Palmpay OK Card, How to Repay, Deactivate and Unfreeze Account

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Welcome, Today we’ll talk about Palmpay OK Card, How to Repay, Deactivate and Unfreeze Account

Launched in 2019, PalmPay has quickly become one of the most widely adopted mobile money apps in Nigeria. The OK Card gives PalmPay wallet holders a payment card option to use in-store or online. By linking the card to their account, users can easily manage repayment, deactivation or unfreezing their card if needed.

Activating Your PalmPay OK Card

To start using your PalmPay OK Card:

1. Fund Your PalmPay Wallet

Add money to your PalmPay account wallet using bank transfer or cash deposit at an agent.

2. Activate Card

In PalmPay app, go to My Card and click on Activate Card. Follow prompts to activate your physical or digital card.

3. Secure Card PIN

You will set your 4-digit card PIN during activation process to use for ATM and in-store purchases.

4. Start Spending

You can now pay directly with your PalmPay OK Card anywhere Mastercard is accepted – online, in apps or in-person.

Repaying Your PalmPay OK Card Credit

If enabled, you can access short term credit on your PalmPay OK Card to keep spending even with low account balance. Here is how repayment works:

Check Credit Usage

In PalmPay app, go to Transactions to see outstanding credit balance owed.

Repay in App

Go to Repay Credit and pay back some or all of the owed amount from your PalmPay wallet.

Set Up Auto Pay

You can create a recurring automatic repayment for your credit balance from wallet.

Deactivating Your PalmPay Card

If your PalmPay OK Card gets lost or stolen, you need to quickly deactivate it. To disable your misplaced card:

Suspend Card

In PalmPay app, go to My Card and click on Deactivate Card. Your card will temporarily be suspended.

Mark Card Lost/Stolen

Contact PalmPay Customer Care to report your card missing and have it permanently deactivated for security reasons.

Order Replacement

You can request a replacement PalmPay OK Card issued with a new card number through the app or customer service.


Palmpay OK Card, How to Repay, Deactivate and Unfreeze Account

Unfreezing a Frozen PalmPay Account

If your PalmPay account gets frozen due to suspicious activity or inactivity, you need to verify your details to reactivate services:

Review Notification

Check the app notifications or email/SMS from PalmPay on why your account was frozen.

Contact Support

Reach out to the customer care team via phone call, email or in-app chat on the unfreezing process.

Provide Information

Submit any KYC details requested by PalmPay to confirm your account ownership and reactivate services.

Key Benefits of PalmPay Services

Some of the major advantages PalmPay offers Nigerian users include:

Financial Access

Makes digital payments and banking available to millions of unbanked mobile phone users.

Agent Network

Over 40,000 PalmPay agents across Nigeria for cash deposits/withdrawals.

Airtime & Bills

Pay for airtime, data plans, utility bills right from your PalmPay wallet.

Debit Card

PalmPay OK Card lets you conveniently pay in-store, online and make ATM withdrawals.


Get approved access to short term credit on your PalmPay card to keep spending.


Leading data security and encryption protects user accounts and transactions.

FAQ About Palmpay OK Card, How to Repay, Deactivate and Unfreeze Account

1. How old must I be to create a PalmPay account?

You have to be at least 16 years old to open a personal PalmPay wallet account according to their terms and conditions.

2. Can I have multiple PalmPay accounts?

No, PalmPay only allows one account per unique phone number and ID details to prevent fraud or abuse according to regulations.

3. What should I do if I lost my PalmPay OK card PIN?

Contact the PalmPay support team immediately to disable your existing card and PIN. You can then order a replacement card issued with a new PIN for security reasons.

4. How do I add money to my PalmPay wallet?

You have multiple ways to fund your PalmPay account including: bank transfers from Nigerian banks, deposit cash at a PalmPay agent, linked debit/credit card on your profile, or receive money from another user.

5. Can I access PalmPay without internet?

The PalmPay app requires an internet connection for account access. However, you can visit their offline agents to deposit/withdraw cash or check your balance via USSD code *384*5#.

6. Is my money safe in my PalmPay wallet?

Yes, PalmPay uses bank-level security and encryption measures to protect user accounts and transactions. As an authorized financial institution, client funds are also held with an insured custodian bank.

7. What documents do I need to open a PalmPay account?

You need a valid government ID such as national ID card, voters card, drivers license, passport and also provide personal details like photo, phone number, email and residential address for KYC verification.

8. Are there fees for sending money with PalmPay?

PalmPay charges 150 Naira flat fee for transfers up to 50,000 Naira. It costs 0.5% per transaction for amounts above 50,000 Naira sent to other PalmPay users or bank accounts.

9. How long does bank transfer deposit take to reflect in PalmPay?

Bank account deposits via NIBSS typically reflect in your PalmPay wallet within a few minutes during working hours. Interbank transfers may take between 3-24 hours according to each banking institution.

10. Can a minor below 18 use PalmPay?

Yes but only with parental consent – a parent/guardian has to be registered as the primary account holder for wallets of users below 18 years old.

11. I changed my phone number. How do I update it on my PalmPay profile?

Login to your PalmPay app, go to Settings > Profile Details and input your new phone number. Confirm change via OTP code received to correctly update your account details.

12. How do I check my recent PalmPay transactions?

To view your latest PalmPay spending activity and account statement: Login to PalmPay app > Go to Transactions. You can filter by date ranges and transaction types.

13. What network can I use PalmPay without data?

You can use PalmPay wallet services without internet on the Airtel network via their free USSD access codes to check balance, account number, profile, etc.

14. How do I get PalmPay customer care contact?

You can contact PalmPay Nigeria Customer Service for assistance via: Email –; WhatsApp – +234 700 225 725; Twitter – @PalmPayNG

15. Can I use my PalmPay in other African countries?

No, PalmPay wallet and payment services only work within Nigeria currently. Their services are focused on domestic financial services within the country.

16. How do I request a physical PalmPay card?

Login to your PalmPay app and go to My Card to order a physical PalmPay OK card. Delivery times depend on your location but average 1-2 weeks to activate.

17. What is the maximum PalmPay account balance allowed?

PalmPay currently allows maximum wallet size of 1 million Naira at a time. Limits may increase over time with upgraded verification status levels.

18. Does PalmPay work on laptop?

No, PalmPay services are built exclusively for mobile apps on Android and iOS platforms. There is no desktop or laptop browser access for managing PalmPay wallets at this time.

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With over 2 million users across Nigeria, PalmPay aims to provide the next generation of financial access and inclusion through mobile technology. Be sure to contact their customer support if you have any other questions managing your PalmPay account, OK Card or wallet services.

After reading this article know you know how to use Palmpay OK Card, How to Repay, Deactivate and Unfreeze Account.


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