now” and provide your personal details like name, email, phone number to create your account login credentials. You can also visit a MoniePoint agent outlet to register in person.

2. Can I have more than one MoniePoint account?

No, MoniePoint currently allows only one account per person to be opened. Each new account must have a unique phone number and email address associated with it.

3. I forgot my MoniePoint password. What should I do?

Go to the login page and click the “Forgot Password” link. You can choose to reset your password by SMS text code sent to your phone or via email verification. Follow the prompts to create a new account password login.

4. How do I deposit money into my MoniePoint account?

You have a few options to deposit or fund your account balance: bank transfer from a Nigerian bank, deposit cash at any MoniePoint agent location, pay with your ATM card on the MoniePoint website or app, or transfer money from another MoniePoint user.

5. Can I use MoniePoint without a smartphone?

Yes, you can access core MoniePoint services for sending money, cash deposits/withdrawals and bill payments via their nationwide network of agents and outlets. You can manage your account on a basic phone using the USSD codes *270*60# to check balance and *901*60# for last 3 transactions.

6. Is MoniePoint safe to use?

Yes, MoniePoint utilizes modern security protocols and encryption to keep your money and transactions protected. They are licensed and regulated in Nigeria to provide digital financial services as authorized by the Central Bank.

7. What is the maximum account balance allowed?

MoniePoint currently allows for a maximum account wallet size of 300,000 Naira at any given time. This limit helps prevent fraud and comply with anti-money laundering regulations.

8. Can I use MoniePoint for international transfers?

No, MoniePoint accounts and payment services are focused exclusively within Nigeria. You cannot directly send or receive transfers to/from foreign bank accounts.

9. How long do MoniePoint deposits and transfers take?

MoniePoint processes deposits, transfers and payments in near real-time. Funds from bank account deposits and MoniePoint transfers should reflect in under 10 minutes typically. Withdrawals follow applicable daily limits.

10. Can I pay DSTV, GOTV and Startimes with MoniePoint?

Yes, MoniePoint allows you to easily pay and recharge your DSTV, GOTV, Startimes or other TV subscription through your account dashboard or on the mobile app.

11. What is the charges for sending money?

MoniePoint has a flat fee structure for transfers: 100 Naira per 10,000 Naira sent within the MoniePoint network. Sending money to a Nigerian bank account costs 200 Naira plus 1% of amount sent.

12. Can I use MoniePoint without internet?

You need an active internet connection on your phone to use the MoniePoint app. However, you can still access account services for deposits, withdrawals and payments via their offline agent banking outlets nationwide without mobile data.

13. I have an issue with my account. How do I contact Customer Care?

You can reach the MoniePoint Nigerian-based customer support team by calling +234 803 639 5938. You can also email or start a live chat on their website

14. Can I access MoniePoint on computer?

Yes, MoniePoint offers a full-featured online account dashboard and services through their website at You can conveniently manage your financial activities directly from a laptop or desktop computer.

15. How old do I need to be to create account?

You must be at least 18 years old to open and manage your own MoniePoint personal account. Accounts for those under 18 must be opened under a parent or guardian.

16. Can I use MoniePoint overseas?

No, MoniePoint is a Nigerian digital financial services platform and is currently only available for use within the country by residents and citizens.

17. Is there a cost to maintain my MoniePoint account?

MoniePoint provides free maintenance of active accounts. As long as you continue using their services, there are no monthly account keeping fees applied. Dormant accounts may incur maintenance charges.

18. How long does verification take when registering?

Initial phone number and email verification during new MoniePoint account sign-up typically completes within a few minutes. Further back-end identity verification procedures may require up to 48 hours for account approval.

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We hope this guide has helped explain the main ways to access your MoniePoint account login as well how to reset your credentials if forgotten.

Their online portal, mobile app and agent banking network make managing your money convenient across Nigeria. Check out the MoniePoint website FAQ or contact customer care if you have any other questions about utilizing their secure digital financial services.

After reading this blog you know about MoniePoint Login with Phone Number, Email, Online Portal, Website.


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