Flutterwave VS Chipper Cash, Which is better and why?

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Welcome, Today we’ll talk about Flutterwave VS Chipper Cash, Which is better and why?

As leading African fintechs, Flutterwave and Chipper Cash offer digital payment solutions for consumers and businesses across borders. This guide compares Flutterwave versus Chipper Cash highlighting the merits of each platform to determine which option may be better aligned with your financial needs.

Founded in 2016 in Nigeria, Flutterwave builds modern payments infrastructure for Africa enabling seamless collection and sending of money globally between individuals, banks and businesses.

Key capabilities offered include:

  • Payment gateway integration
  • Store, bank transfer and card collection
  • Transaction routing and splitting
  • Invoices, payment links and pages
  • Merchant account management
  • Settlement delivery and reconciliation

Top global firms like Uber, Booking.com and Flywire rely on Flutterwave processing over $16 billion in payments annually across 34 African countries.

Introducing Chipper Cash

Founded in 2018 in San Francisco, Chipper Cash enables free cross-border payments between African countries and worldwide using only a mobile phone.

Main products include:

  • P2P transfers between Chipper Cash wallets
  • Cross-border collection via account deposits and cards
  • Business payments like invoices and B2B transfers
  • Crypto exchange and trading

Chipper Cash has raised over $100 million funding, operates in 30 African countries and processed 8 million transactions worth $1 billion.

Flutterwave vs. Chipper Cash Features

While both platforms enable payments, core feature differences include:

B2B Payments

Flutterwave offers more robust B2B tools for businesses like customizable payment channels, reconciliation, splits,Invoicing and settlements.

SME Services

Flutterwave provides value-added services for small businesses including inventory, payroll, accounting tools and PoS integrations.

Merchant Onboarding

Flutterwave facilitates thorough offline and online merchant onboarding including KYC verification for compliance. Chipper Cash focuses on consumer onboarding.


Flutterwave operates in over 34 African countries against 7 currently for Chipper Cash although both expanding steadily.

In summary, Flutterwave excels at business payments while Chipper Cash streamlines consumer money transfers.

Flutterwave vs. Chipper Cash Pricing

Flutterwave pricing follows tiered models based on transaction volume caps plus fixed settlement delivery fees to banks.

Chipper Cash instead earns from small FX margins on intra-Africa and international transfers performed on its platform.

Both platforms offer free P2P transfers although Flutterwave processes higher business payment values attracting commercial customers.

Flutterwave vs. Chipper Cash Ease of Use

For senders, Chipper Cash likely offers simpler interface as a direct remittance conduit between known parties across countries.

Flutterwave may involve more steps configuring channels, confirming payees, selecting delivery modes upon checkout.

However, Flutterwave provides greater customization and control for merchants accepting payments integrating systems.

Flutterwave vs. Chipper Cash Speed

Flutterwave transfers typically complete within 24 hours for supported currencies and African corridors.

Chipper Cash advertises near instant transfers between Chipper wallets, but bank deposits take 1-3 days from experience.

So comparable execution periods for both platforms once transaction initiated.

Flutterwave vs. Chipper Cash Security

As fintech payments firms, both Flutterwave and Chipper Cash implement robust security provisions like:

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Fraud monitoring
  • Tier 1 secure hosting and data warehouses
  • PCI-DSS and ISO certifications

No major security incidents reported to date indicating reliable protections.

Flutterwave VS Chipper Cash, Which is better and why?

Flutterwave vs. Chipper Cash Support

Both platforms provide email and in-app support channels for users requiring assistance. Chat response times generally fast within few hours, but user reviews suggest Flutterwave support appreciated for local teams and responsiveness.

FAQ About Flutterwave VS Chipper Cash, Which is better and why?

Can individuals use Flutterwave?

Flutterwave primarily serves business payment acceptance needs. Individuals can use Flutterwave links to pay merchants but not direct account transfers.

Does Chipper Cash require recipients are on platform?

No, you can send Chipper Cash transfers to any local bank account, phone or email once registered, not mandatory recipient also joins.

Which regions do Flutterwave and Chipper Cash overlap?

Main regions where both Flutterwave and Chipper Cash operate currently include Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa.

Can I use Flutterwave and Chipper together?

Yes, businesses can utilize Flutterwave for collection while relying on Chipper for low-cost supplier payments in foreign currencies like USD or ZAR.

Is Chipper Cash regulated in Nigeria?

Yes, Chipper complies with relevant regulations including money transfer licensing needed to operate in regions.

How old must I be to use Chipper Cash?

Chipper Cash requires users are 18 years or above before allowing account creation, aligned with most financial services.

What is Flutterwave’s transaction limit?

Flutterwave does not impose fixed transaction limits but may require additional KYC for transfers above $2500 or risk-based thresholds.

Does Flutterwave offer crypto services?

No, Flutterwave does not currently facilitate crypto trading or payments. Chipper Cash however supports crypto exchange.

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Flutterwave excels providing payment tools optimized for African businesses to securely collect from customers and make transfers. Chipper Cash simplifies direct cross-border payments between consumers leveraging mobile wallets.

If needing to integrate checkout, invoices or other business payment workflows – Flutterwave likely better suited. For quick personal remittances abroad – try Chipper Cash.

Evaluate specific requirements around speed, pricing, security, support and target use case – business or consumer payments – to determine if Flutterwave or Chipper Cash aligns better.

After reading this blog you know about Flutterwave VS Chipper Cash, Which is better and why?

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