How to get PayForce POS – charges, daily limit, Price, customer car number, office address

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Hello and welcome, Today we’ll be discussing on How to get PayForce POS – charges, daily limit, Price, customer care number, office address.

PayForce POS is a popular point-of-sale system used by many businesses in Nigeria. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about getting set up with PayForce, including an overview of its features, pricing, customer support options, and tips for using the system effectively.

PayForce POS (Point of Sale) is a cloud-based system designed for retail, restaurant, and other businesses in Nigeria. Key features include:

  • Accept payments using cash, cards, bank transfers, QR codes
  • Generate sales reports and inventory management
  • Send digital receipts and invoices to customers
  • Manage employees and track sales by staff
  • Access data from any device using the mobile app or web portal

PayForce aims to help business owners simplify operations, reduce theft and waste, and make data-driven decisions. It’s an affordable, user-friendly alternative to traditional POS systems requiring a lot of equipment. PayForce streamlines the checkout process for customers while providing detailed analytics for managers.


How to Sign Up

Getting started with PayForce POS only takes about 10 minutes. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the PayForce website and click “Get Started”
  2. Select your business industry and size
  3. Choose your preferred payment plan
  4. Enter your business details and create an account
  5. Provide additional info about products, staff, etc.
  6. PayForce will ship your POS hardware for free
  7. Download mobile app and connect devices
  8. Start ring up sales, sending receipts, generating reports, and more!

PayForce has an entire support team ready to guide you through setup and answer any questions. Get assistance via live chat, email, phone, WhatsApp, or Facebook. Onsite training is also available.

Using the PayForce POS System

Managing your PayForce POS is simple with the intuitive mobile app and web portal. Here are some key features and how to use them:

Taking Payments

Accept payments quickly by scanning barcodes or entering product details. PayForce securely processes cash, debit/credit transactions, bank transfers, QR payments, gift cards, and more. Customers can even pay using PayForce consumer app.

Tracking Inventory

Connecting to your sales data, PayForce gives real-time inventory monitoring. Set par levels and get notified when to reorder items. Performing inventory counts is easy with barcode scanning.

Managing Employees

Create employee profiles assigning permissions and login credentials. Use data filters to track sales performance by staff. Limit special functions like refunds and discounts to managers.

Sales Reports

Leverage intuitive reporting with graphs and custom ranges. Export data to share externally. Reports include sales summary, low stock items, peak trading hours, payment types, and more to inform your business strategy.

Customer Management

Capture customer data including order history and contact info for email/SMS marketing. Provide loyalty rewards, personalized offers, and efficient service with CRM features.

Other Features

  • Table booking/management for restaurants
  • Generate and email invoices, receipts, quotes
  • Accept orders and payments online
  • Connect multiple stores/locations

PayForce POS Support and office address

PayForce wants each customer to have an excellent experience from onboarding to daily usage. Contact support through:

  • Office address–  No. 19A, Adeyemo Alakija Street,Victoria Island,Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Phone +234 818 0000 553

In addition to troubleshooting issues, the support team can offer usage advice tailored your business needs. They can walk through how to create discounts rules, set up Android POS stand, enable accounting system integrations, and much more.

PayForce POS Hardware

PayForce delivers free POS hardware with all subscription plans. Available equipment includes:

  • Android point-of-sale stand
  • Receipt printer
  • Cash drawer
  • Barcode scanner
  • Customer-facing second screen

Larger businesses can request multiple units to have at each checkout counter or service location. If experiencing any defects with the pre-configured hardware, PayForce will troubleshoot remotely or send replacement device at no extra charge.

PayForce POS Software Security

Data protection is a top priority. PayForce utilizes encryption, tokenization, firewalls, role-based staff permissions, and leading compliance standards. Software stays up-to-date with routine security patches for optimal defense against cyberthreats.

How to get PayForce POS - charges, daily limit, Price, customer care number, office address

Comparison to Other POS Systems

PayForce POS competes with other top point-of-sale software like Vend POS, Square POS, and more. PayForce beats most rivals featuring monthly subscriptions over lump license fees and bundles robust hardware not requiring extra purchases. Support response times are fast under 2 hours by phone/chat. Intuitive design minimizes staff training time. PayForce also develops local solutions specific for Nigerian payment ecosystem and operations management needs.


FAQ About How to get PayForce POS – charges, daily limit, Price, customer care number, office address

Is PayForce POS secure for processing payments?

Yes, PayForce utilizes encryption, tokenization, firewalls, and other latest security measures to safely handle transactions and protect customer data according to industry compliance standards.

Does PayForce offer loyalty programs?

Yes, PayForce has integrated loyalty and rewards capabilities to incentivize customers with special offers. You can create customized promotions based on visit frequency, transaction size, birthday, and other attributes.

How long does PayForce POS take to set up?

The typical setup only takes about 10 minutes. Simply create an account online, provide business details, pay subscription fee, and download mobile app. PayForce team will contact you to ship pre-configured hardware and guide through any questions during onboarding and beyond.

Can multiple staff members use PayForce POS?

Absolutely. Managers can create separate login credentials for entire teams while setting individual permission levels. All employees can accessPOS system via app/web portal tailored their role.

Does PayForce offer offline mode?

Yes, the PayForce mobile app and terminals can continue operating in offline mode with cached data. Transactions will sync to cloud when connection is restored. This prevents disruption even during internet outages.

Can I process USD or other currency payments?

Currently, PayForce only supports Naira (₦) pricing and payments. However, they plan to add USD, Euro, Pound currency capabilities in the near future based on customer demand.

Is there a contract or commitment?

No, PayForce does not require term contracts or long-term commitments. You have the flexibility to cancel anytime if dissatisfied.

How does PayForce compare to other POS systems?

PayForce competes favorably to alternatives featuring monthly subscriptions over lump license fees and bundles robust hardware not requiring extra purchases. Support response times are under 2 hours by phone/chat. Intuitive design minimizes staff training. PayForce also develops local solutions specific for Nigerian payment needs.

Can I use my own POS hardware?

PayForce is specifically optimized to work with the certified hardware they provide including receipt printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners. This ensures seamless integration. However, the software is browser-based so can be accessed on PCs and tablets using their web portal if preferred.

Is customer data protected?

Absolutely. Protecting sensitive information is core to PayForce system and compliance standards. Data is secured through encryption, tokenization, access controls, firewalls, and regular 3rd party auditing.

How fast is support response time?

PayForce prides themselves on providing timely customer support within 2 hours for most inquiries via phone, email, live chat, Facebook/WhatsApp messaging.

Can I accept QR code payments?

Yes, PayForce POS seamlessly accepts a wide variety of cashless payment methods including bank transfers, QR code scans, contactless cards, mobile money, etc. QR codes can be displayed on second screen facing customers.

Is PayForce designed for Nigerian businesses?

PayForce POS is built by a Nigerian company specifically to meet local market needs. From MSME retail shops to restaurants and fuel stations, it provides customized domestic pricing, payment types, inventory sourcing, and language translations indigenous users require.

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PayForce POS provides a comprehensive, affordable point-of-sale system tailored for Nigerian businesses. The cloud-based solution processes payments, tracks inventory, manages staff, generates analytics, and more to help owners simplify operation.

Getting set up takes just minutes – simply visit their website, select a pre-configured subscription plan based on your size, enter business details, and PayForce handles the rest including shipping hardware and offering unlimited support.

Key pricing such as ₦2,500/month for micro businesses allows modern POS capabilities on modest budgets.

Contact PayForce by phone, email, chat, Facebook, or WhatsApp to inquire further. Investing in their secure, user-friendly system can significantly enhance customer experiences and transactions while controlling costs.

After reading this blog you know about How to get PayForce POS – charges, daily limit, Price, customer car number, office address.

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