Eversend Vs Chipper Cash: Differences, Similarities, which is better?

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Welcome, Today we’ll talk about Eversend Vs Chipper Cash: Differences, Similarities, which is better?

Eversend and Chipper Cash are two leading African fintech platforms offering cross-border payment services. This extensive guide examines Eversend versus Chipper Cash in depth – their similarities, differences, features, fees, security, customer support and more to determine which option may be better suited for your money transfer needs as an African consumer or business.

Founded in 2019 by Stone Atwine and headquartered in Kampala, Eversend enables fast, affordable payments across African countries and worldwide. Customers can send, receive and withdraw funds using the Eversend app without requiring a bank account.

Key capabilities include:

  • Wallet-to-wallet transfers
  • Cash pickup withdrawals
  • Merchant payments
  • Airtime and data top-up
  • Virtual prepaid Mastercard

Eversend operates in over 30 African countries and has delivered over $1 billion in transaction volume since inception.

Founded in 2018 in San Francisco by Ham Serunjogi and Maijid Moujaled, Chipper Cash enables free cross-border payments between African countries and globally using only a mobile phone.

Main products offered are:

  • P2P transfers between Chipper wallets
  • Local currency collection via bank deposits
  • Business payments like invoices and payrolls
  • Crypto buying, selling and trading

Chipper Cash has raised $100+ million funding, operates in 8 African countries, and processed over $1 billion in payments.

Eversend vs. Chipper Cash: Feature Comparison

Although both platforms enable digital payments, some core feature differences include:

Network Scope

Eversend enables transfers across over 30 African countries currently. Chipper Cash operates in 8 major countries but expanding.


Eversend advertises near instant transfers between Eversend wallets. Chipper also touts real-time wallet payments but bank deposits take 1-3 days.

Cash Delivery

Eversend offers cash pickup option at agents. Chipper Cash requires recipients first withdraw deposited funds from their bank.

Business Payments

Chipper Cash added invoice generation, bulk payments and other business tools. Eversend focuses on consumer money transfers.

In summary, Eversend claims broader African reach currently while Chipper Cash has more business features.

Eversend vs. Chipper Cash: Sending Money

The steps to send money on both platforms are fairly similar:

  1. Download app and create account
  2. Input recipient details like phone, email etc
  3. Enter transfer amount and pay
  4. Recipient gets money in wallet or bank

Both boast easy interfaces forCue common flow navigating options to add recipient, select bank or mobile money provider, enter amount and send. User reviews however suggest Eversend rated higher for simplicity presently.

Eversend vs. Chipper Cash: Receiving Money

To receive money using Eversend and Chipper Cash:

  1. Give sender your phone number, email or wallet ID
  2. Get instant notification upon money sent
  3. Accept transfer into wallet balance
  4. Withdraw to local bank or cash pickup

Chipper Cash supports receiving directly into Nigerian bank accounts like GTbank and Access Bank. Eversend incoming funds must go into wallet first before local withdrawal.

Eversend vs. Chipper Cash: Cost Comparison


Eversend and Chipper Cash both promote free P2P payments for wallet transfers. However:

  • Eversend charges 1.4% on withdrawals from wallet to cash or bank account in destination countries like Nigeria. Minimum fee around ₦250.
  • Chipper Cash earns from forex margin on international payments into Nigeria averaging 1-3% fee.

Exchange Rates

Both platforms use real-time forex benchmark rates showing upfront estimates. Final exchange amounts on Chipper Cash may vary slightly from shown rate.

Transaction Limits

Eversend imposes varying sending limits up to $10,000 daily. Chipper Cash restricts first-time transfers to $250 but increases up to $2500 with activity and verifications.

For most consumers, limits allow sufficient payment volumes on both platforms.

Eversend Vs Chipper Cash: Differences, Similarities, which is better?

Eversend vs. Chipper Cash: Speed Comparison

Transfer processing timelines include:

  • Eversend – Instant between Eversend wallets; receiving bank deposits within 24 hours for Nigeria.
  • Chipper Cash – Instant between Chipper wallets; local bank credit in 1-3 days for Nigeria.

In essence, comparable transfer completion rates once transaction initiated on either platform.

Eversend vs. Chipper Cash: Ease of Use

Both platforms invest heavily in user experience and mobile-first design simplifying transfers.

However, Eversend app rated higher currently on Android and iOS stores in terms of beginner-friendly flows to send, receive or withdraw money.

Chipper Cash closing gap with iterative improvements and localized teaches like accepting directly into Nigerian accounts.

Eversend vs. Chipper Cash: Security

Eversend and Chipper Cash implement robust security protections like:

  • Bank-level encryption
  • Password protection
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Fraud monitoring
  • Tier 1 hosting infrastructure

Both also store majority of funds with licensed financial institutions for custodial protection of user monies against internal misuse.

No known major security breaches reported by either platform to date.

Eversend vs. Chipper Cash: Customer Support

Both Eversend and Chipper Cash provide the following customer assistance channels:

  • In-app messaging
  • Email support
  • Detailed FAQs and tutorials

Response times on both average less than 24 hours based on user reviews. Eversend appears more responsive presently particularly via in-app chat.

Eversend vs. Chipper Cash: Verdict

For consumers needing a user-friendly, low-cost option to send money across African borders like Nigeria quickly, Eversend edges Chipper Cash currently on factors like:

  • Broader country network reach enabling more corridors
  • Quicker in-app chat support response times
  • Higher app store ratings indicating easier first-time use

However, Chipper Cash offers unique benefits like direct Nigerian bank deposits, business features, and crypto exchange – which may appeal differently depending needs.

Evaluate specific requirements around African scope, target speed, fees, use-case (personal or business) and recipient destination (wallet, bank, cash) – to determine if Eversend or Chipper Cash better fulfills cross-border payment needs.

FAQS About Eversend Vs Chipper Cash: Differences, Similarities, which is better?

Does Eversend require recipients also have accounts?

No, you can send to any phone number, email or bank account. Recipient does not need to be registered Eversend user.

Can individuals use Chipper Cash in Nigeria?

Yes, Nigerians can freely sign-up, verify accounts and utilize Chipper Cash for personal payments, remittances and money transfers.

How old must I be to use Eversend or Chipper?

Both platforms require sender and recipient are at least 18 years old before allowing account creation and money transfers.

Is Eversend regulated in Nigeria?

Yes. Eversend maintains licenses to operate as an authorized money transfer provider in Nigeria and complies with CBN regulations.

Does Chipper Cash work in all African countries?

Not yet, but Chipper Cash expanding rapidly across continent to reach over 30 countries matching largest networks like Eversend.

Can I use both Eversend and Chipper Cash together?

Yes. Some consumers use Eversend for P2P transfers but Chipper for accessing crypto trading features on one platform.

How do I contact Eversend support?

Reach Eversend 24/7 via in-app chat, email support@eversend.com or Twitter DMs. Response rate under 1 hour during working hours.

How do I contact Chipper Cash support?

Reach Chipper Cash via in-app chat, email hello@chippercash.com or Twitter DMs. Receive assistance within 24 hours guaranteed.

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Both Eversend and Chipper Cash offer reliable and secure money transfer services, but each has its strengths and weaknesses.

Eversend is more flexible service and better exchange rate transparency. However chipper cash has wider coverage and offers a simple approach to transferring money.

After reading this blog you know about Eversend Vs Chipper Cash: Differences, Similarities, which is better?

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