Palmpay Signup: How to open Palmpay account, How to make payments(send and receive money) with palmpay

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Welcome, in this blog we’ll be discussing on PalmPay Signup: How to open Palmpay account, How to make payments(send and receive money) with palmpay.

PalmPay is a leading finitely platform in Nigeria that offers digital financial services through its mobile app. With an easy signup process, anyone can open a PalmPay account to access services like payments, airtime/data purchase, bills payment and more.

This article provides a step-by-step guide on signing up for a PalmPay account and making seamless payments. It covers account creation, verification, funding your wallet, sending/receiving money and other payment services offered by PalmPay.

About PalmPay

PalmPay is a mobile payments company founded in 2019 by Transsion Holdings, the Chinese company behind smartphone brands like Tecno, Infinix and Itel.

PalmPay launched its payment service in Nigeria in 2019. It gained rapid adoption due to the large user base of Transsion phones in Africa. By 2020, PalmPay had over 1 million downloads of its payments app in Nigeria.

In addition to payments, PalmPay expanded to offer services like lending, investments, savings, bills payment and more. It has an agent network to facilitate cash transactions across Nigeria.

PalmPay received its operating license from the Central Bank of Nigeria in 2021. As of 2022, it had over 5 million users in Nigeria and processed over $2 billion in transactions.

Benefits of PalmPay Account

Here are some of the key benefits of having a PalmPay account:

  • Send and receive money instantly
  • Pay bills easily for services like electricity, cable TV, etc
  • Purchase airtime and internet data on the go
  • Access quick loans and investment options
  • Make payments online on supported websites/apps
  • Withdraw cash from extensive agent network
  • Earn attractive cashback and rewards

How to Sign Up for PalmPay Account

Follow these simple steps to create your PalmPay account:

  1. Download app: Get the PalmPay app from PlayStore or AppStore on your phone.
  2. Register: Tap on Sign Up and enter your phone number. You will receive an OTP.
  3. Create password: Create a password for your PalmPay account.
  4. Enter details: Add in your name, email, location and other required information.
  5. Submit details: Review all details entered and submit your registration.
  6. Verify account: Your PalmPay account will be instantly created. Verify it within 72 hours.

The entire signup process takes just a few minutes. Your PalmPay wallet gets activated immediately for payments.

Palmpay Signup: How to open Palmpay account, How to make payments(send and receive money) with palmpay

PalmPay Account Verification Process

To fully activate your PalmPay account, you need to complete the verification process within 72 hours of signup by providing your BVN and required documents.

Follow these steps for quick verification:

  • Provide your valid Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Submit clear photos of your government-issued ID card
  • Capture a selfie for facial recognition
  • Wait for PalmPay to verify your details
  • Your account gets fully activated when verification is successful

Verification helps PalmPay authenticate your identity and prevent frauds. Your daily/monthly transaction limits also increase upon verification.

How to Fund Your PalmPay Wallet

To start making payments, you need to fund your PalmPay wallet. Here are the different ways to add money:

  • Bank transfer – Instantly transfer from any Nigerian bank account to your PalmPay wallet for free.
  • ATM card – Visit nearest PalmPay agent and fund wallet via ATM card cash deposit.
  • Cash deposit – Make cash deposits to agents to credit your PalmPay wallet.
  • Debit/credit card – Add funds directly through your debit/credit card in the PalmPay app.

The added money reflects instantly in your wallet and can be used to make payments.

How to Send Money on PalmPay

Follow these simple steps to transfer money from your PalmPay wallet:

  1. Open PalmPay app and tap on ‘Transfer’ option.
  2. Enter the recipient’s phone number or select from your contacts list.
  3. Enter the transfer amount and remark (optional).
  4. Confirm the details and press Send.
  5. Enter your PalmPay PIN to authenticate transfer.
  6. Money is instantly sent to recipient’s PalmPay wallet.

PalmPay offers seamless money transfers directly between PalmPay account holders. A withdrawal fee may apply if recipient is not on PalmPay.

How to Receive Money on PalmPay

To receive money into your PalmPay wallet:

  • The sender needs your registered PalmPay phone number.
  • When someone transfers money to you, you get an instant notification.
  • Received amount is directly credited into your PalmPay wallet.
  • You can view transaction details in your PalmPay app.

No withdrawal fee applies for receiving money. Funds can be instantly used for payments, transfers, withdrawals, etc.

Other PalmPay Payment Services

In addition to peer-to-peer transfers, you can use your PalmPay wallet for:

  • Airtime purchase – Buy airtime for yourself or others.
  • Data purchase – Get data plans instantly for your mobile.
  • Bill payments – Pay bills for electricity, cable TV, etc.
  • Online payments – Make payments on supported merchant sites/apps.
  • Cash withdrawal – Visit agents to withdraw cash from wallet.

PalmPay aims to be a one-stop payment solution for all your financial transaction needs.

FAQs on Palmpay Signup: How to open Palmpay account, How to make payments(send and receive money) with palmpay

Is PalmPay account registration free?

Yes, there are no charges for signing up and activating a PalmPay wallet account.

How do I recover my PalmPay PIN if I forget it?

Use the ‘Forgot PIN’ option in your PalmPay app and reset your PIN after answering security questions.

What is the maximum balance allowed in PalmPay wallet?

For verified accounts, the maximum wallet balance allowed is up to 5 million naira.

Does PalmPay work on all mobile networks?

Yes, PalmPay services work seamlessly across all major mobile networks in Nigeria.

Can I transfer money from PalmPay to any Nigerian bank?

Yes, you can easily transfer money from your PalmPay wallet to accounts in any Nigerian bank.

Is there any limit on receiving money into PalmPay wallet?

No, there is no limit set by PalmPay on the amount you can receive into your wallet.

What charges apply for deposits into my PalmPay wallet?

There are no charges for transferring money into your PalmPay wallet through bank transfer or card payment.

Can I use PalmPay without an internet connection?

No, you need an active internet connection on your phone to use the PalmPay app and make payments.

How do I contact PalmPay customer support?

You can contact PalmPay customer care via the in-app chat, email, phone call or visit their website support page.

Is my money safe in my PalmPay wallet?

Yes, PalmPay uses robust security measures to keep your money and transactions safe.

Can I have multiple PalmPay accounts on the same phone?

No, PalmPay allows only one wallet per registered phone number and device.

Can I transfer money from my PalmPay wallet to another country?

Currently PalmPay money transfers are allowed only within Nigeria for both senders and recipients.

How do I change my registered phone number on PalmPay?

You can change your registered phone number through the Profile section in your PalmPay app.


PalmPay offers a fast, user-friendly payment service through its mobile app. Signing up for a PalmPay account is easy and free.

Verifying your account enhances your transaction limits. You can fund your wallet, send money to others, receive payments, withdraw cash and make bill payments easily.

With robust security features and responsive customer support, PalmPay provides a seamless payment experience.

By reading all this blog, you now know Palmpay Signup: How to open Palmpay account, How to make payments(send and receive money) with palmpay. Read more on how to create Kuda Bank Account 

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