UBA transfer code (USSD to send money to UBA and other banks) UBA USSD Codes

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Welcome, Today we’ll be discussing on UBA transfer code (USSD to send money to UBA and other banks) UBA USSD Codes.

United Bank for Africa (UBA) offers customers a fast way to send money to any bank account in Nigeria via USSD transfer codes. This facilitates payments between UBA accounts or external banks conveniently.

About United Bank for Africa

UBA is a leading Pan-African bank offering online/digital banking services, loans, investments and more across Nigeria with global operations.

Benefits of UBA Money Transfer USSD

Key benefits of sending money via UBA USSD include:

  • Transfers money to UBA & other banks instantly
  • Available 24/7 for self-service banking
  • Works directly on all types of mobile phones
  • Avoids physically visiting bank branches

UBA Account Services USSD Codes

Some commonly used UBA USSD codes:

  • Send Money to UBA Account *919*3*Account Number*Amount#
  • Send Money to Other Banks *919*4*Account Number*Amount#
  • Send Money to Microfinance Banks, Fintechs & other Financial Institutions *919*6#
  • Send Money to UBA Prepaid Card *919*32#

Transfer Money to Other Nigerian Banks

Aside UBA-to-UBA, you can also transfer money from your UBA account to all other banks in Nigeria via the *919*30# USSD menu or 919*4*Account Number*Amount#.

Simply search and select destination bank to move money to any account nationally.

Transaction Charges/Fees

UBA typically charges:

  • Free for transfers to UBA accounts
  • 100 Naira flat fee for transfers to other banks in Nigeria
  • May attract additional charges from destination bank

Transfer Limits Per Transaction

USSD transfer amount caps from UBA are:

  • Minimum of 100 Naira per payment
  • Maximum of 200,000 Naira per beneficiary daily

Tips for Smooth USSD Sessions

Handy tips include:

  • Have all transaction details handy beforehand
  • Accurately enter beneficiary account numbers
  • Be in a quiet location to avoid errors
  • Save beneficiary details for future ease

Following best practices result in successful UBA money transfers via USSD every time!

UBA transfer code (USSD to send money to UBA and other banks) UBA USSD Codes

Funds Transfer

The funds transfer menu allows customers to send money to any bank account, UBA accounts, and mobile wallets instantly. Customers need to provide details like the recipient’s account number, bank name, and amount to transfer. UBA processes transfers immediately for customers to receive funds in real-time.

Airtime Purchase

UBA customers can easily purchase airtime and data bundles for major network operators directly from the *919# menu. After selecting the Airtime Purchase option, you choose your network operator and can view available bundle options with prices. Simply enter the mobile number and voucher amount to complete payments.

b>What happens if I enter a wrong number when buying airtime on UBA?

Airtime purchases are automatically reversed if an incorrect mobile number is entered. The airtime value is refunded back into your UBA account immediately. You will need to reinitiate the transaction.

Bills Payment

The UBA mobile banking platform also allows registered billers to make payments seamlessly to service providers like electricity companies, cable TV subscriptions, insurance companies and others. Customers can save billing details for frequently used bill payments.

FAQS About UBA transfer code (USSD to send money to UBA and other banks) UBA USSD Codes

Is there a cost for using UBA USSD service?

No. Usage of UBA USSD is totally free. Only per transaction charges may apply.

Can I change my transaction PIN via mobile?

No, transaction PIN change requires visiting UBA branch in-person for security reasons.

What if I enter a wrong account number?

Contact UBA support to submit payment dispute providing transaction reference details.

Do I need to register my phone number first?

No. As long as you have a UBA debit/credit card linked already, USSD will work directly.

Can corporate accounts also utilize USSD?

Yes. Both individual and current/savings corporate accounts have access to UBA’s USSD codes.

Are USSD banking details securely encrypted?

Yes, latest encryption standards mandated by CBN are used by UBA for securing banking data entered via USSD.

What if my phone number changes?

You need to visit your UBA branch to update changed mobile number for uninterrupted services.

Is there an option to disable USSD access?

Yes. Customers can submit a request at UBA branches to temporarily disable USSD banking channel.

How long does money transfer take via this USSD service?

Funds get credited instantly to beneficiary account in real-time once UBA USSD transaction is completed.

Can I save beneficiary details for future transactions?

Yes. UBA lets you conveniently save preferred beneficiaries to quickly initiate transfers without re-entering details everytime.

What are the operating hours for this service?

UBA USSD codes for money transfers work 24×7 on all days including weekends and public holidays.

Is there timeout if session idle for a long duration?

Yes, sessions get expired after 2 minutes of no activity requiring customers to re-initiate USSD dialing.

Which device models are supported?

UBA USSD service works seamlessly across smartphone devices as well as basic feature phones.

How can I transfer money from my UBA account to another UBA account?

To send money to another UBA account, dial *919#, select Funds Transfer, then choose UBA to UBA transfer. Enter the recipient’s account number, account name, and transfer amount. Confirm details and complete the transfer.

What is the maximum amount I can transfer via UBA USSD daily?

UBA has transfer limits on USSD banking for security reasons. Customers can transfer up to 300,000 Naira daily and up to 2 million Naira monthly. Higher transfer limits are available on internet banking platforms.

Is there a charge for transferring money on UBA mobile banking?

UBA does not charge for transferring money between UBA accounts. But transfers to other bank accounts incur a flat fee of 100 Naira per transaction. This fee is automatically deducted from the transfer amount before crediting the recipient.

What bills can I pay on UBA mobile banking?

UBA supports bill payments across categories like electricity, phone bills, cable TV, internet data, insurance premiums, online shopping and more. New billing partners are frequently added.

Is there any difference between making bill payments on the UBA mobile app vs. USSD banking?

The payment process works essentially the same way on both platforms. The main difference is that the mobile app provides more visibility into previous invoice details for reference before making fresh payments.


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UBA offers a user-friendly and robust USSD banking platform that enables customers conveniently access and manage their accounts from any type of phone. The *919# USSD code menu allows account holders to check balances, view recent transactions, transfer funds to UBA and non-UBA accounts instantly, pay a range of bills, purchase airtime and more.

USSD eliminates the need to have smart devices, download apps or connect to the internet before conducting quick banking transactions. This makes UBA’s mobile banking very accessible to diverse customer demographics across Nigeria. The text-based prompts and menus are simple and intuitive for first-time users as well.

Importantly, UBA has incorporated strong security mechanisms on the USSD platform including transfer limits, debit card blocking facility and more. This prevents fraud and ensures customer deposits are protected always. UBA also continues to educate customers on avoiding phishing and scam attacks targeting banking customers.

For assistance on any service using the *919# code, account holders can speak to customer service agents by selecting relevant options on the phone menu. Overall, UBA’s USSD banking enhances the bank’s commitment to convenience, inclusion and digital financial services for Nigerians across urban and rural areas.

After reading this blog you know about UBA transfer code (USSD to send money to UBA and other banks) UBA USSD Codes.

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