Kuda Soft Pos: What is it, Features & How to use it

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Welcome, Today we’ll talk about Kuda Soft Pos: What is it, Features & How to use it.

Going cashless can benefit businesses in Nigeria through faster, more convenient digital payments. Kuda Soft POS provides an affordable way for SMEs to start accepting card and wallet payments. In this guide, we explain what Kuda Soft POS is, its features, how to use it, and everything else you need to know.

What is Kuda Soft POS?

Kuda Soft POS is a virtual point-of-sale solution offered by Kuda Bank. It enables businesses to use their smartphones or tablets to accept debit/credit card payments.

With Kuda Soft POS:

  • There is no need for dedicated POS hardware terminals
  • Merchants can accept payments on-the-go using their mobile devices
  • Transaction charges are very competitive at just 1.4%
  • No monthly fees – only pay per transaction

As a fully virtual POS, Kuda Soft POS provides an affordable way for smaller businesses to start accepting cashless payments.

Key Features of Kuda Soft POS

Some of the standout features of Kuda Soft POS include:

  • Accept payments from all major card brands
  • Seamless integration with merchant’s Kuda bank account
  • Transaction dashboard to view payment history and details
  • Email receipts to customers for records
  • 24/7 customer support via email, chat, and phone

Kuda Soft POS has all the core features needed for easy digital payments without the need for extra hardware.

How To Receive Payment through Pay With Kuda Soft POS

Kuda Soft Pos: What is it, Features & How to use it

  • First things first, log in to your Kuda Business mobile app. Once you’re all set, tap on “Sell.”
  • Type in the specific amount you’re expecting from your customer.
  • Tap “Charge” after you’ve entered the amount.
  • Select “Pay with Kuda” as the payment method.
  • You can either scan the QR code on your customer’s phone or have them type in their Pay ID. And remember, it’s important not to ask them to share their Pay ID with you.

Just like before, you have the option to send a receipt or skip this step altogether.

How to Use Kuda Soft POS

Follow these steps to get started with Kuda Soft POS:

  1. Open a Kuda business account if you don’t already have one
  2. Download the Kuda mobile app and complete onboarding
  3. Apply for Kuda Soft POS within the app
  4. Upon approval, Soft POS will be activated
  5. Start accepting card payments using your phone or tablet
  6. Transactions will settle into your Kuda account within 24 hours

Kuda also provides additional tutorials and resources to help merchants get the most out of Soft POS.

Kuda Soft POS Transaction Charges

Here are the transaction fees for Kuda Soft POS payments:

  • 1.4% charge per transaction
  • No monthly rental fees
  • No minimum transaction fees
  • No charges for unsuccessful transactions

All charges are deducted from the merchant’s Kuda account balance automatically.

Requirements to Use Kuda Soft POS

To start using Kuda Soft POS, you will need:

  • An internet-enabled smartphone or tablet
  • The Kuda business mobile app installed
  • An approved Kuda business account
  • Valid business registration documents
  • Verification of your business activities before approval

Kuda will verify all documentation before activating Soft POS services for your business.

The Benefits of Kuda Soft POS

Some of the major benefits of using Kuda Soft POS include:

  • No extra hardware needed – use your phone or tablet
  • Very competitive 1.4% charge per transaction
  • No fixed monthly costs
  • Seamless integration with your Kuda account
  • Email receipts provide transaction records

Kuda Soft POS enables any small business to tap into digital payments affordably through devices they already own and use.

Limitations to Be Aware Of

Some limitations to consider include:

  • Requires a strong internet connection
  • No offline mode – payments won’t work without connectivity
  • Less robust than dedicated POS hardware
  • Higher risk of technical errors interrupting payments

Merchants should ensure stable internet availability to avoid issues processing transactions.

Getting Support for Kuda Soft POS

Kuda offers Soft POS support through:

  • Email at help@kuda.com
  • Live chat via mobile app
  • Phone – 0700022555832

Expect fast responses via chat or email. Phone support is available 8am-5pm on weekdays.

Alternatives to Kuda Soft POS

Some other virtual POS options in Nigeria include:

  • Paystack
  • Flutterwave
  • OPay SoftPOS
  • VTPass Mini POS

Compare features, pricing, devices, and ease of use across providers.

FAQs On Kuda Soft Pos: What is it, Features & How to use it

Kuda Soft Pos: What is it, Features & How to use it

1. Does Kuda offer a POS device?

No, Kuda Soft POS is fully virtual – no physical POS terminal is provided.

2. What types of cards can I accept?

All major Visa, Mastercard, Verve and other debit/credit cards are supported.

3. Is a merchant ID needed?

No, all that’s required is a Kuda business account activated for Soft POS.

4. Are refunds supported?

Yes, merchants can process refunds back to the customer’s card if needed.

5. How soon do payments settle?

Payments deposit into your Kuda account typically within 24 hours.

6. Can I use Soft POS internationally?

No, Kuda Soft POS currently only supports Nigerian-issued cards for local transactions.

7. Is a strong internet connection required?

Yes, a stable 3G/4G or WiFi connection is required for seamless transactions.

Does Kuda provide the POS terminal?

No, you will need to purchase an Android POS device. Kuda provides the software to turn it into a payment terminal.

What are the transaction charges?

Kuda charges a flat fee of 1.4% for debit card payments and 3.9% for credit card payments.

Can I accept cash payments?

No, Kuda Soft POS only supports card payments. You cannot accept cash payments.

Is there a target for minimum monthly transactions?

No, there are no minimum monthly transaction targets when using Kuda Soft POS.

What are the security features?

Kuda Soft POS uses end-to-end encryption and tokenization for secure payments. Customers do not need to handover their cards.

Can I access sales reports?

Yes, the POS dashboard provides detailed sales reports and reconciliation tools for your records.

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Kuda Soft POS provides a low-cost way for SMEs and merchants to start accepting card payments instantly. With no targets, affordable rates, and advanced security, it gives your business the flexibility to grow sales steadily.

The easy registration process, detailed reporting, and responsive support make it ideal for any retail business looking to go cashless. As consumer payment habits shift, solutions like Kuda Soft POS will empower Nigerian enterprises to unlock new revenue opportunities and reduce cash handling risks.

After reading this blog you know about Kuda Soft Pos: What is it, Features & How to use it.

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