Flutterwave Customer Care Number, Whatsapp Number, Email Address and Office Address

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Welcome, Today we’ll talk about Flutterwave Customer Care Number, Whatsapp Number, Email Address and Office Address.

As a leading Nigerian fintech company, Flutterwave makes contacting their customer support easy through multiple channels. This guide provides Flutterwave‘s phone/WhatsApp number, email address, office locations and answers frequent questions regarding their services.

Established in 2016 and headquartered in Lagos, Flutterwave builds modern payments infrastructure for Africa to enable businesses seamlessly collect and make payments across channels and currencies.

Key capabilities offered to merchants and banks include:

  • Payment gateway integration
  • Store, bank transfer and card collection
  • Transaction routing and splitting
  • Payment links and pages
  • Merchant account management
  • Settlement and reconciliation

Top global brands like Uber, Flywire and Booking.com rely on Flutterwave processing over $16 billion payments annually across 34 African countries.

Flutterwave Support Contacts

Flutterwave offers customer assistance during Nigerian working hours via:

Phone and WhatsApp Number

Speak to a live representative by calling or messaging their help line at:

  • +234700-35888379

Support agents also respond to inquiries, complaints and account requests via WhatsApp chat.

Email Address

Send written queries, documentation and feedback to the Flutterwave email support at:

  • hi@flutterwavego.com

Expect a response from their customer experience team within 24 hours.

Live Chat

Log into the Flutterwave dashboard to access real-time messaging with an agent via the portal’s embedded chat widget for instant help.

Flutterwave Office Addresses

Flutterwave headquarters is located at:

  • Plot 2, Lagos Food Bank Building, Taiwo Ologun Avenue, Off Oluaboderin Street, Punch Estate, Mangoro Bus stop, Ikeja, Lagos.

Additional offices reside in locations like:

  • Abuja
  • Benin City
  • Accra
  • Nairobi
  • San Francisco

Merchants can schedule in-person appointments at local sites to discuss integrations, account needs and payments solutions for their business.

Onboarding with Flutterwave

Signing up as a Flutterwave merchant involves:

  1. Provide company details like name, email, phone number
  2. Specify payment methods sought like cards, bank transfers etc
  3. Integrate payment SDKs or links as directed
  4. Undergo KYC verification submitting business docs
  5. Monitor dashboard for payments and reconcile

Flutterwave sales and integration experts assist each step ensuring smooth launch. Access capabilities like custom checkout, payment pages, splits, routing and more.

Acceptable Identification

To create Flutterwave merchant accounts, provide valid government ID such as:

  • National ID Card
  • Voter’s Card
  • Driver’s License
  • International Passport

Plus business supporting documents like certificates of incorporation and utility bills.

Verification Duration

Merchant account reviews complete within 1-3 days after submission of proper KYC documentation. This facilitates trading without lengthy delays.

Managing Flutterwave Merchant Accounts

The secure cloud-based dashboard at dashboard.flutterwave.com empowers capabilities like:

  • View real-time payments and reconcile
  • Send payouts to bank accounts
  • Generate settlement reports
  • Manage sub-accounts
  • Customize payment links
  • Block compromised payment methods

Monitor account activity for unauthorized transactions and immediately report discrepancies.

Updating Business Information

Login to dashboard profile section to edit company details like name, location, directors, share structure and upload renewed documentation as needed to maintain compliance.

Flutterwave Customer Care Number, Whatsapp Number, Email Address and Office Address

FAQs About Flutterwave Customer Care Number, Whatsapp Number, Email Address and Office Address

How quickly does Flutterwave payout to bank accounts?

Flutterwave settlements via bank transfer or direct debit complete within 24-48 hours on working days for approved merchant accounts.

Can individuals sign up for Flutterwave?

No, Flutterwave services are meant for registered business entities undergoing KYC verification. Individual accounts not permitted currently.

Is Flutterwave considered a bank?

No. Flutterwave partners with financial institutions but is an independent payment solutions service platform, not a licensed bank or lender.

What are Flutterwave payment links?

Shareable URLs that trigger customized checkout UIs allowing easy remote payments from customers via cards, bank transfers etc integrated into website/emails.

How do I reset my Flutterwave merchant account password?

To change forgotten password, click forgot password link on dashboard login page and input registered email to receive reset instructions.

Can I use Flutterwave without internet access?

No. Flutterwave depends on internet connectivity for managing payments, viewing dashboard and website/app integrations.

How long does Flutterwave account approval take?

Merchant signups undergo KYC review completing within 24-72 hours typically. Simple profiles faster while more complex vetting may have longer timelines before activation.

What are the service fees and charges for Flutterwave?

Flutterwave pricing models based on payment volume tiers. Generally 1.5%-2.5% per transaction capped monthly plus settlement delivery fees to banks.

Can I connect multiple bank accounts to Flutterwave?

Yes. Merchants can link multiple business bank accounts to disburse settlements as needed across operational needs.

How quickly does Flutterwave resolve disputes?

Reported issues assigning service repsaverage 24 hour response rate. But dispute lifecycles extend over months tallying evidence before conclusions.

Can my customers pay Flutterwave invoices over installments?

Yes. Flutterwave links with financing providers allowing buyers pay big tickets in 3, 6 or 12 month installments via stored cards.

How do I contact Flutterwave Outside Nigeria?

Internationally, contact Flutterwave via email to support@flutterwavego.com or listed numbers using VOIP services. Regional sites have local contacts.

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Flutterwave makes payments frictionless for Nigerian enterprises to grow globally. Contacting support is easy via phone/WhatsApp, email, social media and live chat with local expertise assisting.

Create secure merchant accounts accepting major payment methods after online signup and straightforward verification.

Responsibly manage account payments, payouts and customizations through the robust dashboard.

As trusted partners for leading multinationals, Flutterwave delivers reliable infrastructure so businesses focus on customers not cashflow.

After reading this article know you Flutterwave Customer Care Number, Whatsapp Number, Email Address and Office Address.

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