Forgot my Bet9ja Password and Pin – How to Reset, Change and Recover Bet9ja Password and Pin

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Welcome Today we’ll talk about Forgot my Bet9ja Password and Pin – How to Reset, Change and Recover Bet9ja Password and Pin.

Bet9ja is one of the most popular sports betting sites in Nigeria. With millions of users, it’s common for people to forget their Bet9ja login details like password or PIN. Don’t worry, you can easily reset, change, and recover your Bet9ja password and PIN by following some simple steps.

Bet9ja allows you to place bets on sports events like football, basketball, tennis and more. To access your Bet9ja account, you need to enter your username and password. You also need a 4-digit PIN for making withdrawals and other transactions.

If you have forgotten your Bet9ja login credentials, you have a few options to recover and reset them:

  • Use the “Forgot Password” option on Bet9ja website or app
  • Contact Bet9ja customer support to reset password and PIN
  • Visit a Bet9ja shop with valid ID to change password

In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss step-by-step procedures to:

  • Reset your Bet9ja password online
  • Change Bet9ja password by email verification
  • Recover Bet9ja password using security question
  • Reset Bet9ja PIN by contacting customer support

Follow the instructions carefully and you will be able to regain access to your Bet9ja account easily.

Reset Bet9ja Password Online

If you forgot your Bet9ja password, the easiest way is to reset it online using the “Forgot Password” option:

  1. Go to and click on “Login” option.
  2. On the login page, click on “Forgot Password”.
  3. Enter your registered Bet9ja username.
  4. Select your registered mobile number from the dropdown.
  5. Click on “Continue” and a OTP will be sent to your number.
  6. Enter the OTP and click Verify.
  7. Create a new password and re-enter to confirm.
  8. Click on “Proceed” to set the new password.

This will instantly reset your Bet9ja password online. You can now login with the new password and your username.

Change Bet9ja Password by Email Verification

If you don’t remember your registered mobile number, you can also reset Bet9ja password using email verification:

  1. Go to Bet9ja website and click “Login”.
  2. Click “Forgot Password” below the login form.
  3. Enter your registered username.
  4. Choose “Email Verification” option.
  5. Enter the email ID registered with your Bet9ja account.
  6. Click on “Continue”.
  7. A verification link will be sent to your email.
  8. Click on the link to verify and open password reset page.
  9. Create and confirm your new password and click “Proceed”.

This will change your Bet9ja password via email. Going forward, always remember to note down your login details safely.

Recover Bet9ja Password with Security Question

If you had set a security question on your Bet9ja account, you can use it to recover your forgotten password:

  1. Go to Bet9ja login page and click “Forgot Password”.
  2. Enter your username and select “Security Question” method.
  3. Answer the security question you had selected.
  4. Once verified, you can enter and confirm a new password.
  5. Click on “Proceed” and your password will be changed.

The security question option is helpful when you don’t have access to your registered email or mobile number.

Reset Bet9ja PIN by Contacting Customer Support

If you have forgotten your 4-digit Bet9ja PIN, you cannot reset it online by yourself. You will need to contact Bet9ja customer support to verify your identity and reset the PIN.

Here is the process to reset and recover Bet9ja PIN:

  1. Contact Bet9ja customer care using the Live Chat option or by calling 08099990939.
  2. Provide your name, username, email and mobile number used for registration.
  3. The customer representative will verify your details and identity.
  4. Once verified, they can reset your 4-digit PIN in the system.
  5. You will get an email when your PIN has been reset successfully.

Make sure to remember this new PIN as it is important for making withdrawals and transactions on Bet9ja.

Tips to Avoid Forgotten Bet9ja Password

Here are some tips to avoid the inconvenience of a forgotten Bet9ja password:

  • Set a simple password that you can remember easily.
  • Save your Bet9ja username and password securely in a password manager.
  • Note down the password and keep it somewhere safe in case you forget it.
  • Set answers to security questions in case you need to recover password.
  • Link your email ID and mobile number to your account.
  • Change your password every few months for better security.

FAQs About Forgot my Bet9ja Password and Pin – How to Reset, Change and Recover Bet9ja Password and Pin

Forgot my Bet9ja Password and Pin - How to Reset, Change and Recover Bet9ja Password and Pin

1. I forgot my Bet9ja password, how do I reset it?

You can easily reset your forgotten Bet9ja password using the “Forgot Password” link on the Bet9ja login page. Select your registered mobile number or email ID and follow the steps to create a new password.

2. What if I don’t have access to my registered email or mobile number?

If you don’t have access to the registered contact details, use the security question method to reset your Bet9ja password. Or you can visit a Bet9ja shop with valid ID proof.

3. How long does it take to reset Bet9ja password online?

Resetting your Bet9ja password online takes just a few minutes. You will be able to log in with the new password instantly.

4. Can I reset my Bet9ja password on mobile app?

Yes, you can use the Forgot Password option on Bet9ja mobile app as well to reset your password instantly.

5. I forgot my Bet9ja PIN, how do I retrieve or change it?

Bet9ja PIN can only be reset by contacting Bet9ja customer support. Chat with them online or call them to verify identity and reset your 4-digit PIN.

6. What details are required to reset Bet9ja password?

You need your registered Bet9ja username and either your linked email ID or mobile number to reset password online. No other details are required.

7. Is there a limit on how many times I can change my password?

No, there is no limit to how many times you can reset or change your Bet9ja password using the online method.

8. I keep forgetting my login details. What should I do?

Set a simple memorable password. Save your credentials securely in a password manager. Also, enable two-factor authentication for added security.

9. How do I create a strong Bet9ja password?

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Forgetting your Bet9ja login details can be frustrating, but resetting your password and PIN is quite simple. Bet9ja offers easy and convenient options to change your password online via mobile number or email verification. You can also recover access using your security question. For PIN reset, reach out to Bet9ja customer support for assistance.

To avoid the hassle of forgotten credentials, create a simple memorable password and store it securely. Also set up security questions and link your contact details. Enable two-factor authentication as well.

With useful features like Forgot Password and helpful customer service, recovering your Bet9ja account access is quick and straightforward. Just follow the step-by-step guides outlined above. Being a responsible bettor also means keeping your account information secure at all times.

Bet9ja has made the password reset process digital and instant so you can get back to betting on your favorite sports seamlessly. Know the options available and use them when required to conveniently regain entry to your Bet9ja account.

After reading this article now you know Forgot my Bet9ja Password and Pin – How to Reset, Change and Recover Bet9ja Password and Pin.

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