How to Become a Moniepoint Aggregator and Moniepoint Agent

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Moniepoint aggregator and agent

The Moniepoint financial technology industry has grown beyond transacting funds online alone. One such growth is becoming a Moniepoint aggregator and agent.

Over the years, Moniepoint has gained recognition and popularity among business owners and individuals. This is not far-fetched if not for the commitment to improving the way transactions are conducted especially to the unbanked.

Besides, we all know that living on your salary alone is no longer enough in the present Nigerian economy. With the rising inflation and daily crash of the naira, it has become important for everyone never to depend on one source of income. 

Thus, you will not go wrong if you partner with them. Being an aggregator or an agent is a lucrative business you may want to venture into. Do you need information on how to become a Moniepoint aggregator and 

agent? If yes, then keep reading this blog post because I will unveil to you;

  • Who is a Moniepoint aggregator and agent is
  • Benefits of becoming a Moniepoint aggregator and an agent.
  • How to become a Moniepoint aggregator and agent
  • The requirements you need to become a Moniepoint aggregator and agent

Who Is a Moniepoint Aggregator?

In simple terms, a Moniepoint aggregator is a middleman between Moniepoint company and the PoS agent.

A Moniepoint aggregator also known as Moniepoint distributor is an individual who is entrusted with the responsibility of providing a wide range of payment services. As an aggregator you will act as the representative of Moniepoint, linking the platform to the agent. 

Furthermore, as a  Moniepoint aggregator, you will be responsible for guiding and registering anyone who wishes to be a moniepoint agent.

In other words, a moniepoint aggregator is a company or entity that combines various payment services and solutions into a single platform. That is, they partner with the Moniepoint payment platform to provide them with the infrastructure and technology needed to accept electronic payments from their customers.

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Who Is A Moniepoint Agent?

Moniepoint agents are individuals who partner with Moniepoint aggregator to provide financial services to customers within their local communities using the MoniePoint platform. Some of the services may include bill payments, airtime top-ups, money transfers, payment collections, and others.

Benefits of Becoming A Moniepoint Aggregator And Agent

There are numerous benefits that come with being a Moniepoint aggregator or agent. Some of these are;

  • Source of income: Being a Moniepoint aggregator or agent can provide you with a source of income. However, you can also use it as a part-time job. Thus giving you the opportunity to generate additional income. 

Here, your earnings are limitless as you will be earning daily, weekly, and monthly by earning commissions on transactions conducted through your agent platform. Also, as an agent, you earn a commission anytime you help a customer make any form of payment. Here the company gives you a commission and you will also charge the customer money for helping them carry out their transactions.

  • Economical: In order to become a Monieopoint aggregator and agent does not require you to have a huge amount of money. With little as #20,000 you can become a Moniepoint agent. All you need is to get a good location and start your business.
  • You become a catalyst for change: Being a Moinepoint agent or aggregator makes you a catalyst for change in your environment. Because you help in promoting financial inclusion by providing access to digital financial services to people in your locality.
  • Access to many financial services: When you become a Moniepoint agent, you will have the opportunity to gain access to different types of financial services. Such services include cash withdrawals, cash deposits, airtime top-ups, and bill payments among others to individuals and businesses.
  • Business Expansion and Growth: When you become a Moniepoint agent or aggregator you will have the opportunity to showcase your other businesses to your customers. You know people cannot do without money daily. So coming to you for cash transactions means they will get to know other things you sell. Thus, increasing sales.
  • Access to Intensive Training and Support: The Moniepoint digital platform is committed to the success of its agents and aggregators. With their intensive training programs, you will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to assist your customers without stress.

Besides, you will always have access to  Moniepoint technical assistance, and marketing materials, among others.

How to Become A Moniepoint Aggregator

In order to become a Moniepoint aggregator visit the MoniePoint website then navigate to the “Become a Partner” section.

Note that you will be asked to fill out the application form by providing all the necessary and required details. Such as;

  • A business that is already registered.
  • A tax identification number
  • Other relevant documents. 

However, once your application is reviewed and approved you will be required to integrate the MoniePoint API into your platform to start processing payments.

How To Become a Moniepoint Agent

Before you can become a Moniepoint agent the first thing you need to do is to visit any Moniepoint aggregator center near you. 

Here you will be directed on what to do.

Then request an application form nevertheless, you need to have the following information before you can be fully registered.

This information includes your;

  • Full Name: Your correct full name as it is written on a government-issued identification document.
  • Date of Birth: You will provide your correct birthdate in order to verify your age and identity.
  • State of Origin: The state in which you originated must be provided.
  • BVN: Furthermore, you must provide your Bank Verification Number linked to your bank account.
  • Mobile Number: You must give a working phone number for easy communication. Besides, you may receive an OTP on that number for the verification of your account.
  • Utility Bill: A recent utility bill of not more than 3 months bearing your name and address as proof of residence must also be tender.
  • Passport: A clear and recent passport photograph of yourself.
  • National Identification Number Slip: Your NIN slip issued by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) must also be provided.
  • Residential Address: You must provide your valid residential address.
  • Next of Kin Address: Finally, the accurate information of your next of kin. Such as the address and the mobile number.

Then, fill in all the necessary information required on the form.

Ultimately, pay the sum of N20,000 for the Moniepoint Terminal/POS device.

Alternatively, if you cannot find any Moniepoint authorized distributor near you. You can also register on the Moniepoint Mobile app as a Moniepoint agent.

In order to do this you have to first download the Moniepoint Mobile app on the Google Play Store and launch it on your smartphone.

After that sign up for a new account by providing the necessary information. Such as your name, phone number, BVN, days of birth, identification card, address, and others.

After filling in the necessary information your application will be processed and then approved

Ultimately, you will receive further instructions on how to proceed as a Moniepoint agent. Which will include training, support, and access to the necessary tools to offer Moniepoint services to your customers.

Final Thought

Becoming a Moniepoiny aggregator or agent is an opportunity you should consider grabbing if you need an active source of income. Furthermore, if you desire to be a driver of change that will help individuals and businesses in your community have access to financial services then this is for you.

However, to become a Moniepoint aggregator you must have a registered business, a tax identification number, and a valid means of identity. Also, if you wish to become a Moniepoint agent you can visit an authorized Moniepoint aggregator/ distributor to pay and get registered.

Likewise, you can register directly by downloading the app and signing up as a Moniepount agent. I am sure you have amassed all the information you need on how to become a Moniepoint aggregator and agent.

Start your journey today and unlock the potential of being a Moniepoint aggregator or agent.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Become a MoniePoint Aggregator and Agent

Here are some frequently asked questions about how to become a MoniePoint Aggregator and Agent

What is the difference between a MoniePoint Aggregator and an Agent?

MoniePoint Aggregator is an individual who is licensed to act as a distributor. They integrate the MoniePoint payment platform into their own platform to process electronic payments.

However, a MoniePoint Agent is a person who provides payment services to customers at a physical location using the MoniePoint platform.

What are the requirements to become a MoniePoint Aggregator?

In order to become a MoniePoint Aggregator, all you need is a registered business and a tax identification number.

Also, you will need to complete the application process and integrate the MoniePoint API into your own platform.

What are the benefits of becoming a MoniePoint Aggregator?

There are numerous benefits lined up for you if you become a Moniepoint aggregator. Some of these are;

  • Steady source of income
  • Access to wide financial opportunities
  • Training and certifications among others.

What are the requirements to become a MoniePoint Agent?

Before you can become a MoniePoint agent, you will either visit a registered aggregator to register you. Better still, you sign up as a Moniepoint agent on the app.

However, both methods require you to provide your personal information and pay a sum of twenty thousand naira.

How do I get support as a MoniePoint Aggregator or Agent?

As a Moniepoint aggregator or agent, you will always get support for your business by contacting MoniePoint customer support through their website, email, or phone number. 

Besides, you can attend their training and seek whatever help you might need.

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