How to Close, Delete or Deactivate your Okash Loan Account Easily

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Hello Today we’ll be discussing on How to Close, Delete or Deactivate your Okash Loan Account Easily.

Okash is a popular loan app in Nigeria that provides quick access to short-term personal loans. With Okash, users can get approved for small loans in minutes and have the money sent directly to their bank account.

While taking a loan with Okash is fast and convenient, there may come a time when you need to close, delete or deactivate your Okash loan account. Perhaps you want to stop borrowing, found a better lender, or no longer need the service.

Closing your Okash account is thankfully quick and easy to do. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll outline the steps to close, delete or deactivate an Okash loan account smoothly. We’ll also answer the top 15 frequently asked questions about Okash account closure.

Steps to Close Okash Account

Follow these simple steps to close your Okash loan account:

  1. Open the Okash app and login to your account
  2. Go to your profile settings
  3. Select the option to close account
  4. Choose a reason for closure from the list
  5. Enter your PIN to confirm and close account

This quick process immediately closes your Okash account. Make sure to repay any outstanding loan balance beforehand.

Additional Closure Tips

Here are some extra tips when closing an Okash account:

  • Save e-statements for your records
  • Destroy any Okash debit cards
  • Delete the app from your mobile phone
  • Notify Okash of new bank details if you have a pending payout

Deactivating Your Okash Account

Instead of permanent closure, you can temporarily deactivate your Okash loan account. Here’s how:

  1. Go to your Okash app profile
  2. Select the “Deactivate account” option
  3. Enter your PIN to confirm deactivation

Your account will be deactivated but retain your information in case you want to restore access later. Follow the closure tips above too.

Benefits of Closing an Okash Account

Here are some benefits of closing your Okash loan account:

  • Avoid temptation to over-borrow
  • Stop automatic debits for payments
  • Consolidate your finances
  • Switch to a better lending service
  • Maintain privacy and information security

Who Needs to Close an Okash Account?

Here are some examples of when closing an Okash account may be wise:

  • If you can no longer qualify for loans
  • If you want to stop borrowing and get debt-free
  • If your account got hacked or compromised
  • If you’re consolidating finances with a partner
  • If you’re relocating abroad

FAQs On How to Close, Delete or Deactivate your Okash Loan Account Easily

How to Close, Delete or Deactivate your Okash Loan Account Easily

Let’s go over the top 15 frequently asked questions about closing Okash loan accounts:

1. Is it easy to close my Okash account?

Yes, closing an Okash account is quick and simple through the app. Just go to profile, select close account, and confirm.

2. Can I reopen a closed Okash account later?

Unfortunately, no. Once an Okash account is closed, it cannot be reopened. You would need to open a new account.

3. Will my credit score be affected if I close my account?

No, closing an Okash account does not directly impact your credit score or report.

4. Can I delete my Okash account instead of closing it?

No, the only option is to close the Okash account permanently. There is no account deletion feature.

5. Do I need to inform Okash before closing my account?

No, you can close your Okash account at any time without needing to inform them.

6. How long does an Okash account closure take?

Okash account closure is immediate in most cases. Just confirm closure, and the account will be deactivated.

7. Where can I get Okash account closure forms?

There are no physical forms needed. You can close an Okash account digitally through the mobile app.

8. Can I close a joint Okash account on my own?

For joint accounts, all account holders need to authorize closure before the account can be closed.

9. What happens to my loan if I close my account?

You must fully repay any outstanding Okash loan balance before closing your account.

10. Will my virtual Okash card still work after closure?

No, any virtual or physical Okash cards will be disabled upon account closure.

11. Can I get a check for my remaining Okash balance?

No, you need to transfer out any balance to your bank before closing the Okash account.

12. Can I still access statements after closing my account?

No, you will not be able to access any statements or history after your Okash account is closed.

13. What happens if I have pending loan application when closing?

Any pending loan applications will be cancelled and voided when you close the associated Okash account.

14. Will my auto-payments stop when I close my account?

Yes, any scheduled automated payments related to the account will be stopped upon closure.

15. Is there a way to permanently delete an Okash account?

No, account deletion is not possible. The only option is permanent account closure/deactivation.

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Closing your Okash loan account is quick and easy if done through the app. Make sure to repay loans, download statements, and deactivate cards. Consider whether to close or temporarily deactivate the account. And refer to the FAQs if you have any other questions. With this guide, you can smoothly close your Okash account when needed.

After reading this blog you know about How to Close, Delete or Deactivate your Okash Loan Account Easily.

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