PalmPay USSD Code To Transfer Money, Check Balance, Loan, Airtime Purchase

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Welcome, in this article we’ll talk about PalmPay USSD Code To Transfer Money, Check Balance, Loan, Airtime Purchase.

PalmPay offers an easy way to access mobile financial services through Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) codes.

PalmPay users in Nigeria can leverage USSD to transfer funds, check account balance, apply for loans or buy airtime without internet.

This article provides step-by-step guides on using PalmPay USSD codes to make seamless payments, get mini statements, initiate loans and purchase airtime/data bundles from any type of mobile phone.

PalmPay USSD Code To Transfer Money, Check Balance, Loan, Airtime Purchase

About PalmPay

PalmPay is a mobile payments startup founded in 2019 by Transsion Holdings, the Chinese company behind smartphone brands like Tecno, Infinix and Itel which have a significant user base in Africa.

PalmPay commenced operations in Nigeria in 2019 and gained rapid adoption. In 2020, PalmPay hit 1 million app downloads in Nigeria within one year of launch.

In addition to payments, PalmPay expanded into lending, investments, bills payment, savings and other financial services. PalmPay has an agent network across Nigeria to enable cash transactions.

Benefits of PalmPay USSD Codes

Key benefits of PalmPay’s USSD facility include:

  • Works on any basic phone – smartphone not needed
  • Does not need mobile internet – uses phone call/text capabilities
  • Available across all mobile networks in Nigeria
  • Secure authentication via registered PIN
  • Instant real-time transactions
  • Smooth customer experience just via basic toolbar

PalmPay Services Available via USSD

Money Transfers

Send money from PalmPay wallet to other PalmPay users or bank accounts

Airtime Purchase

Recharge your mobile prepaid plan or buy data plans

Mini Account Statement

Check last 5 transactions and account balance

Loan Services

Initiate personal loan application and check application status

Cash Withdrawal

Withdraw cash from PalmPay wallet at agent locations

Step-By-Step Guide to Use PalmPay USSD Codes

Money Transfer Process

*652*Amount*Account Number*Bank Code#

Enter amount, recipient account number and bank code when prompted and confirm transfer by entering your PalmPay PIN to send money instantly.

Airtime Purchase

*652*Amount# to buy airtime for your registered PalmPay number

*652*Amount*Mobile Number# to purchase airtime for any other number

Account Mini Statement

*652# to check last 5 transactions and view available wallet balance

Loan Services Access

*652# to start personal loan application process and check status

Follow menu prompts to submit loan details, get approved amount and accept loan offer digitally.

Cash Withdrawals

*652# to withdraw cash from PalmPay wallet at authorized agent locations near you.

PalmPay Services Unavailable via USSD

Some services not offered via USSD menu include:

  • Adding beneficiaries
  • Savings account operations
  • Changing PIN
  • Customer support access

For such use cases, use the PalmPay mobile app or contact customer care.

PalmPay USSD Tips and Limits

Follow these tips for smooth USSD transactions:

  • Daily transfer limit of ₦200,000
  • Start small with test transactions first
  • Time out limit of 2 minutes per transaction
  • Avoid special characters in remarks
  • Reinitiate failed transactions
  • Change your PIN only via app

Troubleshooting PalmPay USSD Issues

Try these basic troubleshooting steps before contacting PalmPay care for USSD problems:

Transaction failing:

  • Reconfirm recipient details
  • Check wallet balance is sufficient
  • Retry transaction after some time
  • Use PalmPay chatbot to confirm status

Incorrect options displaying:

  • Re-enter USSD code again
  • Clear caller tunes if enabled
  • Change to simpler phone if advanced smartphone

Timing out too fast:

  • Enter details faster at prompts
  • Avoid peaks times for congestion
  • Re-enter code if session expires

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Frequently Asked Questions about PalmPay USSD Code To Transfer Money, Check Balance, Loan, Airtime Purchase

Here are some answered FAQ about PalmPay USSD Code To Transfer Money, Check Balance, Loan, Airtime Purchase.

Is PalmPay USSD code free to use?

Yes, PalmPay USSD is currently free. Only normal operator SMS charges apply per transaction.

Which mobile networks work?

PalmPay USSD works seamlessly across all major network operators in Nigeria.

Can I do airtime transfer?

Currently, only self airtime purchase available. You cannot transfer airtime via PalmPay USSD.

What is transaction failure experience?

Lack of funds, incorrect details entered, session timeouts may cause failures. Retry transaction.

How to avoid session timeouts?

Enter details at brisk pace within 2 minutes per transaction to avoid USSD session timeouts.

Who can I contact for assistance?

WhatsApp PalmPay customer support at +234 018886888 for USSD-related queries and issues.

What details needed to report USSD issues?

Have mobile number, registered PalmPay profile name, problem description, screenshots if available ready.

Does PalmPay USSD work on landlines?

No, currently PalmPay USSD service works only on GSM mobile networks.

Can I access my full statement via USSD?

No, only wallet balance check and basic transactions possible via USSD.

What is maximum airtime allowed per transaction?

Up to ₦100,000 worth of airtime can be purchased per USSD transaction.

Do I need to activate something before using USSD?

Yes, you need an existing PalmPay account with registered details before accessing USSD.

Which devices support PalmPay USSD service?

All types of mobile phones from basic feature phones to high-end smartphones.


PalmPay makes accessing key financial services quick and convenient via USSD without internet or smartphones.

Follow the instructions to transfer money, check statements, take loans or buy airtime within simple interactive menus by dialing codes from your phone easily.

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