Zenith Bank Internet Banking: Everything you need to know

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Zenith Bank is a leading commercial bank in Nigeria with one of the largest bases of customers and the bank has been rolling out features from every perspective to better the lives of its customers.

It is a well-known figure that Zenith Bank happened to be one of the best commercial banks in the country, always the first to unveil new features, products, and services that will help customers in the most innovative way.

Are you interested in knowing about Zenith Bank internet banking? Then keep reading this post to learn more about the bank products and services, especially Internet banking.

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What is Internet Banking?

With the bank internet banking, customers can engage in various activities, mostly from the comfort of their own homes without visiting the ATM or searching for POS agents.

Internet banking means the ability to carry out transaction services like airtime recharge, money transfer, ATM replacement, customers care support, balance inquiry, and much more with a smartphone.

However, before a customer can enjoy these services, they will have to engage in some registration which requires them to visit any of the Zenith bank branches nationwide to get a PIN and TOKEN that will be used to register their devices.

Note: A charge will be placed on your account when requesting a TOKEN, so make sure you have sufficient funds.

Once you have enrolled for Internet banking, you can now enjoy all the benefits I’ve listed above by just opening the app and making transactions. It is a fast, secure, and affordable way to experience banking without spending too much on taxes.

How to Register for Zenith Bank Internet Banking

To start the journey of using Internet banking, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the Zenith Bank app. You will need to head over to the play store and download the Zenith Bank mobile app.

The image below serves as a preference for you to easily identify the app so that you don’t download any other app.

Zenith Bank mobile app for Android devices

Step 2: Click install and the app will be installed on your phone immediately.

Now that you’ve installed the app, let’s get straight to the details painstakingly so that no one will be left behind.

If you are new to the system, a Token is the most important component you will need when registering for Internet Banking for the first time.

Follow this procedure:

1: Launch the app, enter your account number, and make sure Zenith Bank internet banking is enabled or selected.

2: Read and accept the term and conditions then proceed.

3: Create a memorable password that you can easily remember.

4: Next, create a 4-Digit PIN that will be enrolled to authenticate transactions using the app.

5: Enter the PIN and HARDWARE TOKEN you obtained from the bank earlier. You must have obtained the TOKEN before completing the registration.

Zenith Bank mobile app for internet banking
Zenith Bank mobile app for Internet banking

Note: You will need to visit a Zenith Bank branch and register for a PIN and TOKEN to have a full advantage when registering on the app.

Alternatively, there is another app you can download to get the Token, but, going to the bank is what I recommend as their customer support can assist you complete the registration.

A service fee of N1500 will be placed on your account when requesting a Token, keep that in mind. Once you have the Token, you can go back to the app to complete registration.

This time around, you will need to open the app and then log in:

1: Log in with your account number and PIN you created in the first stage.

2: Enter the Hardware Token. You will be asked to register the device with a Token.

3: Enter the Token you obtained from the bank earlier to authenticate the app and automatically upgrade your profile to Internet banking user.

Advantages and Benefits of the Zenith Bank Internet banking

The benefits you will get when you register for Internet banking will far outweigh the stress.

Here are some of them:

1: Airtime recharge and data subscription

2: Target savings for Zenith Bank mobile banking users.

3: Transfer funds between accounts

4: Check your BVN anytime you like as the digit is always placed on top of your dashboard when using the app.

5: You have control over the number of transactions per day.

6: Activate the USSD code for a seamless banking experience.

7: Ability to contact customer support right from the app settings. Zenith Bank has one of the best customer services in Nigeria.

8: Be able to update your information or request ATM replacement without having to visit the branch.

9: Easily request account statements and much more.

Zenith Bank Internet Banking mobile app

The mobile app is available for Android and iOS users. You can head over to the play store and search for the app. Check the image above to know what the app looks like before downloading.

If you are an iOS user, use the link below to download the app. Download here.

How to Open a Zenith Bank Online

Do you need a Zenith Bank account and don’t want to visit the office? Don’t worry, you can open an account using your phone by dialing this simple code (*966*0#).

Follow the instructions and your account number will be sent to you. You can also open a US dollar account online, but completing registration in the bank is necessary.

Visit the website to open an account in no time and answer a few questions including personal information about you, and your account number will be sent to you.

Zenith Bank customers support

Zenith Bank has one of the sharpest customer services in Nigeria, no doubt this makes them one of the most respectable in innovation and advancement. Their customer care representatives are ever ready to support you in any possible way.

Send an email to (zenithdirect@zenithbank.com) if you want to explain your burden or call their hotline (call: 01-2787000 or 0700ZENITHBANK)

You can reach out to them on WhatsApp to resolve any queries you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Zenith Bank’s Internet banking work?

With Internet banking, you get real-time of your account balance, pay bills, transfer funds between accounts, and do so many other things with the app without having to worry about ATM or POS taxes.

How can I get my Token code?

To get the hardware token, you will need to visit any Zenith Bank branch and request for Internet Banking form. You can also call their hotline to speak to a customer representative if you can’t go to the bank.

Zenith Bank Internet banking start page

How do I reset my Zenith Bank internet banking password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset and request a new one by logging into the app, then clicking the “Forget Password” button on the login page and following the instructions.

What is the daily Transfer limit for Zenith bank internet banking?

The daily limit for transfer is N30,000,000 to Zenith bank customers and N1,000,000 to non-Zenith bank customers.

Can I request an account statement with the Zenith Bank app?

Yes, you can request and even view your account statement on the app. Just follow these steps:

  • Open the app and log in to your account
  • Click on “Account” then select “Account Summary” and then “History” to view the account.
  • Choose the “Email Statement” option if you would like to download the statement.
  • Filter the duration if you want. For instance, if you want the statement of account from January to May.
  • Enter your email address and click “Send Statement”. You will be sent a pdf format of your account statement.

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That’s the approach to take when you decide to enjoy Internet banking with Zenith Bank, most importantly don’t forget to ask questions or conduct thorough research before you start the process.

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