EasyBuy Customer Care Phone Number, Whatsapp, Email and Office Address

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Welcome, today we’ll talk about EasyBuy Customer Care Phone Number, Whatsapp, Email and Office Address

EasyBuy is a popular online retailer catering to Nigerian shoppers. However, customers may sometimes require support regarding orders, deliveries, returns, payments and other issues. This guide shares all the key EasyBuy customer care contact options – phone/Whatsapp numbers, emails and physical office addresses. Read on for full details on connecting with EasyBuy’s helpful support teams.

Overview of EasyBuy

EasyBuy launched in 2013 as part of the Nigerian ecommerce pioneer Konga. In 2022 Konga underwent restructuring which spun off EasyBuy as its own separate entity focusing specifically on affordably priced goods.

Everything from groceries to electronics to beauty products, EasyBuy aims to deliver value and convenience through discounted offerings and reliable logistics. Their inventory spans numerous categories with prices aimed at budget-conscious shoppers.

As a customer-centric retailer, EasyBuy also prioritizes responsive support services as part of their friendly, satisfying user experience. Their growing call centers are available 7 days a week to help shoppers with any issues or queries.

EasyBuy Customer Service Contact Options

EasyBuy offers their customer support via the following communication channels: phone numbers, Whatsapp messaging, email support tickets and physical office locations across Nigeria.

EasyBuy Phone Number

Reach an EasyBuy agent over the phone by dialing -EASYBUY (018888188 or 018888300). Call center hours are:

  • Monday-Friday: 8am – 8pm
  • Saturday: 10am – 6pm
  • Sunday: 12pm – 4pm

Have your order number ready to expedite assistance with specific order inquiries like shipping status, return requests and refund issues.

WhatsApp Support

For convenient chatting, customers can also contact EasyBuy support on WhatsApp at EASYBUY (+2347043257113). Include details like order numbers when describing issues for quick resolution.

Email Support

Email your questions or concerns to EasyBuy’s support inbox at easybuy.service.ng@transsnet.com. Be sure to include necessary order details and any photo/video attachments if relevant.

Office Addresses

EasyBuy also operates physical offices in the following Nigerian cities:

  • Lagos – Office Address Tinuade St, Allen, Lagos, Nigeria, 26 Alafia Street, Lagos, Nigeria 234
  • Abuja – No 26, 1st Avenue, Gwarimpa, Abuja TECNO Exclusive Spectrum Gwarimpa Garki, Abuja Nigeria

  • Portharcourt -No 101A, Olu Obasanjo Road, Port Harcourt TECNO Exclusive Spectrum Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Visit locations during office hours for in-person assistance from 8am-4pm Monday through Friday.

EasyBuy Customer Care Phone Number, Whatsapp, Email and Office Address

Benefits of EasyBuy Customer Support Services

Connecting with EasyBuy’s helpful, responsive support teams via phone, Whatsapp, email or offices provides the following benefits:

  • Get order status and shipping updates
  • Change order details (size, quantity, etc)
  • Cancel unshipped orders
  • Initiate returns and refunds
  • Report issues like missing/damaged items
  • Troubleshoot payment, promotion or app problems
  • Provide feedback and suggestions
  • Learn more about products and services

EasyBuy’s support teams aim to fully resolve all issues and quickly respond to any questions to deliver a smooth, satisfying shopping experience.

Tips for Contacting EasyBuy Customer Support

Follow these tips when getting in touch with an EasyBuy agent:

  • Have order confirmation number ready for reference
  • Be ready to verify account details like email/phone for authentication
  • Double check all order information is accurate when describing issues
  • Provide clear issue descriptions and submit photos if relevant
  • Take note of support agent’s name for future inquiries
  • Follow agent recommendations and deadlines for resolving issues

Clearly communicating details and timely responding to agent instructions will help expedite any support process.

FAQS About EasyBuy Customer Care Phone Number, Whatsapp, Email and Office Address

1. Does EasyBuy offer 24/7 customer support?

No, phone and Whatsapp support are available 7 days a week but only during standard working hours – 8am to 8pm on weekdays and 10am to 4pm weekends.

2. Can I email EasyBuy support outside normal operating hours?

Yes, you can send customer support emails to support@easybuy.ng at any hour. But responses are only monitored and sent back during regular service hours.

3. How much does it cost to call EasyBuy support hotlines?

EasyBuy does not charge for customer support calls. However, regular call rates from your mobile carrier may apply.

4. What kind of issues can EasyBuy support assist with?

All types of order, account, delivery, return, refund payment, app performance issues. Plus general product questions.

5. How long does EasyBuy support take to resolve issues by phone or Whatsapp?

Most minor inquiries are resolved same-day. Complex cases requiring investigation or vendor coordination may take 2-5 days depending on issue severity.

6. Can I call EasyBuy offices directly with issues?

No, please contact central support numbers for proper issue tracking and first-level troubleshooting. If directed by an agent, you may schedule an office appointment.

7. Does EasyBuy offer dedicated support via social media?

No official technical support offered via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. But you can send private inquiries via social media to provide initial issue details.

8. How do I provide feedback about an unpleasant customer support experience?

Email support@easybuy.ng with your feedback. Constructive comments are encouraged for improving support operations. Provide reference details like date, agent name and your order ID.

9. Who do I contact if I have suggestions to improve the EasyBuy shopping platform?

Send your ideas to improvements@easybuy.ng. Innovative suggestions around selection, promotions, fulfillment, payments etc are welcome.

10. Can EasyBuy support assist with product manufacturing defects or recall inquiries?

For serious product quality issues, support agents connect you directly with vendor after initial troubleshooting. Provide all possible details upfront to accelerate resolutions.

11. What identity authentication is required when contacting customer support?

Agents will verify account holder name, email/phone number and may also request partial credit card digits or order IDs associated with your profile.

12. Can EasyBuy support lookup my order status without me providing the order number?

No, for fastest service please have your complete order confirmation number ready when contacting. Without this, locating your order details causes delays.

13. If my issue is not fully resolved on first contact, what should I do?

Ask the agent to escalate internally to specialist team. Provide permission for higher level staff to contact you directly if needed to continue troubleshooting.

14. Does EasyBuy offer chat-based customer service?

Not currently. But WhatsApp messages provide convenient typed conversations with support if you cannot call directly.

15. Can I visit EasyBuy offices without scheduling an appointment first?

Yes, walk-ins allowed during open hours. But calling ahead helps agents prepare resources to specifically assist with your case.

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EasyBuy strives for fully satisfactory customer experiences across Nigeria. Their customer support teams offer personalized assistance via phone, Whatsapp, email tickets or in-person office visits. Leverage these compliant resolution channels for your next EasyBuy order, delivery or account issue. Dedicated agents help troubleshoot all types of concerns – big or small – quickly and efficiently thanks to helpful Nigerians like yourself!

After reading this blog you know aboutEasyBuy Customer Care Phone Number, Whatsapp, Email and Office Address.

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