How to borrow from Mama Credit Loan App: Mama Credit Loan App Apk Download, Customer Care Details

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Welcome, Today we’ll be discussing on How to borrow from Mama Credit Loan App: Mama Credit Loan App Apk Download, Customer Care Details.

Mama Credit provides fast collateral-free loans to Nigerians via their mobile app. This guide covers how to download the Mama Credit loan app, create an account, get approved for funds and contact their customer care for support.

Founded in 2020 and based in Lagos, Mama Credit aims to offer ethical financial inclusion to everyday Nigerians through technology. Their advanced algorithms assess social factors beyond credit scores to approve affordable emergency loans remotely.

With flexible repayment options, no hidden fees and friendly support teams, Mama Credit provides accessible funds securely to help clients bridge income gaps and smooth consumption.

Backed by leading investors like Accion Venture Lab, Flourish Ventures and Newid Capital, Mama Credit hopes to bank millions of un/underserved Nigerians with products catering informal economic nuances.

Downloading the Mama Credit App

The Mama Credit loan app can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices as follows:

Android Phone

  1. Open Google Play Store app
  2. Search for “Mama Credit”
  3. Look for app by Solutex Limited
  4. Tap Install and Accept permissions
  5. App begins downloading on phone


  1. Open Apple App Store
  2. Search for “Mama Credit”
  3. Look for app by Solutex Limited
  4. Tap Get and Install
  5. App begins downloading on iPhone

The app is around 20MB size so ensure enough space on device. Also enable installs from external sources on Android beforehand.


MamaCredit loan requirements & eligibility

To be eligible for a MamaCredit loan, the following criteria must be met:

The borrower must be a resident of Nigeria.

Borrowers must be between 20 to 55 years old.

BVN (Bank Verification Number) information must be provided.

Creating a Mama Credit Account

Upon installing, create a Mama Credit account with steps below:

  1. Launch the app and tap Create Account
  2. Enter valid phone number to receive OTP
  3. Input OTP code received via SMS
  4. Provide requested personal details
  5. Upload photo ID like national ID card or driver’s license
  6. Accept terms and conditions

Profile gets reviewed before account activation to verify identity. Then apply for loan products. Ensure accurate details submission.

Minimum Requirements

To qualify for a Mama Credit account, applicants must:

  • Be 18+ years old
  • Earn at least ₦50,000 monthly
  • Have BVN linked phone number
  • Provide valid government ID document

Meeting basic criteria enables accessing Mama Credit’s responsible financial services seamlessly.

Getting a Loan on Mama Credit

Once registered, request your first loan in the Mama Credit app through these steps:

  1. Login and tap Apply for Loan
  2. Select desired loan amount and tenor
  3. Provide employment details
  4. List references like next of kin
  5. Read and accept quoted terms
  6. Await approval decision notification

If approved, loan amount disburses to connected bank account within 24 hours maximum. Get multiple loans up to higher limits upon repayment history.

Loan Disbursal Timing

Upon approval, loan amount transfers to bank account on file within:

  • Instantly – If existing customer
  • 24 hours – If new customer undergoing verification

Applicants must have personally owned or operated bank account for receipt of approved funds.

Repaying Mama Credit Loans

Several options available for making loan repayments conveniently:

  • Debit card – Used during application automatically deducts EMIs
  • Bank transfer – Make one-time payments to Mama Credit
  • Cash deposit – Through agents specified
  • QR codes – Scan to pay via apps like PalmPay

Schedule recurring debits from salary account or pay manually before due dates. Track repayment progress in-app. Get alerts on any missed payments.

Early Repayment Discount

Settling loan ahead of tenure closing attracts discount on interest payable. The savings increase the quicker you repay principal.

Late Repayment Penalties

Avoid missed payments which incur late fees and risk account suspension or BVN impact. Communicate any hardships repaying immediately for resolution.

Email Address

Write to Mama Credit customer care email at:


Visiting Mama Credit Offices

The Mama Credit head office address is:

  • No 4 Jolayemi Samuel Street, VI Lagos Nigeria.

Schedule appointments for in-branch meetings if required at their head office or other locations opening nationwide.

Borrowing Responsibly

Mama Credit encourages applicants borrow only essential amounts repayable conveniently within their means. Avoid piling multiple loans or high-interest debt traps.

Read terms thoroughly and escalate early repayment challenges. Using credit sensibly upholds strong digital borrowing reputation with partners.


How to borrow from Mama Credit Loan App: Mama Credit Loan App Apk Download, Customer Care Details

FAQ On How to borrow from Mama Credit Loan App: Mama Credit Loan App Apk Download, Customer Care Details

How fast does Mama Credit approve loans?

Mama Credit touts approval in under 10 minutes for repeat borrowers and 24 hours for new applicants contingent on accurate profile details furnished.

What is the maximum loan amount from Mama Credit?

Mama Credit offers up to ₦5 million for qualified borrowers with over 12-month repayment terms. Start with smaller urgent loans before bigger amounts.

Does Mama Credit call employers for verification?

Yes occasionally. Mama Credit conducts routine reference checks with provided contacts like employers for select higher value loans as part of approval diligence.

Can I repay loan before Mama Credit due date?

Yes. Early settlements qualify for interest savings incentivizing timely repayments as able. Notify company to reconcile any changes.

How does Mama Credit use borrower data?

Safely encrypted data inputs feed into proprietary algorithms determining suitability while upholding privacy. Outputs relied for credit decisions and continuing improvements.

What loan tenors does Mama Credit provide?

Loan products feature 1-12 month repayment schedules customized based on specific borrower profile, cashflow and needs upon application review before approval.

Can I apply for multiple Mama Credit loans together?

We advise against simultaneous loan stacking. Complete existing repayment before new application to maintain healthy borrowing. Discuss increased needs.

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Mama Credit enables Nigerians access fast, ethical loans via mobile app on approved terms tailored to income realities. The installments provide emergency funds meeting urgent needs while building alternate credit history at fair rates. With transparent processes, responsible borrowers get premium services through dedicated customer assistance channels and technology easing borrowing formalities safely.

After reading this blog you know How to borrow from Mama Credit Loan App: Mama Credit Loan App Apk Download, Customer Care Details.

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