How to Prevent Any Loan Apps from Calling Your Contact and Disgracing You

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Hello and Welcome, Today we’ll be discussing On How to Prevent Any Loan Apps from Calling Your Contact and Disgracing You.

Loan apps provide easy access to quick funds, however some engage in unethical recovery practices like calling borrower’s contacts about loan repayment. This amounts to harassment of the borrower violating privacy norms.

If you have faced contact calling issues with loan apps or wish to prevent it from happening, this comprehensive guide will help safeguard your interests. We discuss smart strategies to stop loan apps from accessing and contacting your friends or family for recovery.

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Avoid Apps Seeking Unnecessary Permissions

How to Prevent Any Loan Apps from Calling Your Contact and Disgracing You

Be wary of loan apps seeking excessive permissions like:

  • Access to contacts and call logs
  • Permission to make calls and send SMS
  •  Location access not relevant for lending
  • Unrelated permission requests

Read what access loan apps seek before installing and avoid if unnecessary. Stick to reputed apps with reasonable data requests.

Review App Permissions and Revoke Excess

On your device, check installed loan app permissions:

  • Go to settings > app permissions
  •  Identify unnecessary permissions granted
  • Revoke contact list, SMS, call permissions
  • Allow only what’s absolutely mandatory for the app
  • Disable permissions not being used by app

Revoking unnecessary contacts and phone access prevents misuse.

Don’t Allow Access to Contact List

When loan apps request access to contacts, deny permission.

  • No genuine lender requires access to your contact list for approval
  • Avoid apps that force contact access for loan eligibility
  • Politely refuse if agents demand contact access
  • Make your denial clear verbally and through app prompts

This cuts off loan app access to your contacts directly.

Inform Contacts About Your Loan Details

Forewarn close contacts about your loans if taken:

  • Tell contacts which apps you have taken a loan from
  • Share loan amount, tenure and repayment schedule
  • Explain measures taken to repay on time
  • Request contacts not to engage if called
  • Assure them you will handle repayment

This makes contacts aware beforehand instead of a sudden call surprising them.

Report Contact Calling Incidents to Relevant Authorities

Do not tolerate contact calling by lenders and report them:

– Inform relevant loan app customer care immediately
– Escalate to their nodal officers or grievance redressal
– Report online on National Human Rights Commission (NHRC)
– Lodge complaints at consumer forums and RBI Sachet portal
– Give written complaints to police cybercrime cells

Prompt legal complaints can deter apps from repeating unethical recovery behaviour.

Post Online Reviews to Warn Other Borrowers

Share your negative experience of contact calling through reviews:

  1. Post detailed reviews on loan app’s Play Store or App Store page
  2. Explain how the app called your contacts without consent
  3. Highlight concerns around privacy violation and harassment
  4. Name specific customer service persons if unresponsive
  5.  Rate the app 1-star so others are forewarned

This alerts prospective borrowers and compels improvements.

Consult a Lawyer About Legal Recourse Available

How to Prevent Any Loan Apps from Calling Your Contact and Disgracing You

Seeking legal counsel is advisable if apps persist with unethical recovery:

  • Consult a lawyer regarding harassment by loan apps
  • Check if contact calling without consent is illegal
  • Send legal notice to loan apps if rights violated
  • Have lawyer draft sharp communications to apps
  • Evaluate options to file civil/criminal cases

Legal options are available to hold recalcitrant lenders accountable.

How to Safeguard Contact Details on Phones

Some tips to protect contacts data:

  1. Avoid storing contact info in loan apps
  2. Use device security like fingerprints to access contacts
  3. Install anti-virus and anti-malware apps to prevent hacking
  4. Frequently update your device OS for security patches
  5. Back up contacts online and delete copies on device

Robust device security minimizes contact data misuse risks.

FAQs on How to Prevent Any Loan Apps from Calling Your Contact and Disgracing You

Here are some common questions answered about stopping lending apps from contacting borrower’s friends and family:

1. Can you stop loan apps from accessing your contacts?

Yes, by not granting contact access permission, reviewing and revoking if given previously, and using device security features.

2. What can you do if a loan app threatens to call your contact?

Firmly warn them against doing so, report to relevant authorities, complain on App Store, and explore legal options if they proceed.

3. Is it legal for loan apps to call your contact list in Nigeria?

No, contacting third parties for recovery without their consent is illegal under debt collection regulations.

4. What should you do if loan app calls your friend about your loan?

Apologize to your friend, pay off the loan immediately, report the incident to authorities, and get the lender to apologize.

5. How can I delete my contacts data from loan apps?

Revoke contact access permission for the app, clear app cache/data, and specifically request for data deletion as per privacy rights.

6. Can I sue a loan app for calling my contacts without permission?

Yes, you can sue them for harassment, privacy infringement, and emotional distress with the help of a lawyer.

7. What details of mine can loan apps access on my phone?

How to Prevent Any Loan Apps from Calling Your Contact and Disgracing You

Name, contacts, photos, location, social media, call logs, SMS, emails, device info based on permissions granted.

8. Should I take a loan if app requires access to contacts?

Avoid such apps. There are better alternatives available that don’t demand contact access for lending.

9. Can I block loan apps from

accessing my contacts?

Yes, revoke contact access when not required for app functioning and disable if not being used actively.

10. Where can I report if a loan app calls my contacts?

Report on National Human Rights Commission, RBI Sachet Portal, Consumer Forums, Police Cybercrime Cells.

11. What information should I avoid giving to loan apps?

Avoid sharing contacts, call logs, location, social media, gallery, SMS in general unless necessary for their functioning.

12. Can loan apps directly call anyone in your contact list?

Yes, once granted access, they can potentially call both primary and secondary contacts randomly.

13. Should I inform contacts before taking a loan?

Yes, informing closest contacts beforehand ensures transparency and prepares them if contacted by lender.

14. Is it compulsory to give contacts for online loans?

No, it is not compulsory. Avoid apps enforcing it. Many genuine apps don’t require contact access for lending.

15. Can loan apps misuse my contact details?

Yes, risks include selling data, tracking location, stalking, phishing attempts, and marketing calls/messages.

16. How can I keep my contacts safe from loan apps?

Store contacts securely, use app locks, review permissions, limit sharing, report misuse, encrypt data, frequently update devices.

17. What precautions should be taken with loan app permissions?

Read all permissions carefully before installing apps. Grant minimal access required for functioning and keep reviewing periodically.

18. How can loan apps improve recovery without contacting contacts?

By investing more in credit underwriting, building deeper borrower profiles, improving communication and using lawful recovery methods only as a last resort.

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Loan applicants should be cautious of apps seeking unnecessary permissions like contacts access. Exercising prudence in granting permissions, securing devices, informing contacts beforehand and taking legal recourse if required can help prevent harassment by overzealous lenders. Following ethical recovery practices while providing easier loan access should be the goal for fintech firms.

After reading this blog you know about How to Prevent Any Loan Apps from Calling Your Contact and Disgracing You.

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