How to Close, Delete or Deactivate your Piggyvest Account Easily

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Hello and Welcome Today we’ll be discussing on How to Close, Delete or Deactivate your Piggyvest Account Easily.

Piggyvest is one of the most popular and widely-used savings and investment platforms in Nigeria. With Piggyvest, users can automate their savings, earn interest, and invest in funds or assets smoothly through the website or mobile app.

While Piggyvest makes it extremely easy to open an account and start saving, some users may eventually need to close, deactivate or delete their Piggyvest account entirely.

There can be many valid reasons for wanting to disconnect your Piggyvest account. Perhaps you no longer need the service, found a better platform, are consolidating finances, or had a poor experience. Regardless, closing a Piggyvest account is quick and straightforward.

In this comprehensive guide, we will outline the steps to close, deactivate or delete your Piggyvest account with ease. We will also answer the most frequently asked questions about closing Piggyvest accounts to address any of your concerns.

When you don’t want to continue using the Services?

You may stop using the Services, close your PiggyVest Account, and cancel these Terms at any time by contacting us at or 0700 933 933 933 and providing sufficient information for us to verify your identity. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if there are any pending transactions relating to your PiggyVest Account when we receive your termination notice, we will close your PiggyVest Account promptly after such transactions are completed. Your termination of these Terms will not affect any of our rights or your obligations arising under these Terms prior to termination.

Upon the closure of your PiggyVest Account, we will transfer the funds in your PiggyVest Account, if any, to your Bank Account on or after the next FREE withdrawal date. If your Bank Account is closed or we are otherwise unable to transfer the funds in your PiggyVest Account to your Bank Account, we will send you a cheque for the amount of the funds to you at your street address in our records on or after the next FREE withdrawal date.

Steps to Close Piggyvest Account

Follow these simple steps to close your Piggyvest account:

  1. Login to your Piggyvest account on the website or mobile app.
  2. Click on your profile icon and select ‘Settings’.
  3. Under Account, click on ‘Close Account’.
  4. Select a reason for closure and enter your transaction pin.
  5. Click ‘Confirm’ to complete the Piggyvest account closure.

This quick process will immediately and permanently deactivate your Piggyvest account. Make sure to withdraw any funds and download your transaction history before initiating closure.

Additional Closure Tips

Here are some extra tips when closing your Piggyvest account:

  • Delete the Piggyvest mobile app from your smartphone.
  • Destroy any physical Piggyvest debit cards by cutting them up.
  • Cancel any recurring transfers or payments connected to the account.
  • Unlink your Piggyvest account from any external bank accounts.
  • Notify any connections of your account closure if relevant.

Deactivating Piggyvest Account

Instead of permanent closure, you can temporarily deactivate your Piggyvest account if you may need to use it again later. Here is how to deactivate your Piggyvest account:

  1. Go to your Piggyvest profile and click ‘Settings’.
  2. Select ‘Deactivate Account’ under the Account tab.
  3. Enter your transaction pin to confirm deactivation.

When deactivated, your Piggyvest account will be disabled and inaccessible. But your data and savings history will remain intact in case you ever want to restore the account. Follow the additional closure tips above as well.

Benefits of Closing Piggyvest

Here are some of the major benefits of closing your Piggyvest account:

  • Stop automatic savings contributions or transfers.
  • Avoid any dormant account fees.
  • Consolidate your finances into one savings provider.
  • Enhanced privacy and information security.
  • No longer need to use the platform or service.
  • Found a better fintech platform with higher returns.

FAQs On How to Close, Delete or Deactivate your Piggyvest Account Easily

How to Close, Delete or Deactivate your Piggyvest Account Easily

Let’s look at the 15 most frequently asked questions about closing a Piggyvest account:

1. Is it easy to close my Piggyvest account?

Yes, closing a Piggyvest account is quick and simple. Just login, go to settings, select close account, confirm, and the account is permanently deactivated.

2. Can I reopen my closed Piggyvest account later?

Unfortunately no, once you close a Piggyvest account it is terminated forever and cannot be reactivated. You would need to open a brand new account.

3. What happens to my funds if I close my Piggyvest account?

Make sure to fully withdraw any funds before initiating closure. Any remaining money will eventually be remitted to the government after account termination.

4. Does closing Piggyvest affect my credit score?

No, simply closing your Piggyvest account does not impact your credit score or report. Just settle any debts first.

5. Can I delete my Piggyvest account instead of closing it?

No, Piggyvest does not offer account deletion. The only option is permanent account closure/deactivation.

6. Can I still access my transaction history after closure?

No, you will lose access to your Piggyvest transaction history and statements after account closure. Download these before terminating.

7. What happens to my savings plans when I close my account?

All recurring savings plans, automations, and transfers will be cancelled and deactivated when you close your Piggyvest account.

8. How long does it take to close a Piggyvest account?

Piggyvest account closure only takes 1-2 minutes in most cases. Just confirm closure, and the deactivation will be instant.

9. Can I get a check for my balance when closing my account?

No, Piggyvest does not issue checks. You need to fully withdraw funds to an external bank before closure.

10. Where can I find Piggyvest account closure forms?

There are no physical forms required. You can close your Piggyvest account digitally through the mobile app or website.

11. Will my virtual Piggyvest card still work after closure?

No, any virtual or physical Piggyvest cards will be immediately disabled when you close the associated account.

12. Do I need to notify Piggyvest before closing my account?

No, you can conveniently close your Piggyvest account at any time without contacting customer service.

13. Can I close a joint Piggyvest account on my own?

For joint accounts, all account holders need to confirm before permanent closure can be initiated.

14. Where will my money go if I close my account?

Ensure you withdraw all funds before closure. Any remaining money will eventually be sent to the government treasury.

15. Can I reactivate my closed Piggyvest account later?

No, once you close a Piggyvest account it is terminated forever and cannot be reactivated under any circumstance.

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Closing or deactivating your Piggyvest account is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few minutes through the website or mobile app. Simply log into your Piggyvest account, go to settings, select close account or deactivate account, choose a reason, and confirm your choice.

Before initiating closure or deactivation, be sure to withdraw any funds remaining in your Piggyvest account, cancel any recurring savings plans or automations, unlink external bank accounts, and download account statements for your records. This will ensure you fully disconnect from Piggyvest services.

Deactivating your account instead of permanent closure gives you the flexibility to easily restore your account access and savings history in the future if needed. Just log back into Piggyvest normally and they will guide you through reactivating the deactivated account.

While closing your Piggyvest account may be difficult, it provides benefits like consolidating finances, avoiding fees, enhancing privacy, or switching to better platforms. Carefully consider your reasons to determine if account termination makes sense for your situation.

Use this comprehensive guide and FAQ to smoothly handle Piggyvest account closure or deactivation when the time comes. With the proper information, you can painlessly detach from your Piggyvest account as required.

After reading this blog you know about How to Close, Delete or Deactivate your Piggyvest Account Easily.

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