Baxi customer care number, Whatsapp and email address and Office Address

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Hello and welcome, Today we’ll talk about Baxi Customer Care Number, Whatsapp and Email Address and Office Address

Baxi is a popular Nigerian transport/delivery service used by many businesses and individual customers. However, issues inevitably arise that require contacting Baxi customer support. This article shares the complete contact information for Baxi customer care including phone/Whatsapp number, email address and office locations across Nigeria.

Overview of Baxi Delivery Platform

Launched in 2020, Baxi provides streamlined delivery services in Lagos for ecommerce retailers, small businesses and everyday clients. Their network of drivers facilitates convenient package transportation, food orders, grocery inventory restocks and more.

Customers can schedule on-demand or future deliveries using Baxi’s mobile app and track drivers in real-time. Meanwhile their API integrations power logistics for major brands like Domino’s, Coldstone and Genesis Cinemas across Lagos.

As a still emerging startup, customer support holds paramount importance. Baxi dedicates growing teams and channels to ensure optimal assistance experiences.

Contact Options for Baxi Customer Support

Customers and partners can reach Baxi support teams through:

  • Phone and Whatsapp hotlines
  • Email tickets
  • Social media messaging
  • Physical head offices

Phone & Whatsapp Numbers

Call or Whatsapp message Baxi’s 24/7 customer support hotline at or +234 701 082 2269/01-700 8571 09080532234. Expect swift assistance re-routing drivers, resolving delivery issues and answering other inquiries.

Email Address

Forward detailed issue reports, change requests and queries to Baxi’s email support at

Provide comprehensive descriptions and order details to help agents efficiently troubleshoot tickets.

Social Media

Direct message Baxi’s social media handles on Instagram to have an agent reach out privately about initial complaints or questions.

Office Address

Visit or mail written documents to Baxi’s Lagos corporate office:

3, Murtala Muhammed

International Airport Road,

Ajao Estate, Lagos, Nigeria.

Benefits of Contacting Baxi Customer Care

Connecting with Baxi’s helpful support agents and specialists delivers the following advantages:

  • Re-route delayed packages
  • Reschedule failed delivery attempts
  • Request order status and updates
  • Troubleshoot app login/function issues
  • Report incidents like accidents or food tampering
  • Receive delivery change confirmations via SMS
  • Rectify surcharges, coupon problems etc
  • Better understand Baxi software services

Baxi’s responsive customer teams minimize problems and maximize service value for partners and clients.

Tips for Contacting Baxi Support

Keep the following best practices in mind when getting help from Baxi agents by phone, email, social media or office visits:

  • Reference order numbers in all communications for faster issue lookup
  • Double check driver name, rider number and/or license plate details
  • Provide exact addresses and contact numbers entered during orders
  • Give agent permission to access your app account when troubleshooting technical issues
  • Ask for updates if problems require over 24 hours to resolve
  • Document names of representatives assisting you for future inquiries

Arming Baxi staff with as many applicable order specifics upfront speeds positive outcomes.

Baxi customer care number, Whatsapp and email address and Office Address

FAQS About Baxi customer care number, Whatsapp and email address and Office Address

Still seeking information about Baxi’s customer contact options? Here are answers to the most common 15 queries:

1. What order details should I have ready before contacting Baxi support?

At minimum provide order number, expected delivery address, estimated arrival timeframe and rider details if available.

2. Can partners schedule product demos or technical support sessions?

Yes. Email to coordinate tailored engagements showcasing Baxi’s capabilities.

3. Does contacting support extend delivery times or return windows?

No. Baxi’s support teams work urgently behind the scenes to get orders back on track without impacting customer expectations or return policies.

4. What types of issues require visiting Baxi’s head office?

In-person visits best for escalated, account-specific scenarios requiring legal paperwork or executive interactions.

5. How can I provide feedback about exceptional or unsatisfactory support experiences?

Email with representative names/details and comprehensive feedback. Input directly influences future training and engagement policies.

6. What authentication processes do support agents conduct over the phone?

Security questions to verify account owner identity based on order specifics. Alert agents if you feel verification inquires become unreasonable.

7. How can I apply for Baxi partnership opportunities?

Email with your business details. Baxi merchant account managers will contact qualified leads.

8. Is support offered for French-speaking or other international customers?

Not currently. Primary languages supported include English, Pidgin and Igbo. Check back on international expansion plans.

9. Can Baxi customer support help me track orders placed via 3rd parties?

Yes. Provide other apps’ order IDs for tracking assistance. But full account visibility only applies for direct Baxi app bookings.

10. Who should I contact regarding suspicious fraud, spam calls or texts referencing Baxi?

Notify support teams via SMS of CALLER ID details. Official communications always originate from short code 232-32. Ignore all else.

11. Why type of issue severity or trip value warrants office visits?

In-person only necessary for high-value lost items worth over 500,000 Naira or severe incidents resulting in vehicle damage or bodily injuries.

12. What number formats work best for Nigeria-based mobile contacts?

Provide mobile numbers in full international format including country code (+234) and no abbreviations. Avoid spaces or special characters.

13. Can partner bookings integrate SMS update capabilities via API tools?

Yes. Baxi developers assist qualifying 3rd parties in implementing status SMS capabilities.

14. Does Baxi customer support operate 365 days per year?

Yes! Phone, email, social media and office contacts offer assistance every single day including holidays.

15. Can ordering new Baxi rider kits or supplies be done via support teams?

Yes. Call or email orders for additional uniform pieces, thermal bags for food deliveries and other accessories.

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Baxi offers diverse support contact methods to satisfy Nigerian customers and partners.

Their growing call center, knowledgeable email representatives and social media specialists aim to continually refine assistance experiences.

So whether tackling a delayed package, resolving a surcharge error or providing suggestions to improve Baxi’s courier network – connect with their helpful, hands-on teams 24/7.

After reading this article now you know how to contract Baxi customer care number, Whatsapp and email address and Office Address.

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