How to Close, Delete or Deactivate your Fairmoney Account Easily

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Hello Today we’ll be discussing on How to Close, Delete or Deactivate your Fairmoney Account Easily.

Fairmoney is a popular digital banking service in Nigeria that allows users to easily open a bank account, get a debit card, and manage their finances online or through the mobile app. While Fairmoney makes it quick and convenient to open an account, some users may eventually want to close, delete or deactivate their Fairmoney account.

There can be several reasons why someone would want to stop using their Fairmoney account. Maybe you don’t use it anymore, found a better digital bank, are moving abroad, or had a poor experience. Regardless of the reason, closing or deactivating a Fairmoney account is quick and straightforward.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process to close, delete or deactivate your Fairmoney account easily. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about closing Fairmoney accounts to address any concerns or confusion.

Contact FairMoney Support

Similarly to closing Renmoney account, you would need to contact and explain your ordeals regarding account closure to their customer representative.

To get in touch with the fairmoney customer representative, kindly send an email to requesting for account deletion.

FairMoney has specified that account closure can be done via email, compose an email stating your request to close, delete, or deactivate your account. Include your account details, such as your registered email address or phone number, to help them identify your account. Be clear and concise in your request.

Follow Instructions

Wait for a response from FairMoney’s customer support team.

They will likely provide instructions on how to proceed with closing, deleting, or deactivating your account.

Follow their guidance and complete any necessary steps as provided.

Await Confirmation

After submitting your request, wait for confirmation from FairMoney that your account has been closed, deleted, or deactivated.


They may provide you with a confirmation email or notification once the process is complete.

That’s all on how to close, delete or deactivate your fairmoney account easily.

Steps to Close or Deactivate Fairmoney Account

Follow these simple steps to close or deactivate your Fairmoney account:

  1. Login to your Fairmoney account through the mobile app or website.
  2. Go to your Profile page from the menu.
  3. Scroll down and tap on “Close Account”.
  4. Select a reason for closing your account from the dropdown menu.
  5. Enter your transaction pin to confirm account closure.

Once you complete these steps, your Fairmoney account will be closed immediately. The process is quick and can be done in under a minute. Fairmoney will send a confirmation email when the account closure is complete.

Additional Steps

Here are some additional steps to take when closing your Fairmoney account:

  • Transfer or withdraw any remaining funds in your Fairmoney account to an external bank account.
  • Download any account statements or transaction history for your records.
  • Destroy your Fairmoney debit card by cutting it up.
  • Delete the Fairmoney mobile app from your phone.

This will ensure you disconnect fully from Fairmoney services and have records of your account history if needed.

Deactivating Your Fairmoney Account

Instead of permanently closing your Fairmoney account, you can temporarily deactivate it if you think you may use it again in the future. Here is how to deactivate your Fairmoney a

  1. Login to your Fairmoney account.
  2. Go to Profile and select “Deactivate Account”.
  3. Enter your transaction pin to confirm deactivation.

When your account is deactivated, you will not be able to access or use any Fairmoney services. Your account essentially goes into dormant status but still exists behind the scenes if you ever want to reactivate it. Follow the additional steps above as well when deactivating.

FAQs How to Close, Delete or Deactivate your Fairmoney Account Easily

How to Close, Delete or Deactivate your Fairmoney Account Easily

Let’s look at answers to the 15 most frequently asked questions about closing Fairmoney accounts:

1. Is it easy to close my Fairmoney account?

Yes, closing a Fairmoney account is quick and simple. Just login, go to profile, select close account, confirm, and the account will be immediately closed.

2. Can I re-open my closed Fairmoney account later?

No, once you close a Fairmoney account, it is permanent and cannot be re-opened. You would have to open a brand new account if you want to bank with Fairmoney again.

3. What happens to money in my Fairmoney account when I close it?

Make sure to withdraw or transfer any funds before closing your account. Any money left in the account will eventually be remitted to the government, so withdraw everything first.

4. Will closing my account affect my credit score?

No, simply closing your Fairmoney account does not directly impact your credit score or report in any way. As long as you settle any outstanding balances first.

5. Can I delete my Fairmoney account instead of closing it?

No, there is no option to delete a Fairmoney account. You can only close it which deactivates and terminates the account permanently.

6. What happens to my transaction history when I close my account?

You will no longer be able to access your Fairmoney transaction history or statements after closing an account. Make sure to download these records for your files before closure.

7. Will my credit line or overdraft be impacted if I close my account?

Yes, any approved credit lines, overdrafts, or loans with Fairmoney will be revoked when you close the account. Make sure to pay off any outstanding balances first.

8. Can I reactivate my closed Fairmoney account later on?

Unfortunately no, once a Fairmoney account is closed it is terminated forever and cannot be reactivated. You would have to open a brand new account.

9. How long does it take to close a Fairmoney account?

It is an immediate process that takes under a minute in most cases. Simply enter the account closure details and the account will be deactivated right away.

10. Will my virtual or physical Fairmoney card still work after closure?

No, both virtual and physical Fairmoney cards will be immediately disabled and stop working once you close the associated account.

11. Do I need to notify Fairmoney to close my account?

No need to contact customer service. You can conveniently close your Fairmoney account yourself anytime online through the app or website.

12. Can I get a check for my remaining balance when closing an account?

No, Fairmoney does not issue checks. You need to transfer or withdraw any funds to an external bank account before initiating closure.

13. Where can I get Fairmoney account closure forms?

There are no physical forms needed. Account closure can be done digitally through the Fairmoney website or mobile app within the profile section.

14. Will my automatic payments stop when I close my account?


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Closing or deactivating your Fairmoney account is a quick and straightforward process that can be completed in just a few minutes through the mobile app or website. Simply log into your account, go to your profile, select the option to close or deactivate the account, confirm your choice, and the process will be complete.

Before closing your Fairmoney account, be sure to withdraw any remaining funds, download account statements for your records, destroy any physical debit cards, and delete the app from your phone. This will ensure you fully disconnect from Fairmoney services.

Deactivating your account instead of permanent closure gives you the flexibility to easily reactivate it anytime in the future if you change your mind. Just log back in and Fairmoney will guide you through restoring your account access.

While closing your Fairmoney account may be sad, it can provide benefits like avoiding fees, stopping automatic payments, enhancing privacy, or consolidating your finances. Evaluate your reasons to determine if account termination makes the most sense.

Use this comprehensive guide to smoothly handle Fairmoney account closure or deactivation. And consult the FAQs to address any additional questions or concerns you may have. With this information, you can painlessly detach from your Fairmoney services when the time comes.

After reading this article now you know How to Close, Delete or Deactivate your Fairmoney Account Easily.

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