MoniePoint USSD Code To Transfer Money, Check Balance, Loan, Airtime Purchase

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Hello and welcome, in this article we’ll walk you through MoniePoint USSD Code To Transfer Money, Check Balance, Loan, Airtime Purchase.

MoniePoint offers Nigerians convenient access to essential financial services via Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) codes that work on any basic or feature mobile phone without needing internet.

Customers can leverage MoniePoint’s USSD menu to transfer funds, check account balance, access loan details or buy airtime.

This extensive guide covers step-by-step instructions on using MoniePoint USSD codes correctly for different transactions along with tips, limits and FAQs answered.

Overview of MoniePoint

MoniePoint is a financial technology company that commenced operations in Nigeria in 2015 with backing from local investors.

MoniePoint utilizes an extensive physical agent network across Nigeria to facilitate basic banking services like cash deposit, transfers, bill payments and more for underbanked citizens through USSD technology.

Based in Lagos, MoniePoint aims to drive financial inclusion leveraging mobile phones to offer convenient, low-cost access to essential financial services for the unbanked population in Nigeria.

Benefits of Using MoniePoint USSD Codes

Key benefits of transacting via MoniePoint’s USSD channel include:

  • No internet data required
  • Works on any basic or feature phone
  • Secure PIN protected transactions
  • Pan-Nigeria accessibility from any location
  • Intuitive menu-driven workflows
  • Near real-time transaction alerts

Services Available via MoniePoint USSD Codes

Peer-to-Peer Money Transfers

Transfer money instantly from MoniePoint wallet to any Nigerian bank account

Airtime and Data Purchase

Recharge your mobile plan or buy data packs conveniently

Cash Withdrawals

Withdraw physical cash from extensive network of MoniePoint agents

Account Balance Information

Check available wallet balance and recent transactions

Loan Status Verification

Verify loan application status and view details of ongoing/closed loans

How To Transfer Money Using MoniePoint USSD

*888*Amount*Account Number*Bank Code#

  • Dial USSD code above and enter amount, beneficiary account and bank code details
  • Review summary and confirm transfer to debit amount from MoniePoint wallet instantly
  • You can transfer up to NGN 100,000 per day via this method

Steps To Buy Airtime/Data via USSD

*888*Amount# to recharge your registered mobile number

*888*Amount*Number# to buy airtime for any phone number

  • Dial code, choose amount & number, confirm details
  • Airtime purchased will reflect instantly in target mobile account

How To Withdraw Cash Via MoniePoint Agents


  • Visit authorized MoniePoint agent with enough wallet balance
  • Provide registered phone number and transaction PIN
  • Agent will handover requested physical cash amount

Check Available Balance Details


  • Dial USSD code and navigate to select Balance Check option
  • You will receive an SMS with available wallet balance and last 5 transactions

Loan Status Information Process


  • Dial code above and follow menu to select Loan Services
  • Can check loan application status, amount disbursed and total payable
  • Helps keep track of active or closed loan details

Transaction and Servicing Tips

  • Enter details accurately within 2 minute timeout window
  • Avoid special characters or emojis in remarks
  • Retry failed transactions from scratch before contacting help center
  • Change your PIN only through authorized channels – CC/app

MoniePoint Customer Support

WhatsApp Helpline: 08038884668

Email Address:

Reach out for any queries, complaints or service requests.

MoniePoint USSD Transaction Limits

  • Daily P2P transfer cap – 100,000 Naira
  • Maximum per transaction airtime purchase – 10,000 Naira
  • Minimum airtime/data recharge – 100 Naira
  • Maximum account balance allowed – 2 million Naira.

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Frequently Asked Questions on MoniePoint USSD Code To Transfer Money, Check Balance, Loan, Airtime Purchase

Here are some answered FAQ on  MoniePoint USSD Code To Transfer Money, Check Balance, Loan, Airtime Purchase.

Is there any fee charged for MoniePoint USSD banking?

No. All USSD transactions are currently free. Only your standard SMS charges apply.

Can illiterate customers use USSD codes?

Yes, the interactive menu and voice prompts offer convenient usage across literacy levels.

Which networks in Nigeria support MoniePoint USSD?

MoniePoint USSD works seamlessly across all major telecoms – Glo, Airtel, 9Mobile and MTN without any extra charges.

How to avoid session timeouts during transactions?

Entering details swiftly within 2 minute window allotted for each transaction helps avoid timeouts resulting in failures.

What is the maximum loan amount one can get?

As an eligible repeat customer, you can qualify for personal loans up to 500,000 Naira based on credit score and income levels.

Pro Tips for Hassle-Free Usage of MoniePoint

Follow these expert tips for smooth functioning when leveraging MoniePoint services:

  • Always have your registered mobile number handy
  • Save your designated PIN securely and memorize it
  • Keep your MoniePoint app updated to avoid integration issues
  • Set up transaction alerts and notifications for real-time updates
  • Avoid accessing services in low network coverage areas
  • Change your PIN instantly if you suspect it is compromised
  • Report unresolved complaints promptly for timely redressal

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any USSD transaction charge?

Moniepoint USSD is currently free. Only your standard operator SMS charges apply.

Can I purchase data bundles too?

Currently, only airtime recharge facility available. Data recharges coming soon.

What is the daily limit per number?

You can recharge up to a total of ₦10,000 airtime daily through the USSD channel per registered number.

Whom do I contact for assistance?

WhatsApp Moniepoint Customer Support at 09022223456 for any USSD-related queries or issues.

Are session timeouts common?

Just 2 minutes window per transaction, so have details ready. Retrying is easy and quick.

Can I access detailed statements via USSD?

No, only last 5 transactions visible. For detailed account statements, use Moniepoint app or website.

How to change my login PIN?

You cannot change your access PIN via USSD currently. Use Moniepoint mobile app to reset your login PIN.

What is the maximum loan amount I can get?

As an eligible repeat customer, you can qualify for personal loans up to ₦500,000 based on credit score and income levels.

How to apply for new Moniepoint loan via app?

The loan application journey happens entirely within the Moniepoint mobile app. USSD capability not extended currently for taking new loans.

Whom do I contact for any Moniepoint-related queries?

You can contact Moniepoint Customer Support via phone/WhatsApp/Email/Social Media handles published on their website


In summary, MoniePoint enables Nigerians real-time access to interbank transfers, airtime purchases, cash withdrawals, balance checks and loan tracking via easy-to-use USSD codes from basic feature phones.

Following accurate input formats, transaction steps and help center support ensures smooth financial operations round the clock across Nigeria minus internet requirements.

While Moniepoint USSD provides convenient access to key facilities like airtime recharge, complaint registration and loan account services from basic phones, certain functions still require using the Moniepoint app.

Contact customer support channels outlined for any queries or issues.

After reading this article, you now know how about MoniePoint USSD Code To Transfer Money, Check Balance, Loan, Airtime Purchase.

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