Sun King Solar Price In Nigeria for home 600, 400 and 120, Sunking Solar Reviews

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Welcome, Today we’ll talk about Sun King Solar Price In Nigeria for home 600, 400 and 120, Sunking Solar Reviews.

As frequent power outages continue hampering Nigerian homes and businesses, many now turn to solar solutions for electricity self-sufficiency. This comprehensive guide examines Sun King solar products for home installations covering prices in Nigeria for their Sun King 600, 400 and 120 models plus insightful user reviews on performance.

Founded in 2010, Greenlight Planet owns the Sun King brand offering solar-powered lighting and energy products in developing markets lacking stable electricity access or grid connectivity.

Their range includes:

  • Pico solar lamps
  • Multi-function solar home systems
  • Solar-powered appliances like TVs and fans
  • Complete home power kits
  • Solar water pumps

Sun King products certified by Lighting Global serve over 20 million customers in 60+ countries including Nigeria using innovative distribution models.

Overview of Top Sun King Solar Products

Popular Sun King solar offerings for Nigerian homes and businesses include:

Sun King Home 600

  • 600W solar capacity
  • Power up to 5 rooms
  • Supports lights, fans, TVs, decoders
  • Expandable with extra panels

Sun King Home 400

  • 400W solar capacity
  • Power up to 3 rooms
  • Entry-level home system
  • Up to 6 hours backup

Sun King Home 120

  • 120W solar capacity
  • Basic home lighting
  • Limited appliances supported
  • Entry-level option

Customized solutions also available for larger homes or commercial usage scenarios.

Sun King Price in Nigeria

Indicative Sun King solar system prices in Nigeria as of 2023 include:

  • Sun King Home 600 – ₦650,000 to ₦750,000
  • Sun King Home 400 – ₦270,000 to ₦350,000
  • Sun King Home 120 – ₦95,000 to ₦120,000

Pricing depends on specific components bundled like battery capacity, panel wattage, and number of appliances included.

Use Sun King’s online calculator tool to receive accurate quote for your household setup.

Financing Options

Sun King offers flexible financing options for Nigerian homeowners to purchase systems without upfront lump sum payment including:

  • Low interest payments over 12 months
  • Rent-to-own schemes
  • Microloans assisted by social enterprise partners

This makes their products accessible to more households looking to transition to solar electricity affordably.

Sun King Solar Installation and Support

Upon ordering Sun King systems in Nigeria, clients receive:

  • Delivery to doorstep
  • Professional installation and activation
  • User training on system operation
  • Warranty and maintenance services
  • Aftersales support via channels below

No complex electrical works required as plug-and-play designed for DIY consumers.

Sun King Support Channels

Reach out to Sun King Nigeria support via:

  • WhatsApp: 09099000974
  • Phone: 01-6369676
  • Email:
  • Facebook and Twitter

Sun King aims to resolve any technical issues, warranty claims, aftersales support or complaints promptly.

Sun King Solar Review by Nigerian Customers

Here are key highlights from Sun King user reviews in Nigeria around product performance and satisfaction:

System Reliability

Most customers praise steady power delivery spanning multiple rooms which Sun King systems provide daily despite grid outages.

Appliance Compatibility

Fans, lights, TVs, modems and other appliances integrate well with Sun King inverter and battery capacities without damage.

Technical Support

Sun King support attentive resolving installation and operational issues quickly via remote diagnostics or site visits when required.


Panels, batteries, controllers continue functioning reliably over years withstanding Nigerian weather conditions given quality components.


Reduced diesel generator runtimes delivering significant long-term fuel cost savings around electricity self-sufficiency.

Areas for improvement include expanding aftersales service reach beyond major cities currently.

Comparing Sun King with Rivals

How does Sun King fare compared to other solar brands like Blue Camel and Foxess?

  • Pricing – Sun King offers competitive rates with great value
  • Product range – Sun King has wider offerings suiting varied budgets and needs
  • Aftersales support – Sun King has advantage with wider local presence currently

Dealers recommend Sun King for quality and accessibility positioning it as top solar contender in Nigeria.

Sun King Solar Price In Nigeria for home 600, 400 and 120, Sunking Solar Reviews

FAQS About Sun King Solar Price In Nigeria for home 600, 400 and 120, Sunking Solar Reviews

Does Sun King handle government installations?

Yes. Beyond residential setups, Sun King also bids on customized solar projects for government agencies, schools and healthcare facilities.

What are the payment methods accepted?

Sun King allows Nigerian customers pay using cash, credit card, bank transfers, mobile money, microloans and installment payments.

How long is the warranty period?

Standard warranty spans 2-3 years across Sun King solar system components including panels, batteries, inverters etc.

Can Sun King power a 3-bedroom house?

Yes, Sun King Home 600 model and above are designed to fully electrify modern 3-5 bedroom homes in Nigeria.

Is battery replacement free during warranty?

Yes, faulty batteries identified within warranty get replaced at no parts cost, however site visit fee may apply if beyond service locations.

Do panels work on cloudy or rainy days?

The panels can still charge batteries and deliver power even on cloudy days at reduced output levels adequate for basic usage.

Can I recharge appliances directly through Sun King ports?

No, all loads must connect via the supplied inverter unit only for proper voltage regulation and appliance safety.

What are the maintenance costs after warranty?

With regular care, Sun King systems require minimal maintenance beyond warranty tenure besides occasional inverter servicing.

Are spare parts readily available in Nigeria?

Yes, Sun King maintains sufficient Nigerian inventory of components for maintenance support and replacements.

Can I have an engineer assess my usage before purchase?

Yes, request a Sun King technician visit your site to audit electricals and recommend ideal solar kit matching your consumption.

How soon before I get ROI on investment?

With reduced diesel costs, most customers recover their capital outlay in 2-3 years enjoying free solar power subsequently.


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Sun King by Greenlight Planet delivers robust solar energy products for reliable electricity self-sufficiency to Nigerian homes and businesses.

Their lineup of pico lamps, home systems and appliances competes well delivering quality electricity access supported by pricing models making solar power achievable for more households.

With capacities meeting family needs and aftersales support improving, Sun King solar solutions earn recommendations mitigating energy challenges sustainably.

After reading this blog you know about Sun King Solar Price In Nigeria for home 600, 400 and 120, Sunking Solar Reviews.

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