Forgot my 1xbet Password and Pin – How to Reset, Change and Recover 1xbet Password and Pin

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Welcome Today we’ll talk about Forgot my 1xbet Password and Pin – How to Reset, Change and Recover 1xbet Password and Pin.

1xbet is one of the most popular online sports betting platforms in Nigeria. With millions of users, it’s common for people to forget their 1xbet login details like password or pin. If you have forgotten your 1xbet password or pin, don’t worry – you can easily reset and recover your login credentials. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss steps to change, reset and recover your forgotten 1xbet password and pin.

1xbet is an international online betting company that started in 2007 in Russia. It offers sports betting, live betting, casino games, live casino, virtual sports, TV games and more. 1xbet holds licenses for online betting in Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and other African countries.

To access your 1xbet account, you need to provide your login details – username and password. You also set a security PIN during registration. If you forget either your password or PIN, you cannot access your account. But 1xbet offers reliable methods to recover and reset your login credentials securely.

Why You May Forget Your 1xbet Password or Pin

There are several reasons you may forget your 1xbet password or pin. Some common reasons include:

  • It’s been long since you logged in last
  • You changed devices and don’t have the credentials saved
  • You set a complex password that’s hard to remember
  • You were drunk or excited when registering and chose random characters
  • You have multiple betting site accounts and mixed up the logins

Regardless of the reason, forgetting your password or PIN can lock you out of your 1xbet account. You cannot place bets, withdraw winnings or access your funds without logging in. So it’s crucial to recover your login details promptly.

How to Reset Your 1xbet Password

If you forgot your 1xbet password, follow these steps to reset and recover it:

  1. Open the 1xbet site and click ‘Log In’ on the top menu
  2. Enter your username in the first field
  3. Click ‘Forgot your password?’ below the password field
  4. Select your country and enter phone number used during 1xbet registration
  5. Click ‘Reset password’
  6. 1xbet will send a password reset link to your email or phone as SMS
  7. Click the link and create a new password
  8. Login with your username and new password

The password reset link expires in 24 hours. Once you create a new password, your old password will no longer work. Make sure to save your new password somewhere safe.

How to Reset Your 1xbet Pin

If you forgot PIN, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your 1xbet account with username and password
  2. Go to My Account > Security Settings
  3. Enter your password again for verification
  4. Go to Change PIN section
  5. Enter a new 4-digit PIN and re-enter to confirm
  6. Click Change PIN

Your old PIN will no longer work. The new PIN will be needed when you login to 1xbet next time. Memorize it or save securely.

How to Recover 1xbet Password if You Lost Reset Link

If you requested a 1xbet password reset but lost the link before using it, don’t worry. You can request a new link by:

  1. Click ‘Log In’ and then ‘Forgot your password?’
  2. Enter your phone number again
  3. Click ‘Reset password’
  4. 1xbet will text or email a new password reset link
  5. Use the new link immediately to create a password

You can request a new reset link every 24 hours. Just repeat the process if you lose the previous link.

What to Do if You Forgot 1xbet Username

Without your 1xbet username, you cannot reset password or login. If you forgot username, try these methods:

  • Check old emails or texts from 1xbet for your username
  • Use 1xbet Live Chat and ask support to retrieve your username
  • If registered by phone, call 1xbet support to find username
  • Provide personal details to 1xbet support to find your account

1xbet support can find your account details if you provide accurate personal information. They will help you recover the username.

How to Avoid Forgetting 1xbet Password and Pin

To avoid forgetting your 1xbet login details again, do the following:

  • Save your username, password and PIN somewhere safe like a password manager
  • Set password reminders in your browser or email
  • Use simple, easy-to-remember credentials
  • Change your login details periodically if concerned about security
  • Enable two-factor authentication on your 1xbet account
  • Log in frequently so you don’t forget the details

Taking these measures will help ensure you don’t get locked out of your account again in future.

FAQs About Forgot my 1xbet Password and Pin – How to Reset, Change and Recover 1xbet Password and Pin

Forgot my 1xbet Password and Pin - How to Reset, Change and Recover 1xbet Password and Pin

1. I forgot both 1xbet password and PIN. What now?

You can reset your 1xbet password even without knowing the old one. Follow the password reset steps above. Once you reset the password, you can login and change your forgotten PIN.

2. How long does it take to get 1xbet password reset link?

The password reset link is sent instantly to your email or phone number used during 1xbet registration. You should receive it within a few minutes.

3. Can someone else reset my 1xbet password?

No, only you can reset your 1xbet password. The reset link is sent to your registered contact. Others cannot access or change your password without access to your email or phone.

4. I don’t have access to email/phone used for 1xbet. What to do?

Contact 1xbet customer support through Live Chat or social media. Provide proof of identity and request them to update your account’s email/phone number for password reset.

5. How do I create a strong 1xbet password?

Use 8 or more characters mixing upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Avoid dictionary words, personal info or sequential characters for a stronger password.

6. Can I reset 1xbet PIN online?

No, you cannot reset your 1xbet PIN online. You need to login with password first, then change PIN under My Account settings.

7. I forgot my 1xbet username. How do I find it?

Check old emails or texts from 1xbet which may contain your username. Or contact customer support and verify identity to retrieve your account’s username.

8. Is there a limit to how many times I can reset 1xbet password?

No, there is no limit on how many times you can reset your 1xbet password. You can request a new password reset link every 24 hours.

9. Does 1xbet notify when password is changed?

Yes, 1xbet will send an email and SMS notification to your registered contact when

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Forgetting your 1xbet login credentials can be frustrating, but it’s a common issue that’s easily fixed. As we’ve covered, you can conveniently reset your 1xbet password online by requesting a password reset link via email or SMS. Resetting your PIN is also straightforward by changing it under your account settings after logging in.

If you’ve forgotten both password and username, 1xbet’s helpful customer support can assist in recovering your account access. They will verify your identity and retrieve your account details.

The key is not to panic if you’ve been locked out of 1xbet temporarily. The platform offers reliable and secure ways to get you back in quickly. Just follow the appropriate password or PIN reset steps outlined.

Going forward, be sure to store your new credentials somewhere safe like a password manager. Enable two-factor authentication as well, and log in frequently to ensure you don’t forget the details again.

With the resources above, you now have all the knowledge needed to swiftly reset, change or recover your forgotten 1xbet password or PIN. You’ll be back betting, winning and withdrawing seamlessly in no time.

After reading this blog you know about Forgot my 1xbet Password and Pin – How to Reset, Change and Recover 1xbet Password and Pin.

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